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Nichole Turner beat little Julian. A lot.

Guilty verdict in Julian Soliz’ death

35 years in prison for child’s death


Extra special thanks go to Crystal“Pistol” for the tip and the write up.  I don’t normally post older stories because we have so many current ones. Crystal was so moved by this story that she absolutely HAD to see it posted on  Crystal, you are now a voice for little Julian.  Tank you!

So this horror of a story comes direct to you from Good Ole Austin, Tx.  On April 11th, 2010, 5-year-old Julian Soliz was reported missing around 7am by his Dad’s Cum Dumptster ex- girlfriend, one Nichole Ashante Turner, aged 22; with whom he had been abandoned with for over a month by his “father” while he was first incarcerated and then shacked up with another woman. His beaten and battered body was found around 9:30am that same day, dumped like garbage in the weeds on a busy neighborhood street less than two miles from where he lived with Turner, her 5 year old daughter and an eight month old baby boy that she produced with the douche bag of a father.  His birth organism had not seen him since Christmas, even though she lived in the same town.

The Medical Examiner said Julian had over 59 COUNTABLE bruises on his sweet little body.  Do you have ANY idea what 59 bruises on a little body could possibly look like?  The jury gasped and cried as they saw his postmortem pictures, where it was almost impossible to tell where one bruise ended and another began.  The entire backside of his body, from his shoulders to his knees, was completely black and blue.  In addition to the bruises, he had cuts and contusions on his buttocks, head, face, neck, back, shoulders, and he also had internal lacerations and over a cup of blood had bled out into his tiny stomach.  He also had a broken collarbone that was in the process of healing.  This Cunt Ball had admitted to “whipping” him with a belt the previous Wednesday for lying about, get this shit… A fucking glue stick.  Of all the stupid fucking reasons we’ve read about that people murder a child over, this one takes the freaking cake.  She admitted to “losing control” of the belt whipping but did she stop?  Fuck NO!  This ignorant bitch just put the belt down and proceeded to beat him with her hand.  Of course, she did so, so much more.  This was Wednesday night; his body was dumped Saturday morning.  Which means this poor baby bled out for 2 days before he finally succumbed to his injuries.  She said that he had been puking and home from school on Thursday and Friday and after they processed his sheets with vomit on them, they removed them for evidence, and one of his little teeth fell out onto the floor.  Picture that.  Heartbreaking.  During her trial, she laid her head down and faced away from the pictures of Little Julian’s body.  What a fucking coward.  When she was asked how Julian had responded to his beating on Wednesday, she admitted that he had told her that he was sorry.  I HATE this woman.

When I allow myself to consider that Julian’s bio bitch was gone and didn’t give a shit, his dad had abandoned him, and he was left ALONE and DYING with his MURDERER, I feel such sadness, I can barely breathe.  The utter fear and pain he endured is almost too much to fathom.

It took months to arrest this Baby Killer on Child Endangerment with Great Bodily Injury and when they did, she immediately posted bail and was free and enjoying her life for 2 YEARS until she was convicted.  In April of 2012, Nichole Turner was found guilty and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  She will serve a mandatory 17 and a half years and then this scum of the fucking earth will be eligible for parole.  My sincerest hope for her is that she is maimed and murdered in prison.  I hope she suffers immensely before her entrance to hell.

Julian was a happy child that loved to sing, dance and give big hugs.  May he RIP and may he have all the love and hugs in Heaven that no one bothered to give him during his short time on this earth.

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