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Family member of Breeder charged with murder of daughter has some good advice

Christopher Storbakken

Christopher Storbakken

I was almost going to pass on this story because I can’t stomach a lot of the stories sent to me however in this tragedy comes wisdom.

27-year-old Christopher Storbakken of Indianapolis has been charged with murder in the death of his one-year-old daughter Fowler Harper. Storbakken at first claimed he dropped her while removing her from the crib but the autopsy showed that Fowler died from blunt force trauma and had injuries to her stomach, leg, arm and hand. Police say that Storbakken eventually admitted to striking his daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying. Unfortunately these types of death have become all too familiar to us.

However a family member has some great advice, which may be considered common sense to some but not by all, about what the constant crying may mean…

“I was one of them,” Rehme said. “I had a child that it took months for me to realize she was allergic to dairy, so I had to deal with that. The thing is, take a break; ask for help.”

The crying is not your fault and there is no weakness in asking someone for help.

Thanks to AJ for the tip.

Aaron Ingle keeps a Filthy House

3 children removed from ‘filthy’ house, dad arrested

Dad charged with neglect pleads not guilty

Aaron Ingle, 30, of Indianapolis, Indiana was arrested after police found his children living in deplorable conditions. 

Police were called to do a welfare check – requested by the children’s mother after she received several threatening messages from her ex-husband. She believed he may have been intoxicated. 

Wouldn’t you know it, police got there to find rotten food, liquor bottles, beer cans, nails pointing upward in the floor, feces in the toilet, the smell of urine, mice feces, and dirty diaper all over the floor. A kitchen knife was also found within easy reach of the three young children.

The 4-year-old was found without clothing of shoes on, walking throughout the house. The 2-year-old was walking in what appeared to officers to be an extremely dirty diaper. The oldest, 6-year-old, was found in the back bedroom wearing only underwear.

At one point, an officer said he had stepped on the upward exposed nail while walking through the home. 

Ingle had admitted he had been drinking and was prescription pills. 

Filthy Daddy, Ingle, appeared in court since his arrest and has pleaded not guilty to three counts of neglect. 

“Two years never had any type of infraction whatsoever, nobody’s even been suspicious of anything,” said Ingle. 

Those could be the words of good con artist… 

*Thanks go to AJ Brant for the tip.

He was in the vehicle when it was tooken

Police: Man left son in semi while visiting a strip club:

39-year-old Donald Crawford of Indianapolis was arrested last week for leaving his 5-year-old son in the cab of his semi while he went and drank at a strip club. Not only was he already allegedly drunk when he got to the club but he also refused to pay for $80 in lap dances and only had one drink. Ladies and gentleman this is only one of the many species of douchebag. The cheapskate at the strip club.

Anyway, after he was thrown out of the club he couldn’t find his truck and called 911 to report it missing. The 911 call is transcribed in the article but the fact that the told the dispatcher that “He was in the vehicle when it was tooken.” Even here in the south that’s not close to proper grammar.

And it gets better. When police finally found Crawford and the truck the truck was unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Luckily his son was unharmed and watching cartoons.

But wait…there’s more. The article says that Crawford was released into the custody of his wife. Does that mean that she bailed him out? Ladies, would you have bailed out your man if he did something like that.

When I was single I went to a lot of strip clubs. After I got married and inherited some new kids I went once and was embarrassed when I came home and my kids said I smelled funny. It was probably the combination of beer and stripper perfume that made me that way.

Thanks to Sara for the tip.

3 Breeders, 2 filthy homes, 7 children removed, all in Indianapolis

Mothers Arrested After Children Found In Filthy Home:

In our first story 25-year-old Tiffney Johnson and 28-year-old Jamie Presley (not the one from My Name Is Earl) were arrested on charges of felony neglect.

Police were investigating an extension cord that ran from a neighbor’s garage to their house. When police disconnected the cord no one came to the door because neither birth organism was home at the time. However four children were, ages 14, 7, 5 and 7 months.

The kids had lice in their hair, roaches were everywhere, dog feces were on the floor, maggots were found, there was little food and of course there was no electricity. The pair were out for 5 hours having a ‘girl’s night out’.

The kids were removed and placed with child welfare.

3 Children Removed From Filthy Home:

In our second story 45-year-old…hold on…(looks at mugshot) 45? Really? I hope I don;t look that crappy in 5 years. Then again I gave up meth for Lent.

Anyway, 45-year-old Susan Hensley was arrested on neglect charges for having two of her own kids and another kid who was visiting in a home infested with rats and roaches.

Hensley’s kids were 15 and 6 with an 11-year-old friend spending the night. That kid is going to have rat nightmares considering police said they saw a foot long rat in the residence while they were investigating.

The basement was said to have had six inches of sewage. And the house of course had the pre-required animal feces.

Is there some kind of filthy home handbook that these people subscribe too?

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Stoned couple was thinking Arby’s

Police: Couple Smoked Pot With Baby In Car:

In Indianapolis 27-year-old Marshall Chatman and 25-year-old Constance Payne decided to hit the drive through at Arby’s with their 1-year-old in the car. Nothing too suspicious there except that the drive through clerk noticed the distinct smell of weed coming from the car.

Here’s an interesting fact that a police officer told me once. Nothing else in the world smells like marijuana.

Anyway the clerk stalled them telling them to wait for theiir order while police were on their way.

When arrested the pair told police that Chatman had been smoking a ‘cigar’. *cough*blunt*cough*

A loaded handgun was also allegedly found in the car.

And who says weed doesn’t make you stupid. Or are people already stupid because they smoke weed? I guess that’s the chicken and the egg question.

