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Kansas updates their Safe Haven law


Speaking of safe haven laws, because we were you know, a new safe haven law went into effect in the state of Kansas as of July 1st.

Previously there was an issue with identifying the parent who dropped off their child after one mother was sought because authorities thought she was in medical danger. The new law makes identification less of an issue except where abuse is suspected.

You can read the new law here. (PDF file)

Thanks to CW for the assist.

You can look here for your own state’s Safe Haven laws here.

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Reward doubled in Adam Herrman disappearance

Adam Herrman then and what he may look like now.

Adam Herrman then and what he may look like now.

Reward increases in search for Adam Herrman:

Reward in Adam Herrman case doubled to $100,000:

This Tuesday, July 1st, will mark the 15th anniversary since the disappearance of then 11-year-old Adam Herrman from the Butler County, Kansas home of his adoptive Breeders, Doug and Valerie Herrman. While Adam disappeared in 1999 his disappearance wasn’t reported to anyone until 2008. His adoptive Breeders were collecting the government benefits for Adam the entire time he was gone. They were both sentenced to less than a year in jail on fraud charges.

Just recently an anonymous donor doubled the reward for information leading to the discovery of Adam to $100,000.

Anyone with information about Adam’s whereabouts or his disappearance is asked to call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) or 316-322-4257.

If you were to ask my opinion I would reluctantly say that I think Adam is no longer with us. When this story first broke it was big time national news. If no one could find him then I think it’s very unlikely that he’s till alive. Even so Adam needs to come home and those who wronged him need to face justice.

Thanks to Denise for the tip.

Foster Breeder makes kids drink bleach to mask weed

Foster teen says she drank bleach to mask cannabis:


We’re all familiar with bleach right? The stuff that makes your clothes white even if they weren’t white before. The stuff that when mixed with ammonia makes chlorine gas. (Don’t ever mix those two.) Lastly and most importantly the stuff YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DRINK. Are we this dumb as a society that there are people out there that really think it’s ok to drink bleach let alone give it to their kids.

Apparently there is as we go to Bunker Hill, Kansas, where Pam Pertl is accused of making her foster kids drink milk that was laced with bleach. I guess it’s ok since wholesome milk was involved. Anyway, why did Ms. Pertl allegedly give the teens bleach and milk to drink. Why to mask their drug test results since she was allegedly smoking weed with her foster teens. Guess what, it didn’t work as they all failed the drug test.

I’ve been around enough burnouts to imagine how this happened. “Dude, this one guy told me that of you drink bleach you can pass a drug test. We should so try that.”

Talk about how harmless weed is all you want it’s still a crime in 48 states. Deal with it.

Here’s what to do in case someone were to drink bleach.

Thanks to Denise for the tip.

New age-progressed photo of Adam Herrman released

Adam Herrman - Age Progressed

Adam Herrman – Age Progressed

Butler County releases age progression picture of Adam Herrman:

For those of you not familiar with the story of Adam Herrman you can catch up by clicking here.

The abridged version is that Adam was last seen at age 11 in 1999 in Butler County, Kansas. His adoptive Breeders continued to collect government checks and Adam was not reported missing until 2008. (It’s been 6 years already?)

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office has released the above age progressed photo showing what Adam could possibly look like today.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Adam Joseph Herrman is asked to call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at 316-322-4257, CRIME TIPS at 1-866-484-5924 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 24-hour Hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

So far his adoptive Breeders have not been charged in his disappearance but have pleaded guilty to fraud.

Ruthie Bell “Allegedly” Leaves Kids Home Alone With A Lighter… And You Can Guess The Rest

Unrelated: Allegedly is a good word. I’m just sayin’. Remember, all these people are guilty until proven innocent, erm… Innocent until proven guilty. Though some work harder at proving their alleged innocence/guilt than others.

Note: Sources at the bottom. That’s just how I generally put blog posts together and if you don’t like that, let me know!

Warning: Angry Sarcasm Ahead.

It should be obvious not to leave young children at home without supervision. It should be even more obvious not to do so when said young children have access to something that they can use to make fire. But as we all know from reading this “Bad Breeders” blog, the obvious (not to mention common sense) concepts are not understood or are ignored by some people. In fact, they wouldn’t get those concepts if they were beaten in the face with them–or a brick, even. I like the brick idea.

