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Jennifer Banks gave her daughter “love taps”


Mom says she gave daughter “love taps”

Jennifer Banks, 20, and her “friend”, 28-year-old Kenon Pack are behind bars facing charges of child abuse.

A teacher at the 5-year-ols girls school noticed she could barely walk. She had bruises, lacerations and a swollen left leg. The principal called police and she was taken to the hospital.

Get this…

According to the court documents, when asked what happened, the little girl said, “she was whipped by her mother, Jennifer Banks… everyday with a belt and a wooden ruler.”

Police say banks blamed the abuse on her friend Kenon Pack for “whooping the victim.”

When questioned, she says she gave her daughter “love taps”.

Pack told investigators, “they both discipline the girl with a belt and a wooden paddle and they hit her on her legs and buttocks.

Banks has been locked up on a %50k bond and pack on a $150K bond.

Hopefully they both A “whoopin” themselves!

Thanks go to Megan who is so grateful that her mother didn’t love her this much!

Me too!