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Mom Convicted of Killing Baby Released on Bail Pending Appeal

Katrina EffertHot tipper Tanya was outraged by the following article about 20-year-old Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta (Canada). Effert has already been convicted of murdering her newborn son Rodney by suffocating him with a towel and a pair of her thong underwear, the end result of a desperate bid to keep her pregnancy and birth a secret from her parents. Now, citing a defense of “arguable merit” brought up during her appeals filing, Alberta Court of Appeal Justice Ronald Berger has granted Effert bail while her appeal is considered.

What are these supposed grounds for freeing Effert without a cash bond? The defense argues that a murder verdict is unreasonable, and that the former salon co-owner shouldn’t serve an extreme jail sentence. But prosecutors rightly retort that Effert is at the least guilty of infanticide and/or manslaughter. In Canada, infanticide is a lesser crime than murder, and carries a maximum prison sentence of five years. In other words, if the murder conviction is tossed, Effert could serve a light sentence and be back on the streets. It’ll all come down to whether the appeals court believes she just wanted to make her newborn stop crying, or whether she wanted him to stop crying for good. Either way, I can’t see imposing a sentence of anything less than a minimum of 10 years for murdering your own baby.

Effert has been profiled on MyDeathSpace, which gives some additional details around the young mom and her murder. Her MySpace profile, which was last used five months ago, bears a picture of the ex-mom in a bikini alongside the quote, “safe sex give yourself a hand”. You think it ever occurred to Effert that, in light of the events of the past year, this isn’t very funny?