Ruthie Lee Bell, 27, of Wichita, Kansas sits in jail now on a $75,000 bond for three counts of aggravated endangerment of a child. Now, I know that you’re wondering what the hell happened, but from not only my introduction, but the title of this post, you probably have a pretty solid idea of what came to be–but I’ll give you the details anyway. Nosy bastards. But that’s okay because I’m a nosy bastard too, else I would not have put this post together. So let me give you the timeline:

Ruthie Lee Bell

Ruthie Lee Bell

Thursday, July 11, 2013. Time: No Idea O’Clock

Ruthie leaves her home, leaving her three girls–ages 4, 6, and 7–hoe alone to do I-Couldn’t-Care-Less. Obviously it was so important that she couldn’t take the kids, and that it was worth risking their lives to go do whatever-the-frack she had to do. Probably grocery shopping. That sounds like something worth risking a child’s life over, right? Right?

Thursday, July 11, 2013: Time: Around 7pm

Ja’kara Tiora Lashon Dickson–the 6-year-old–was playing with a lighter that she managed to obtain. It is reported that she was in the bathroom, lighting some trash on fire. At some point, her clothing caught fire and she ran into a bedroom, removing her clothes and putting them on the bed. The bed caught fire and it quickly spread around the house. The smoke alarms went off. Luckily, neighbors heard the smoke alarms and came outside to see smoke coming from the house. 911 was called. Children could be heard screaming. When one tried to go through front door, it was locked so she went to the back and heard children screaming that they could not get out. Another neighbor said he heard terrible screams, and that one child was screaming about her sisters.

Firefighters showed up and got the children out of the house. Just as they were being loaded into ambulances, Ruthie arrived, driving through the front yards of neighbors and over a hose being used by the firefighters and got out of her vehicle screaming for her children. Why she was not arrested at that time is not known. She was arrested for unrelated charges along with child abandonment between July 11 and July 21, but was released on bond.

Two children, the 4-year-old and 7-year-old were released from the hospital the night that they came in, one having minor injuries and the other not harmed at all. Ja’kara remained in the hospital in critical condition having suffered from severe burns. The two children that were released were released to protective police custody.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ja’kara died from her injuries and burns.

Ja'kara Tloria Lashon Dickson

Ja’kara Tloria Lashon Dickson

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A third child, a one-year-old boy, is removed from Ruthie’s (the family’s) care in connection with the house fire. So that leaves three children in protective custody, and one child dead. This is just… Beyond sad. I hope the children stay safe.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ruthie Bell, who had been arrested prior and was released on bond, was again arrested–this time charged with three counts of child endangerment and has a bond of $75,000.

Edit/Update: Thanks to “LoveMybabies” for sending a picture of a source for Ruthie Lee Bell’s photo to be added!

A child is dead because of Ruthie Lee Bell’s actions. And while I truly think that this was not intended–was an accident, the fact is that Ruthie left these children at home with no one old enough to supervise them. I am (obviously) angry. She didn’t ask a neighbor to watch her children while she went to do whatever-the-hell-she-did. She didn’t get anyone to do that. And as if that wasn’t bad enough (and might not necessarily be so bad if this next fact didn’t exist), she did not remove any and all lighters from the access of these children. What else, I wonder, did these children have access to? So much was on Ruthie’s shoulders regarding prevention of this tragedy, and she neglected to prevent it. Surely she knew there was a lighter in the house? Regardless, the point still stands that one shouldn’t leave young children home alone without adult or responsible supervision (I add that last bit because a 16-year-old, as an example,  isn’t an adult, but could still be responsible supervision of the young children).

And this isn’t the only case in which she got in trouble regarding the welfare of her children. In 2010 she was pulled over for driving with a suspended license and also ticketed for a child not wearing a seat belt.

I am thankful for the neighbors though, who heard the smoke alarm going off and saw the smoke and called 911. One of the first ones to notice mentioned that it was lucky that she was able to hear it, as she was downstairs in her home with the T.V. on and it was a very faint sound from where she was. But she is thankful, as I am, that she was able to hear it. This situation could have ended with even more tragedy. All of the children could have died.

Rest in peace, Ja’kara.

Edit: Here is a picture of the inmate information and charges since the link will no longer work once she is not in the Sedgewick County Jail. If I use jail info sources again, I’ll try to remember to post a screencap since it will change/no longer exist after a while.

Update July 24, 2013: KAKE News (source 13) reports that in Ruthie’s first court appearance on Tuesday July 23, she is facing 2 counts of Aggravated Endangering a Child, and is sitting with a $100,000 bond. Her next court appearance will be August 6.

