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Jesus Christ made me kill….

The Monster

Suspect in death of girl (6-) Jesus made me kill

Man accused of murdering 6-year-old

Sherrill residents mourn 6-year-old girl

On Monday July 18th, Lauren Belius was your average 6-year-old girl; Enjoying her summer vacation and counting the days until she went with her family on a Disney Vacation and having breakfast with the princesses.  That Monday night would end like many other all over the country; with their mother, Alison, tucking her twin daughters and their brother tightly into their beds to have sweet dreams.  Sounds like a fairly tale, right?  Well we all know that, if it’s here on BB, there is no storybook ending.

Early Tuesday morning, Alison Belius woke up to the screams of her daughter. She immediately ran to the room that her twin daughters shared and found it barricaded with a dresser.  She would bust into the room and find what must have been the most horrific thing a mother can see; Her boyfriend of two years, David Trebilock (30), stabbing her precious daughter.  Alison, not being like most of the mothers featured here, went after her daughter’s attacker, fighting the knife out of his hands, and sent her other two children to a neighbor for help.

Lauren would be pronounced dead at Oneida Hospital.  Just awful. My heart breaks for her mother.  Not only did she witness this happening to her daughter, but to fight to protect her and still lose her – she has to be inconsolable.  Hugs to you Alison!

Trebilock was also transported to the hospital to be treated for stab wounds as well.  Originally it was unknown if they were self inflicted or Alison got some in while fighting him off her daughter.  It has since been established that they were self-inflicted.  That’s too bad. I would rather have read it was Alison who had the pleasure of inflicting the injuries.  Anyhow, this poor excuse of a human being survived… I know… damn!

Trebilock, who has no criminal history, has been dating Alison for two years and moved in with the family six months ago.  Alison and John Belius (Lauren’s father) say there were never any indications of violence or that anything of this nature would ever happen.  Both parents say the all the children loved him.

Trebilock has been charged with second-degree murder and faces 25 years to life in prison.  No worries though; his lawyers are already starting the “he’s mentally ill” argument, stating that Trebilock said “Jesus Christ made him kill.”  Good one! We’ve never heard that lame excuse before.

A little information about Lauren, so you can understand what this monster has deprived this world of.  According to everyone who knew her, she was smart, kind, funny and thoughtful; she even donated the beautiful long blonde hair in the picture below to locks of love, so that a child with cancer could have beautiful hair too.  This act of kindness earned her a special spot in her school yearbook, where they talked of how proud they were of her for such a wonderful act at such a young age.  Could she be anymore adorable on every level?

The Angel

R.I.P Lauren, you were as beautiful on the inside as you were on the outside, heaven is even more beautiful with you in it.

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