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Katherine Barstis does “things” when she gets “mad”

Mother arrested for allegedly breaking newborns bones

Mother accused of breaking baby’s leg maintains innocence

A Fort Myers, Florida mother has been arrested for breaking her newborn son’s bones.

Baby Breaker


A nurse overheard her say that she does “things” when she gets “mad”. 

The baby’s father told officers that he noticed the baby’s leg looked funny and that the baby was crying more then usual. After x-rays came back, doctors found multiple fractures in the tibia and femur all leading them to believe the injuries were intentional. 

Katherine Barstis, 21, is being charged with child abuse. 

And you know she saying the accusations against her are false! I even willing to bet someone shows up to defend her too. 

Anyone want to volunteer to slap the smirk of this Bitch’s face?

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