Sedgwick County Inmate Booking Info Ruthie Lee Bell Arrested 2013.07.22

Sedgwick County Inmate Booking Info Ruthie Lee Bell Arrested 2013.07.22

The three girls that were in the home.

The three girls that were in the home.


All four of Ruthie’s children.

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Clayden’s Injuries Were “The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Seen In My Life” Says Pediatric Surgeon

(Sources posted at the end of this article)

This is a particularly sad post. While I pride myself in trying to lighten things, provide humor, or just having sarcastic relief, this is not possible in this post. There is no joy. All I have is anger and sadness. This happened in my home town in Kansas, and one of the murderers of this child was in my high school graduating class. I had a feeling then that she wouldn’t be the most successful person in the world, but what was to come just one year after graduation was far worse than anything I could have imagined.

Here is little Clayden, happy as can be.

Here is little Clayden, happy as can be.

Let me introduce you to Clayden Lee Urbanek. He is–was–a fourteen-month old healthy little boy, whom his family cherished. He was nicknamed “Clay Baby”, and his father (Jorden Urbanek) said that Clayden’s coming into the world made his life better, happier. He loved his little boy. But after he and Clayden’s mother, Brittney Betzold, broke up when Clayden was around 6 months old, Jorden only got to see his son on the weekends. When he was with his son, he’d take him on trips and Jorden worked on cars and said that Clayden seemed to be interested in that. Sometimes, Clayden would go “vroom vroom”, Jorden reminisced.

September 25, 2011 was the last day that Jorden Urbanek would see his son smiling, happy, healthy, and unharmed. On September 30, when he got to see Clayden, Clayden had a gauze on his foot and Brittney told him that a knife had fallen and landed on his foot. Perhaps it was because there was little or no abuse prior, that this did not arouse suspicion. Later, Brittney would tell an officer that saw the gauze pad on his foot that she and her son were “playing mummy.”

This is Jorden and Marley, the 6-week old Belgian puppy that he got for Clayden.

This is Jorden and Marley, the 6-week old Belgian puppy that he got for Clayden.

In anticipation for Clayden’s next visit, Jorden got a 6-week old Belgian shepherd puppy for Clayden and couldn’t wait to introduce Marley (the puppy) to Clayden. But Clayden Lee Urbanek would never get the chance to meet Marley.

The next weekend, when Jorden was supposed to have Clayden over, Brittney told him that the child would not be visiting him that weekend because he was staying with an aunt. And there was very little contact between the two during this time, which wasn’t all that unusual. Brittney was working at a local factory and was working many hours. She and Clayden were living with her boyfriend, Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown and Brittney Betzold

Antonio Brown and Brittney Betzold

October 4, 2011. Paramedics rush to the home of Brittney and Antonio after Brittney calls 911 in hysterics. When the ambulance arrived, Clayden was lying on the floor, pale and cold to the touch. He was rushed to the Salina hospital, but then transferred to a larger hospital in Wichita, and it was there, on that very day, that Clayden Lee Urbanek died.

What happened? Clayden had so many injuries to his small body. There was so much bruising all over his body that had to have taken place over the span of days–during the time that no other family members knew what was going on or had contact with Brittney. Medical professionals described Clayden’s injuries as the worst that they had ever personally seen regarding child abuse cases. Some of the bruising that he had was caused by enough force that it would have been similar to Clayden having been in a car accident–and he never was. A pediatric surgeon said that the extent of Clayden’s injuries was so severe that even none of the surgeons had seen anything like it.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life”, said one pediatric surgeon.

And emergency surgery had to be performed on Clayden’s distended abdomen (caused by something being knocked against it and/or Clayden being kicked–it was estimated to be about 10 blows/kicks), and 12 inches of his intestines had died and had to be removed. There were also three other internal tears causing significant bleeding that had to be repaired. Despite resuscitation attempts, he died a mere 45 minutes after the surgery. And though the abdominal injuries that little Clayden suffered were the ultimate cause of death, his entire body was covered in deep bruises and scrapes. It was reported that the bruises on his buttocs were a deep purple, and then turned black and there was visible tissue damage around one inch deep.

In just a few short days (the more serious injuries happening within 24 hours of his death), Clayden suffered at least 60 bruises/scrapes on his head and neck (12 being on his scalp), 26 external injuries to his abdomen/torso and then another 20 injuries on his limbs. This was reported by the person who performed the autopsy on Clayden, and she admits that this is a conservative (small) estimate as there were so many injuries to this poor child.

