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Son shot for shoplifting

Dad shoots son after teen caught shoplifting

Correctional Officer Accused Of Shooting Son After Shoplifting Arrest

A prison guard from Queens allegedly shot his teenage son after he was busted shoplifting from a Home Depot in Long Island City. Quasaun Smalls (17) decided he needed some drill bits from Home Depot, but didn’t quite have the coin required for their purchase. So in his teenage wisdom, he used the ol’ 5 finger discount. This resulted in a desk appearance ticket and the po-po sent him on his merry way.

When Quasaun got home, his Daddy Dearest Robert Smalls (39) was beyond furious. Apparently Smalls thought his son should have gotten jail time for pinching a few drill bits, rather than just a ticket. A fight broke out, and Robert shot his son with a 9mm handgun. Neighbours say they heard yelling and a gunshot, but probably put it down to background noise associated with living in New York.

Dad called 911 himself (that’s something) and Quasaun was rushed to hospital in a stable condition. He’s expected to make a complete recovery. Dad was charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon. I presume that means he was supposed to turn in his gun at the end of his shift at the jailhouse, and hadn’t.

It would have been a hell of a lot easier to march young Quasaun down to the Home Depot and apologise over the PA system for stealing merchandise, driving up the costs of the merchandise and causing the need to increase security at the shop.

"Pure Evil"

"Pure Evil"

No plea deal in mother/son killing

Man gets life in deaths of mother and son

“Pure Evil” is how the ex-husband/father, of Carrie, Heavyn and Skylar Seils described he man, Todd Pink (Carrie’s boyfriend), convicted last month for the murder of Carrie and Skylar and attempted murder of Heavyn.


On May 15th, 2010 Todd Pink, Carrie, Heavyn (6) and Skylar (4) spent the day at the Detroit Downtown Hoe Down.  Pink (I have to admit I just LOVE calling a grown man Pink) apparently opted like several others at the Hoe Down to get wasted, but it didn’t end there.  In his drunken state he began to argue with Carrie, the argument would fester throughout the day and carried over to the evening while at Carrie’s condo. where Pink continued to drink.


Carrie’s roommate James Pagano would testify that, Pink left the condo after arguing the better part of the day with Carrie, but returned about a half hour later.  Pagano said when Pink returned, he got up and went for the door, but Pink kicked it in, pulled out a handgun and that’s the last thing he remembers until he regained consciousness.   Pagano was shot in the face… he would wake up to find Carrie shot to death and the lifeless body of Skylar at her feet, the little man had been stabbed to death.  Little Heavyn, was also stabbed with various kitchen utensils, but was still alive; Pagano scooped her up and went to the neighbor and called 911.


Pink would call his sister after he massacred the family, screaming into the phone that he had just shot four people.  He was arrested at his mother’s.


Last month it took jurors less than 30 minutes to convict Pink, an ex-con with a criminal history dating back to 1998, of 14 felonies. On May 19th, almost a year to the day he went on his murderous rampage, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  In court he would thank his family for their love and support, said Carrie, Skylar and Heavyn were in his prayers and that he looked forward to an appeal and “getting a fair and impartial trial unlike the one he got in circuit court.”  What a fuckwad!


Skylar died one month shy of his 5th birthday; the family opted not to have a joint funeral for him with his mother because the date of the funeral would have been his 5th birthday.  Does that not break your heart?   Supporters of Heavyn and Skylar wore t-shirts in court, with Skylar’s picture, name and his favorite superhero, Spider-man and the words “Our little superhero.”  I had to ask myself, being as Skylar was such a fan of superheros…. did he lose his life trying to be his mommy’s hero?


My heart goes out to Chad Seils who sent his sent his children for weekend visit with their mother that ended in a nightmare.


Thanks to Sarah Ohm for the tip.



Carrie and Skylar

R.I.P.  Carrie and Skylar, mommy’s little superhero

Father shoots and kills 5-year-old twins as siblings watch

Cops-California family dies murder/suicide

Salvador Acevedo shoots girlfriend, twins(5) before turning gun himself

This one is so disturbing I am not even sure how to begin it to be honest… but here we go and prepare yourself, it will break your heart.


On Saturday, May 7th, what the hell is it with Mother’s Day this year, Salvador Acevedo (45) was driving with his girlfriend Iris Oseguera (33),  their 5-year-twins and Acevedo’s three children from a prior relationship.  The couple began to argue, and Acevedo pulled out a hand gun and fired shooting Iris and both of the twins, Michael and Michelle,  in the upper torso area.  He then went to family member’s house dropped off the other three children and drove away.  The children told the relative what they had just witnessed and the police were called.


The police would find Acevedo’s vehicle, in it were Acevedo dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound and the rest of his family, Iris was dead at the scene.  The twins Michelle and Michael were rushed to hospital where they would later die.  OMG!  I think this has to be one of the worst murder/suicides to ever grace BB.  This man killed part of his family while the other part of his family watched.  A handgun was recovered at the scene.


These poor kids, to have to see that and know he spared them… we can only hope they can manage to overcome the obvious emotional problems this will cause them.  I mean how freakin scary could this have been.  I don’t want to know EVER!


Why oh why… can’t the cowardly bastards ever just off themselves?


Thanks to Emilie B. for the tip.

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