Third degree burns treated with moisturizer

Parents Arrested After Girl’s Burns Went Untreated:

Before you do anything click the link and check the mugshots of these two. This is why inbreeding is illegal.

Anyway the lovely couple of Sharon Wessel, 35, and Fredrick Wessel, 48, were living in their unheated home with their kids. Like most trailer trash they decided to heat the residence with a propane heater.

Not surprisingly one of the typical things happened when you combine rednecks and propane heaters. Their 11-year-old daughter’s pajama’s caught on fire while she was still in them. She received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of the lower half of her body, and it gets worse.

Rather than take their daughter to a hospital they treated the 2nd and 3rd degree burns with moisturizer. I bet it had aloe in it so they must have thought it was ok.

It took a neighbor that heard the girl’s screams to call 911. The girl is still in danger of losing her legs.

To make matters even worse Throaty Joe served 5 years in jail for child molestation.

Thanks to Bridget, LadyJade, and Unionjack for the tip.

Nancy Dyer Gives Up Parental Rights to Her Kids. No, Wait – She Takes It Back!

Nancy DyerAnd the hits just keep on comin’ from Nancy Dyer, folks. Over the weekend, the mom whose 3-year-old was found wandering the Indianapolis interstate told the Indianapolis Star that she planned to give up custody of her two children, Damon and Gabrielle. (Gabrielle, you will recall, was the one police found wandering around Dyer’s apartment in a shit-dripping diaper while mommy napped.) But then today, she told social workers that she wanted to keep her little darlings. Dyer obviously faces an arduous journey in convincing child protective services and a judge that she can pay more attention to the fruit of her womb than to her ex-boyfriend and her MySpace page.

Does this woman even know what she wants? More importantly, is what she wants the best thing for her kids? God only knows how those two children were treated before everybody discovered what was happening in that apartment.

Dyer’s wanting her kids back doesn’t mean it’s a done deal that she’ll get them. She first has to convince the system that she’s capable of taking care of them. Note to Nancy: vacillating between taking your kids back and giving them up does not send a good signal. In fact, it’s precisely that indifference that got you into this mess in the first place.

Nancy Dyer Does the Perp Walk

Nancy DyerHere’s Nancy Dyer at her first court appearance. (Thanks, Sinthyia.) Dyer, you’ll recall, is the mom who was fast asleep while her toddler took a stroll on Indianapolis’ I-465. No big events at today’s court appearance, which was simply a bond hearing. The report does describe Dyer as “articulate”, which is not surprising given her MySpace page. This is not a stupid woman, folks; this is an intelligent woman who’s done stupid things.

Should she get her kids back? Obviously, that’s not up to me. But it is up to a judge, who can elect to convert the four Class D felony counts against her into Class A misdemeanors. I imagine you’ll see a deal involving time served, parenting classes, yada yada. My prediction is that she’ll have her kids back within a year of modeling good behavior. But I could be wrong.

What I would like to see is permanent custody reverting to their father (assuming his record is clean, naturally), with mom getting visitation. I don’t know what judge made the custody decision in that case, but obviously, he or she screwed the pooch.

Nancy Dyer Naps as Toddler Takes Stroll on Interstate (UPDATED)

Interstate 465Seeing that the entire world has emailed me this story, I consider it my duty to blog it. Motorists and police were amazed – and frightened – to see little Damon Dyer walking along the high-speed Interstate 465. Miraculously, concerned adults got him off of the road before he was killed. These strangers showed more concern for Damon than his mother, Nancy Dyer, did. When police arrived at Dyer’s apartment, they found feces on the walls, her 2-year-old eating spaghetti from the floor, and Dyer herself asleep.

Mom’s reaction on hearing the news that her son had been scooped up from the freeway? “Oh, he got out again.”

Wow. Parenting that atrocious isn’t accidental, folks. That kind of negligence takes EFFORT.

This is apparently the second time police have had to scoop up Damon after he “got loose”. The first time, he was found wandering around a parking lot. Why no one paid a home inspection then is beyond me. At least justice is being served now: Dyer’s facing two counts of child neglect – one for Damon, and the other for the atrocious living conditions she maintained in her apartment. Methinks this woman will require more than a few parenting classes to get her kids back. Assuming, of course, that she even gives a shit about them.

UPDATED: Michelle in the comments supplied this pointer to a news report, which shows video of the apartment. There’s a heart-breaking shot of her two-year-old in a diaper that’s soaking with shit. The officer on the scene’s impression of mom: “She didn’t care.” Ugh.

UPDATE 2: Fellow crimeblogger peep Lost in Lima, Ohio kindly points us to Dyer’s MySpace page. God, I may never be able to listen to Evanescence ever again. Judging from her command of English, she’s obviously an intelligent woman. But she’s also obviously struggled with substance abuse, as evidenced from this entry about the first 60 days of recovery. If I’m a betting man, I’d say New Years sent her tumbling off the wagon…and her children suffered the consequences.

(Hat tips: Trench, Michelle, Grover, possibly others whose emails I’ve lost)

Couple Sentenced for Bird Poop Home

car.jpgAh, Liz Brunson – you’re always looking out for me. When you read a story about Indianapolis-area parents who were sentenced on misdemeanor counts for their birdshit-infested home, you said to yourself, “Bird shit? Parents?? I gotta send this to Jay!” Paul and Julia Adam should RUE the day I sent my minions off in search of tales of foul parenting! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Ahem. Anyway…

The article doesn’t have much detail, but apparently the Adams have one kid, whom CPS placed with a relative. The couple has supposedly cleaned the house, which was “spattered with bird droppings and infested with insects” frio the dozens of birds they keep. They won’t get custody of their youngling back until CPS checks the house and ensures it’s relatively scat-free. Egads.