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Father sentenced in abuse that left son blind and disabled

Pawtucket child abuser DeAnthony Allen gets maximum sentence 

DeAnthony Allen (19) was sentenced on January 11th to 20 years in prison for leaving his infant son disabled and blind.

Allen was found guilty of one count of first degree child abuse for abusing, then 3-month-old, Johnnel Marks, in November.  According to the state Allen squeezed and shook Johnnel who suffered severe head trauma, a skull fracture and seven rib fractures.  Gawd Damn!

Johnnel, now 17-months-old was left clinically blind, will probably never walk, has seizures and his brain cells continue to deteriorate.  No worries though peeps Allen says he’s sorry and wants to apologize to his son.  Well too little to late ass-wipe!

Johnnel’s mother had this to say about Allen’s “apology.”

“Everything that DeAnthony was saying in there about one day he hopes he can apologize and say it to my son, well guess what, that’s not going to happen. He doesn’t need to face that monster anymore, he doesn’t. He did it that one time and that’s it. He took his sight and that was the last time he saw him and that’s the last time he’s going to see him.” said Stephanie Marks.

That’s right Stephanie, you go girl…more power to ya!

Johnnel was present in the courtroom for his father’s sentencing.



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