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Faith is gone!


On, November 6th the dynamic duo above, Crystal Aday (26) and her live-in boyfriend Isaac Burt (46) arrived at South Seminole Hospital, with Aday’s, 3-year-old lifeless, daughter Faith Jackson.  Their story was much like many others we see here, they put Faith down for a nap around 12:30 and about 5 hours later found her unconscious and unresponsive on the bathroom floor.  Instead of calling 911, they opted to drive her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.  The doctors suspect she was dead 2 to 4 hours before she was brought to the hospital.  UGH!  This makes me sick.  Must have taken the 2 to 4 hours to come up with the story, I mean since it was so creative and all.  

Anyhow, the Volusia County Medical Examiner determined Faith had died of asphyxiation and suffered from a “severe case of child abuse.”  Faith had several injuries, including severe bruising, scars and burns that all appeared to be in various stages of healing.  Why, do people do these things to children?  Please someone enlighten me as to what a 3-year-old little girl could possibly do to deserve to be treated so badly.  As I type this I can only see the face of my own 3-year-old baby girl and though she can try my patience, effortlessly, I could NEVER imagine her ever angering me enough to beat her to death, let alone allowing anyone else to harm her.  These are two cowardly assholes and I hope they go out of this world the way Faith did. 

Also residing in the residence was the 4-month-old son the two shared and surprisingly enough he showed no signs of abuse.  Wow, the child that belonged to both them is loved and cared for properly, nonetheless the baby was removed from the home by DCFS.  Aday and Burt were arrested and charged with child abuse with great bodily harm.  Burt bonded out and Aday rested her butt in jail on a $50,000 bond.  

On November 30th, Burt was arrested again and this time the charge is first-degree murder.  Aday’s charges have been upgraded to accessory after the fact.  The two were taken into custody while attending a custody hearing regarding their son.  Don’t you just love it?  Here they are fighting for the return of the son they loved and are rearrested for the death of the daughter they didn’t.  How ironic. 

According to police they were able to determine, “based on the timeline of events, the medical examiner’s report and other evidence,” that Burt was responsible for the death of Faith and Aday helped to cover it up.  Aday went so far as to tell police she was the only person to discipline her daughter.  So here we have it yet again, a woman more concerned with the love of her man (if you want to call him that) than the love of her own flesh and blood.  Sick! 

If Aday posts bond, she is not allowed to go back to the home they share.  Her bond has been set so high due to the fact that she has only lived in Florida 2 years, has no job, no family in the state, lost custody of her son and can not communicate with Burt. She is considered a flight risk.  Hell yeah she is and I would wager a bet if she was released she’d be gone.  

Well April, I got through this one and even though I shed several tears I am glad I could write it up for all my friends here at BB to shame these two wastes of oxygen.  Here’s to hoping the baby doesn’t grow up to be anything like the parents he was born to.  

Rest in piece Faith Jackson… you are one more angel we all have watching over us and I personally take comfort in that. 

Thanks to Cathy J. Blake for the tip.