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Drongo dad leaves gun safe keys out, son takes gun to school for some shooting practice

Dad in court after boy took gun to school



A 42 year old man from Adelaide, South Australia, is in the poo after his 13 year old son took an unregistered revolver to school and fired it. The boy took the unregistered .32 calibre Smith and Wesson, along with some ammunition after he found the keys to the gun safe in his dad’s underwear drawer. He fired a single shot in an isolated part of the school.

The man’s lawyer asked the judge to not make him a scapegoat for other people’s actions, and blamed the boy for taking the gun to school. Honey, don’t come the raw prawn with the judge and jury. The boy obviously lacked knowledge and respect for firearms because his dad never taught him. Parents are supposed to guide their children away from danger and give them the tools to navigate this world. If your lifestyle includes firearms and other dangers, you have to incorporate that into how you raise your child.

The man has pleaded guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm without a licence and failing to store ammunition separately to weapons. He explained that the revolver was his grandmother’s and it had great sentimental value to him. He blamed financial difficulties for not registering the revolver, yet he’d registered his hunting guns. Well common sense would tell you to sell one of the hunting rifles or shotguns and use the money to register the revolver. Or have the revolver deactivated by filing off the firing pin. Ah, but the thing about common sense is, it’s not so common. The boy was put on a good behaviour bond and spared a conviction. It wasn’t his fault his dad’s an idiot.

Now for my two bob: I’m not against guns. My dad used to own shotguns and go hunting before I was born. I’ve been hunting before on a farm, where we shot rabbits because they were causing so much damage to the environment. I believe in using them for controlling feral pests and catching food. And defending your home. But if you choose to keep guns in your home and you choose to have kids, you must take certain precautions such as locking the guns away in a safe, keeping the ammo separate from the weapons and teaching your kids to respect guns, never point a gun at something you want to see again and that dead is dead. A little sense goes a long way.

A note on Australian gun laws: We have very strict gun laws. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are banned in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. Ammo is very expensive to buy here and this was the main reason my Dad gave up shooting. You need separate licences for handguns and hunting rifles/shotguns, hence why this failure of a fellow got into trouble for not having a licence even though he had a licence for the rifles.


Meth tards and child abuse. The fun never ends.

Traffic Stop Leads To Child Abuse Investigation, Meth Lab Find

Okay – this story is from last month… Sorry I’m late posting it.  Between the holiday and me being sick…. Meh, fuck it.  I’m not gonna make any excuses.  It’s late getting posted.  Deal with it. 

Last month police in Dillonvale, Ohio pulled over a car for a turn signal violation.  Pause for this quick “what the fuck”.  Turn signal violation?  Are cities so desperate for revenue that they are pulling over people for the most minor displays of traffic dumb assery?  Sorry, back to it.  Besides the meth tards inside the car, police found 44 grams of crystal meth, some marijuana and a couple of handguns.  I love meth tards.  They’re almost stupid enough to be entertaining, that is, until they have kids that are affected by their behavior. 

The meth tard driver, Ryan Neal Custer (34), told police that there was a child in danger at his home.  Comments from the vehicles occupants prompted officers to head on over to Custer’s house to check on the child.  What they found there was most definitely a child in danger.  All of the sudden I’m overjoyed that Dillonvale cops are pulling over people for something as moronic as a turn signal violation.     

The child that was in danger was Custer’s 1-year-old daughter.  She had severe burns to her private area, she was dehydrated, filthy, and she had herself 103 degree fever.  Mother fuck.  Meth tard parenting at its finest. 

In addition to a fucktardery parenting going on in that house, K-9 units  hit on an abandoned house behind the home.  Wouldn’t you know it??  Mommy and Daddy had themselves a little meth lab going back there.  Possibly one of the largest in the state.  Dayum. 

The baby was taken to the hospital for treatment of second and third-degree burns (that no one seems to she got). 

Custer and his main squeeze, 21-year-old Samantha Burch (baby-momma), were both arrested.  Burch is facing child abuse charges while Custer is facing charges of possessing meth.  I’m not sure how he escaped the child abuse charge, but I’m hoping that there will be an additional charge coming his way. 

Thanks go to Deena for this one.  She knows how much I love to write about meth tards.