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Donna Deaves pleads guilty to manslaughter after her toddler was killed by her dick-of-the-week

Mum guilty of toddler’s manslaughter

Agonising abuse of tiny Tanilla: NSW court

Tanilla’s tragedy: mother pleads guilty to manslaughter

Boyfriend held after being charged over death of toddler Tanilla

Yet again, we have another dick-hungry, worthless cunt who refuses to protect her child/ren from her fuck-of-the-month. It’s the same old story, but it never becomes any less sad.

Donna Deaves holds her daughter Tanilla, who should have been her everything, instead of her random fuck-buddy who killed her baby,

Donna Deaves holds her daughter Tanilla, who should have been her everything, instead of her random fuck-buddy who killed her baby.

Donna Deaves (28) has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but not murder, after her daughter Tanilla Warrick-Deaves (2) was killed in 2011 after a vicious campaign of abuse and cruelty at the hands of her incubator’s sex toy Warren Ross (28) at her Watanobbi home, on the NSW Central Coast. Yes, What-A-Knob indeed…

Evil scum baby killer Warren Ross

Evil scum baby killer Warren Ross

The court heard that the last two month’s of tiny Tanille’s life were horrendous and cruel. No less than 33 reports had been lodged with DoCS about the welfare of Tanille, and she was only 2 years old. Wretched Warren would make her run laps around the loungeroom (despite her suffering from bowed legs), make her stand for hours on end as punishment for soiling herself. He whipped her with belts and extension cords, hit her with thongs (flip-flops) and other sundry items. He complained to a friend that he hit Tanille with various items, but according to him, she never learned. He then bragged to his loser drinking buddy that he could make Tanille scream by threatening to hit her with a belt. Wow. Hurting someone smaller than you, what does that make you? A big man? Wrong. It makes you a COWARD and a BULLY. And as for the friend, they must have been sucking each others’ dicks for so long that this drunken loser barely batted an eyelid at this admission, let alone break the bastard’s nose or reduce his balls to raspberry jam, then call the police.

On August 25, 2011, Warren Ross’ regime of terror and cruelty came to a head. This would be the day that he would inflict the injuries that would ultimately claim Tanille’s young life. I wonder if the sad sack of shit got up that morning, took a deep breath and thought, “Yep, this is the day that I’m going to kill that brat”?. Warren began that fateful day by making Tanille run around the loungeroom while whipping her with an extension cord. While her incubator stood by and did nothing. He then put her under a cold shower and banged her face against the glass screen until it was bloody, all the while Tanille was screaming “No, no, no, no”.  Deaves lamely told police that she tried to stop her flavour of the month, but he slapped her. Stupid, useless cunt. That’s when you grab a knife and gut the dickless wonder! A simple slap wouldn’t stop a real mother from protecting her child!

Warren Ross then held Tanille upside down over a toilet bowl and threatened to dunk her head in the bowl. When he got sick of torturing someone smaller than himself, he kicked Tanille across the floor like a discarded toy, causing her to hit her head on some cupboards. The worthless twit Donna, instead of rushing her injured baby to hospital and then stabbing the vile bastard who hurt her, simply placed the unconscious Tanille in a pram and left her like that for two nights. When asked by the police as to why she didn’t take immediate action, the worthless cunt suggested she thought it may have been too late to save Tanilla. The stupid, blockheaded twit’s inactions ultimately cost little Tanille her young life. An autopsy report showed that, had the cunt taken her baby to hospital straightaway, Tanille would have recovered from her horrific injuries. Well, look at that. Another abuser that thinks they know more than doctors and medical staff which have had years and years of medical training.

The bad sex toy known as Warren Ross was arrested almost a month later. Police found him in Ourimbah state forest, where it appeared that he was camping with his Fleshlight. Nice. Not only did the rotten dick kill her baby girl, Donna Deaves welcomed him back with open arms and open legs, and helped him hide from the police. He was charged with murder, and an assortment of other interesting charges including intimidation and two counts of using a carriage service to threaten to kill. When he fronted court, he told his uncle to “tell Dad”. Considering this piece of shit liked to brag about hurting a little girl for fun, this action doesn’t surprise me one bit. I don’t know who the threats were leveled at, but I’m betting it was Donna and that the silly twit was so desperate for dick that she would let her child’s killer (who also threatened her life too) back into her bed.