Both Brittney and Antonio were arrested and tried for murder in the first degree, along with a slew of other charges, such as child endangerment and failing to protect the child.

They day that Clayden died, Antonio Brown called Jorden Urbanek and told him to go to the hospital because something bad had happened and he told Jorden that he loved Clayden and never and would never hit him. But all of the facts say otherwise. He is currently awaiting sentencing after having escaped the Saline County jail for a few days before being apprehended and is facing a charge for that as well. I can only hope that he never gets out of prison. As for Brittney, she was sentenced to 13 years for second-degree murder rather than first-degree murder. 13 years for helping to destroy her own flesh and blood, ripping apart a family, and denying her child all of the experiences that he will never have–graduation, first date, maybe even marriage and children. Clayden will never have these experiences. His last days in this life were Hell on Earth, caused by those who were supposed to protect and love him most.

Rest in peace, dear Clayden Lee Urbanek.

Clayden Lee Urbanek

Clayden Lee Urbanek


 Photos of Clayden Lee Urbanek
Best Memory: His Smile – Salina.com
Salina Woman Sentenced in Young Son’s Death – KAKE News
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Salina Infant Had No Food Or Electricity Before Death – KWCH News
Clayden Lee Urbanek’s Obituary
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KCK Psycho-mommy flips her shit

***Special thanks to Warrior Artemis for the write up***

Johnna Green

Johnna Green

KCK mom charged in daughters’ near-drownings:

Mom in court, custody hearing for children who nearly drowned:

I remember back in the day being taught by my dick-head cousins how to swim, they tossed me in the fricken water then pulled me out when I appeared unable to breathe, however I did learn to swim and I don’t hate them but…I do remember it being one of the most terrifying experiences, being unable to do something so simple and natural, considering breathing above water comes without thinking to most people. Therefore when I read a story like the one I am about to write about I cringe because I cannot imagine how such tiny girls felt while being held under water to the brink of death by the one person that should love them unconditionally. Without further ado I bring you psycho-mommy (PM) Johnna Green hailing from Kansas City, Kansas a 23-year-old mother of two little girls who tried to end their life.

The little girls ages 1 and 4 years old were apparently held underwater until they became unresponsive then PM called the police to report her daughters’ being unresponsive, I suppose she thought they were little guppies? I’m not sure what the method was to her dumbassery other than the fact that she must be batshit crazy. According to reports PM had no prior run-ins with the law nor were the children on the radar for Child Protective Services, neighbors described PM as always being friendly and nice with her little girls thus leaving authorities to blame her actions on stress. Now, I know stress can be a bitch I have 3 kids that drive me nuts but never once did I say you know I think I will hold my kids under water so I can get some peace and quiet…no I send their asses to bed when they are making me lose my mind or if they burn up my time I burn up theirs with mundane tasks.

The little girls are still at the hospital in critical condition in protective custody. PM is still cooling her heels in jail with a 1,000,000 dollar bond, let’s hope no one will lay down that much for this psycho cow to wreak more havoc. During the hearing the little girl’s distraught father commented that the information in the case is sparse and no one is allowed any information due to the nature of the crime. God willing the father gets custody of these girls and keeps psycho-bitch mommy far, far away from them and that the little girls fully recover with no memory of what PM did to them.

A Literally “Stunning” Case Of Child Abuse

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Kansas fugitives and a mother arrested in child torture.

In this day and age, with all this news of missing, abused and murdered children that bombards us all on a daily basis, I find that happy endings in these cases are few and far between. While this case doesn’t exactly have a happily-ever-after finale, I think it has a pretty hopeful one when it comes to getting justice for the little victims of bad breeders. Let’s get to the bad before I give you the good…

23-year-old Alisha Maria Mendoza was blessed with the ability to give life and birthed 3 children, who are now ages 6, 3 and 1 ½. For whatever reason, Mendoza gave up custody of her youngest child to child protection officials, but maintained visitation. She even brought along her two older children for the visits and it was one visit in particular that did Mendoza in and brought to light the heinous abuse being inflicted up her two older children. While on this visit, the Children and Family Services personnel noticed the 3-year-old child had visible bruises and burn marks, so then and there, they took the other two children into protective custody as well. The children were then examined by a forensics pediatrician and interviewed, at which point, the doctor and investigators determined that the burn marks were inflicted using an electronic stun gun.

