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Egg-donor tries to protect daughter’s rapist

Mother at 13: Court hears shocking allegations of abuse

I am seeing red right now. I’m disgusted and beyond outraged that this happened in my town. These scumbags are lucky they have name suppression (cowards) because if they ever set foot outside in this town, it’d be the last thing they do!

A Hunter Valley man is facing trial for the rape of a 13 year old girl who was unaware she was pregnant until she gave birth to a baby boy.

The 20 year old piece of shit started raping the girl when she was 10. He also raped her hours before she gave birth. Obviously, because 13 year old girls aren’t designed to give birth, she had to undergo an emergency Caesarean to get the baby out. I suggest we perform an emergency Caesarean on the piece of shit’s ballsack. The emergency being that he has no balls. Quick, there’s no time to sterilise the instruments or to anaethasise him!

The poor girl suffered a near-fatal abruption of the uterus, because she’s 13 and not supposed to give birth, and needed many blood transfusions. I don’t know what a uterine abruption is, but I imagine it’s like the uterus ripping or something.

The rapist scumbag attended the birth (what, so he can rape her after she gives birth? Or during?) and he hatched a plan with the girl’s egg donor. This is where the bad breeder comes in. He cooked up a plan for his older brother to take the rap because the older brother had been in jail before and he didn’t want the rapist to go to jail. Fucking douchebag! If I had a brother who raped someone, I’d smash him so hard in the groin that he’d never be able to think of a female in that way ever again! The girl’s mother agreed to the plan! She suggested it to the girl who agreed with it, but then they backed out and told detectives who really did rape the girl! Then she told the rancid rapist to piss off, instead of beating him to a pulp for raping her daughter!

The rapist refused to co-operated with police, surprise surprise. Never heard of a scumbag who actually was co-operative. He’s been charged with six counts of aggravated sexual assault and raping a minor aged between 10 and 14. The girl and the baby have been placed into the care of DOCS.

Now my rage and vitriol is directed at the birth-vessel. Why would you let some random 20 year old hang around your 10 year old? Was he a gash-plug? Was he a “babysitter”? Why would you let him come to see your daughter when she nearly died because of him? You’re a fucking nasty bitch and he should’ve raped you instead. With a slender-blender. Then he could’ve stuck his foul junk into it. It probably wouldn’t surprise me that the rapist and the egg-donor are related, they sound like they come from the same damaged DNA that would produce that level of stupidity.

Rant about the Newcastle Herald: Your journalism sucks. I applied for a cadetship with you and I could’ve reported that better than the preschoolers you employ to scribble with crayons and call it a news article. First of all, the 10 year old was not “in a relationship” with the 20 year old. She was being RAPED and MOLESTED by this freak. Would you say that if a woman on the street was raped by some pervert, that she was “in a relationship” with them? No? Then why would you write that in a newspaper? Also name names and put photos of the idiots so that people can abuse them and throw things at them as they go about their kid-raping day. No wonder I use the Herald to line my cat’s litter tray. Learn to newspaper.

Thanks to Skye for the tip!

Boy kidnapped from Cessnock NSW

I was watching the news after finishing up at work when this story broke out. It’s very pertinent to me as Cessnock is just 30 minutes away from where I live. I have shared this little boy’s photo on Facebook in the hopes that someone has seen him or his non-custodial parents.

Grandma s appeal to find missing 4yo boy

Curtis Jack Ross has been kidnapped by his parents

Four-year-old allegedly kidnapped at Cessnock


Police are searching for Curtis Ross (4) along with his parents Rebecca Ellen Ross and Jason Robert Agocs after the couple kidnapped the little boy from a park in Cessnock, NSW on Boxing Day 2012. His parents were not allowed to take him because there is a court order stating that young Curtis must live with his Grandma. Federal police have grave concerns for his safety while he’s with his parents. I assume that means DoCS have had a good reason (like abuse) to take him away from his parents.

The couple’s last known address was in Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley, but they may have relocated to the Western Sydney area.

His dad is about 180cm tall, and of solid build, with brown hair. While his mother is around 175cm tall, with brown and blonde hair, and is of large build.¬†Information should be forwarded to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the Australian Federal Police on (02) 9286 4000. I have posted this information here because as my mum says about posting things on the internet, “You never know who might see it”

I understand custody battles can be frustrating, but there was probably a good reason for the boy’s removal from his parents and the fact that the Federal police are worried for his safety probably means that the parents are not fit to look after him. I hope the feds find him and return him to his grandma, she’s worried sick! And I hope his parents are punished appropriately.


if you see this person please contact the police.

if you see this person please contact the police.


 UPDATE: Thursday 17 January, 10:30am РThe Federal Court has confirmed that Curtis has been safely reunited with his grandmother. Thank goodness for that!! Thanks to Cori for the update!!

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