Donna Deaves has pleaded guilty to manslaughter by criminal negligence, and refused to plead to murder. She can’t face what she did (or didn’t do), can’t face up to her actions when the court tells it like it is. She’s no better than her cowardly bully of a bedmate. She will be sentenced in September.

RIP Tanilla Warrick-Deaves, you are no longer in pain and misery. Nothing but sunshine and rainbows headed your way.

RIP Tanilla Warrick-Deaves, you are no longer in pain and misery. Nothing but sunshine and rainbows headed your way.

Nathaniel Maddox abused his Daughter

OH Dad charged with abusing 3-year-old 

Father held in Suspected Child Abuse case

Nathaniel C. Maddox, 26, of Mercer County, Ohio was arrested for abusing his 3-year-old daughter after she was found suffering from a head injury that lead to internal bleeding along with bruising and blisters on her lower body. 

The child was taken to the hospital when she was found unresponsive. She remains at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital where she is in an ICU unit and listed as serious condition and IS showing signs of improvement. 

Maddox has been charged with Child Endangerment and is being held with a $500,000 bond. 

Where was the child’s mother? – not sure as I couldn’t find anything. But I thought I saw in the comments section of one of the links I found that they were separated and the little girl was on a scheduled visit with her Dad. A neighbor had also piped up saying that he always seemed like a normal parent and that with her kids they would all play together. 

Thanks go to Meredith for the tip!

Joseph Wallace Gets Drunk, then Sodomizes and Beats Two-Month-Old Son to Death

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joseph-wallace.jpgIn Staten Island, NY, Joseph Wallace, 21 got wasted on beer then beat and sodomized his two-month-old son, Joseph Jr.

Wallace told police that he had used his fingers to sodomize the boy thinking it would stop him from crying! He’s kidding right? He then fell asleep with the baby’s head between his legs. OMG!!! What a sick fuck.

Wallace says he didn’t beat the baby and didn’t understand why he sexually assaulted him.

Joseph Jr.’s mom, Alyse Connors, 19, came home to find the baby unresponsive and Wallace passed out. She called police, and the baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.

However, as a neighbor tells it, she was home for an hour before the cops showed up. This neighbor also remembered seeing Wallace panicking, screaming that the baby had died, and was crying in the hallway the night the child died.

Wallace has been arraigned on manslaughter and sex-abuse charges and is being held without bail. I expect that upon further investigation the mother may be charged as well. Her other child, a one-year-old girl, was removed from the home and placed with a family member.

Alex and Molly Midyette Finally Charged in 2006 Death of Their Infant Son Jason

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alex-and-molly-midyette.jpgThis one has been a long time coming. Six months after the grand jury was impaneled, and nearly 14 months after 10-week-old Jason Midyette was taken off life-support and died, Louisville, Colorado parents Alex and Moly Midyette have been charged with a seven-count indictment for child abuse in connection with Jason’s death.

The father, Alex Midyette, 27, is charged with inflicting numerous injuries on his son including 27 broken bones and a fractured skull. Alex is also charged with placing the baby in harm’s way, and waiting too long to seek medical help.  The mother, Molly Midyette, 28, is charged with putting her son in harm’s way and waiting to seek medical help.

During the baby’s autopsy the coroner disovered that his frenulum, the tissue that connects the gum to the lip, was ripped. This usually happens when someone forces a bottle or pacifier into a child’s mouth. Jason also had bruises. Grand jury testimony shows that the baby was suffering for at least three days from his injuries although autopsy findings show Jason’s fractures were in various stages of healing meaning that not all of his injuries occurred at the same time.

Alex and Molly Midyette will be monitored by electronic home ankle bracelets and have been barred from being around children, including family members, less than two years old.