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Evil has a new name: Juan Galindo

Albuquerqueman arrested for raping, killing, baby

Man charged in fatal rape of baby

Family waited hours before they called 911 to report baby’s death

Man Accused In Baby Death Had Been Recently Deported

I feel sadness for every child we read about here.  Sometimes I feel a little desensitized because I’m no longer shocked by anything these parents do.  Well…. I thought so… until I read about Juan Galindo.  Juan, like so many others featured on BB, is evil.  But he’s a-whole-nother level of evil.

Pauline Sanchez left her home on Wednesday to do some shopping, leaving her boyfriend (Galindo) home with her 1-month-old daughter.  Upon returning home on Thursday, she was greeted by every mother’s (hell…HUMAN’S) worst nightmare.  Galindo was holding a lifeless infant, claiming that she had choked on her bottle.  That was his story and he was sticking to it.  Police suspected that Galindo’s claim was bullshit.  Maybe it was all the injuries to the tiny little angel that were inconsistent with a choking death, like two black eyes, a bite mark on her cheek and amount of blood found in her vaginal and anal area.  A partial emergency autopsy was done on the baby.  It showed that she also had bleeding in her brain, a lacerated liver and fractured ribs.

Galindo, realizing the fuzz may have been onto him, quickly changed his story.  Admitting to using methamphetamine on Wednesday, he claimed that the baby began crying and choking around10 p.m– His solution, patting her on the back with increasing force.  His “excuse” for the vaginal and anal bleeding? Then he inserted his finger in the baby’s vagina and her anus because he thought she may be constipated.  Um…. What?

Galindo has been arrested and is being charged with aggravated criminal sexual penetration and child abuse resulting in death.  This is not his first time at the rodeo, either.  He has been arrested several times in the past; most recently (in May) for drug trafficking and tampering with evidence.

Sanchez and Galindo have been dating for the past year.  So no doubt she knows of his past.  Why would she pick a man like this to make a baby with, although it hasn’t been confirmed that Galindo was the baby’s father.  Even more, why would she leave her baby alone with him?  A baby is the most precious gift a person could hope for, so why are so many women so careless who the trust to care for them?

Thanks go to Desiree and Pat for the tips on this one.  Special thanks to Just Me for hunting down some extra links and having our back in the Open Thread.