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Which one is your favorite????

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Mom, Jewell Marie Hendricks, Kills Baby with Sleeping Bag, Say Utah Police
Detective: Twins’ mother said she killed least favorite

The woman you see above is 62-year old Jewell Marie Hendricks. Oops, I meant 26-year old. Easy mistake to make, since she looks like shes been rode hard and put up wet. Oh, and she also plays favorites. She killed one of her twin 2-month old boys, and decided which one to kill based on the fact that the one still alive is her favorite. Twins Daniel and Robert were two months old when Jewell decided she just couldn’t handle twins and that life would be easier with only one child to care for. So she broke Robert’s clavicle and then smothered him inside a sleeping bag. Intentionally. Yup….she loved Daniel the best, so he got a reprieve – but for how long? She may one day decide that even ONE baby is too much to handle, and go ahead and off little Danny too. And if the attorney for this murderess has his way, she may just get that chance.

The attorney for this evil hag is trying to convince the courts to drop the murder charges and only prosecute for neglect. WHAT?????? Neglect? The bottom feeder – oops! I meant her attorney – is apparently going to try for a reduced competency defense, since both parents were in special ed in high school. So….can we convict her of stupidity then? I’ve been saying for years that there are people who walk among us who should be arrested for stupidity, but I never thought I’d see the day a lawyer would actually try to take such a case and run with it.

Everything about this story disgusts me, from the murder, to the additional abuse of the surviving twin, to the fact that she even had a ‘favorite’ to begin with. As mothers we are not supposed to pick ‘favorites’. We are supposed to love all of our children equally and unconditionally. I have six, and I could no sooner pick a favorite than I could decide whether I liked my arteries or my veins the best. They are all part of me, and as necessary to my life as oxygen is. I hope the lawyer is unsuccessful in getting the charges reduced – as a matter of fact, I hope the judge adds a few more charges to the list. I’m sure there are several other charges that would stick in this case. And I hope she gets the DP. Put her in a sleeping bag and have a 500 pound man sit on it for a few hours.

Thank you for the tip, April. I still love you more than chocolate…..