Now, you’re probably wondering what kind of gutless and repugnant shit stain would take a stun gun to a child. Right? Well, in this case, it wasn’t the mother, but she’s not in the clear either. You see, Miss Mendoza allowed brothers Louie Montenegro, 20, and Robert Montenegro, 19, to torture her two young children and utterly failed them. She basically refused to do her motherly duty and helped these two dickless Neanderthals make her children victims by standing idly by while they hurt her babies. Not only does that make her a cuntasaurus, but with her inaction and failure to protect the lives she brought into the world, it also throws her into the ranks of other maternal failures and requires she be stripped of ever being referred to as a mother. It’s also earned her some charges of her own and a jail stay, with her bail set at $800,000.

And that brings us back to the douchetastic duo of Louie and Robert Montenegro, who are being held without bail for investigation of torture and inflicting corporal punishment or injury on a child resulting in traumatic conditions. The brotherly boneheads were arrested on May 22nd and it’s been discovered the pair are wanted in Kansas on fugitive warrants. There’s no information on why they’re wanted in Kansas or what exactly their relationship with Miss Mendoza is, but at least they’re locked up and the only stun guns they’ll have contact with are the ones they’re at the business end of. And that, my fellow Bad Breeder Readers, is the good news at the end of this terrible tale of parental failure.

Reader Carmen is due a heaping helping of Thank You for the tip to this story. Merci Beaucoup.

***Special thanks to Boo Boo Kitty for the write-up.***


When Threesomes Go Wrong

Kahler blamed-divorce on wife’s lover

Jurors told Kahler’s blood at scene

Kahler defense focuses on mental struggles

Stories of abuse take larger role in Kahler trial testimony

Deputies detail capture of Kraig Kahler

DNA, bloodstain and firearms examiners’ evidence places Kahler at shootings

So it’s your typical love story – boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy introduces girl to female trainer with the ultimate plan of one day joining in for some hot threesome fun.  Everything’s going as planned until the mean bitches refuse to let you participate and your wife decides to leave you for her lesbian lover.  Holy girl-on-girl action Batman!  What to do?  Well readers, the solution is simple – load up your rifle and shoot every person in your family that has a vagina, including your wife’s grandma lest she engage in some lesbian lovin’ at the nursing home.  At least, that was James Kraig Kahler’s alleged solution.

Mr. Kahler, shown in the flattering picture above absolutely NOT looking like a raging psychopath, is charged with allegedly shooting and killing his wife, Karen Kahler, 44, daughters Emily, 18, and Lauren, 16, and Karen Kahler’s grandmother, Dorothy Wight, 89.  Mr. Lesbian Hating Douchebag did miss killing his only son in the bloodbath and the boy, now 12, has testified that he witnessed his father shooting his mother.  In an insult to nutbags everywhere, Douchebag’s attorney has decided to use the ol’ I’m-the-mayor-of-crazytown-and-can’t-be-held-responsible defense.  In keeping with said defense, Douchebag’s brother and father have piped up about his depression, hallucinations and his suggesting that he would “go out in a blaze of glory.”  I don’t know about you folks, but I’m pretty sure Webster’s definition of “going out in a blaze of glory” includes losing your wife to her lover then gunning down her and your teenage daughters down while your son watches.  A+ parenting right there!

If convicted, Ole Douchebag McCrazypants could face the death penalty.  Ironically enough, if convicted, Douchebag also would have a guaranteed for himself several years of pillow talks, long, romantic walks around the yard, and same-sex lovin’ (translation – violent ass raping) by whichever member of the Aryan brotherhood owns him.  Just remember to keep chanting “blaze of glory” while you bend over, ass hat!

Abuse death in Newton, Kan.

Mother of Newton toddler who died is charged:

20-year-old Katheryn Nycole Dale and her 26-year-old penis, Chad Carr, have been arrested in Newton, KS for the abuse death of her son, 19-month-old Vincent Hill.

Among them were “terrible cuts” on the inside of the boy’s mouth, fingernails that had been ripped out, a leg that was twisted in an unnatural position, a fractured collar bone, and an eye swollen shut, Yoder said. Evidence shows that the injuries “didn’t just start recently,” he said.

To make matters worse the egg donor and the penis had only been together for 4 months. How does one go into this form of abuse in a span of four months. Or were they both child abusers before that?

Thanks to Cara for the tip.