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“It was self-defence”

Vic man killed partner’s son, court told

Remains have been found at the home of the stepfather of missing teenager Gary Adams

Murder charge ends mother’s agony of doubt

Melbourne monster John Xypolitos (57) has pleaded not guilty to murdering and dismembering his 17 year old stepson Gary Adams on December 5, 2003. The court has heard that Xypolitos hit Gary in the head two or three times with a hammer, then placed his body in a paddling pool. He then casually went into the kitchen and prepared dinner. The next day, after Gary’s mum Joanne Adams left for work, Xypolitos proceeded to dismember Gary’s body with a hacksaw. The prosecutor alleges that Xypolitos then bagged up various parts of Gary’s body and proceeded to distribute them around several dump sites in the Melbourne area. He then left the rest of Gary’s body in the backyard of his parents’ house in Hughesdale, where police later discovered the boy’s bones. Oh, how lovely. So that his parents can see what a rotten scoundrel and murderous bastard their son has become.

Police excavate the backyard in search of Gary's body

Police excavate the backyard in search of Gary’s body

Xypolitos had the gall to plead not guilty to the charges of murder, claiming he killed Gary in “self-defence”, after the boy lunged at him with a screwdriver. However, the judge and jury are likely to sway the other way. You see, dear readers, evidence pointed to the fact that Gary and his stepfucker had a somewhat strained relationship. The steps he took in disposing of Gary’s body were calculated and deliberate, and not the actions of a man who was remorseful about accidentally killing his stepson while “defending” himself. He had been planning this for some time.

Joanne Adams was understandably heartbroken that her partner had killed her son. He had lied to her about her son’s whereabouts and discouraged her from calling the police. She did indeed call the police, 4 days later, when Xypolitos wasn’t home. Gary had left signs that he had indeed vanished rather quickly, such as leaving a plate of half-eaten food in his room and leaving behind a backpack that he took with him everywhere.

Joanne Adams is heartbroken over her son Gary's murder

Joanne Adams is heartbroken over her son Gary’s murder

Xypolitos’ lawyer still maintains that he was defending himself. The trial continues.

Rest in Peace, Gary

Rest in Peace, Gary



4-year-old Girl Found Dead and Burned

Girl found dead had sever burns to her legs

Iberia Child Death Update

Investigation into child’s death ongoing

Vanessa Edmond

Vanessa Edmond

In New Iberia, LA a young girl, Rayneisha Hudson had died. She was severely burned from her knees to her feet and had been whipped by a hammer. Her Mother found her unresponsive the morning of January 27th

Paramedics arrived discovering the girl “stiff and cold to the touch”. Detectives say that rigor mortis had already begun to set and that she was “from the waist down with her skin fluffing off”. 

23-year-old Vanessa Edmond, and her live-in boyfriend, Jamal Charles, 25, were arrested and booked on child cruelty charges related to the girl’s death. 

There was a second child, a 3-year-old boy. With burn injuries to his left foot and buttocks. He was taken to the hospital to be treated. A medical examiner determined that the injuries were recent and caused by hot water. 

There was a third child – a 5-year-old girl who was not injured in this case, but was able to fill in the haunting details. She said that Charles had whipped her 4-year-old sister with a hammer because she had soiled herself. He then put her sister and brother in a hot tub. 

Jamal Charles

The water from the tub determined the temperature to be 180 degrees from the faucet. 

Charles had a whole list of excuses too. First saying that the kids stayed in their room all night watching TV and fell asleep in there.

Then he says he had driven the children’s mother to work at 9:45pm, leaving the kids home alone. Instead of going home he had gone to a bar until 5am. He says he went home to check on the kids and called Edmond to check in and tell her they were all okay, then he says he left again at 6am to pick her up from work. 

Once home, Mom went to bed and after sleeping through the morning she checked on her babies and found the one not breathing. 

Both have been arrested and charged.

*Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

Del. teens beaten with hammer by bad boyfriend

Teens recovering from brutal attack:

We don’t hear a lot out of Delaware. I guess because it’s only 3 counties long. Yet it seems like an eternity when you drive from tip to tip but that’s just me. And usually we don’t hear about bad boyfriends abusing teens yet here we are on both counts.

38-year-old Wayne Jones of Houston, Delaware was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend’s children, ages 13 and 16, with a hammer in a vacant home. He’s also accused of raping the 16-year-old girl.

Jones took the two to a vacant home next to his parents’ house in the first block of Jackson St. Jones went inside the home with the boy. His sister went to check on them because they had been in the home a long time. The girl said Jones told her that her brother was playing in the living room and when she went to look for him, Jones hit her from behind with a blunt object.

The girl told investigators that Jones then dragged them into a car and drove to an apartment where he formerly lived. That’s where he allegedly raped her and told her that he would hurt her family if she told anybody.

Jones’ lame story is that he took the kids to get ice cream at midnight and that when he saw the door to his old apartment open he was attacked by two men who also attacked the kids.

Ice cream at midnight in January in Delaware. Nope, I’m not buying it.

The boy is currently on a ventilator while the girl was treated and released.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Friends say teen not the killer type

High School friends of accused mom describe couple as happy, loving:

This is an article about Jessica Carson, she of the hammer wielding exorcism beating death of her baby Amora Carson.

A news station in Texas interviewed some of her friends and guess what their reaction was. Let me paraphrase…“She was so nice, I can’t believe she was capable of this.” Kind of like how when neighbors find out that a serial killer was living next door and telling the news that he was the shy quiet type.

However her friends do say that there was a noticeable change in her personality in past few months.

Could this been a ‘perfect storm’ so to speak of two mentally ill individuals? Or could Blaine Milam have manipulated Carson into this? With his criminal past I’m still not convinced that this didn’t have something to do with it.

Hammer out the demons

Couple Accused of Beating Baby With Hammer to Rid Her of ‘Demons’:

Let me preface this by saying that I am proud to be a Christian. I believe in God. I believe Christ is the savior. However I also temper my faith with a healthy dose of reality. Unlike these people…

Teen Breeders Blaine Milam and Jessica Carson have been arrested in the beating death of Carson’s 13-month-old daughter Amora Bain Carson. They allegedly beat her to death to ‘rid her of demons’.

They originally told police that Amora was in a car accident, then they told them that she was attacked by dogs, then changed their story to that she hit herself in the head with a hammer.

Eventually they broke down and allegedly told police they were trying to rid the child of demons. But it doesn’t end there. They went to a pawn shop to get money for an exorcism after they killed Amora.

I don’t believe in demonic possession. In my religious upbringing I was always told by clergy that it was the stuff of movies. However even in all the legends and movies the exorcisms are usually performed while the subject is alive.

Milam had previously been sentenced to probation for sexually assaulting a child. Even though I don’t have the details of what happened then one has to wonder.

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