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5 year old boy shoots and kills his sister…after his parents give him his “first rifle”

Coroner: Boy, 5, Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister in Ky.

Kentucky girl, 2, shot dead by brother, 5, who was playing with gun he’d been given as a gift

US boy shoots two-year-old sister dead


They look like fucking toys!!

A 5 year old boy has shot his baby sister dead, after his hick parents not only bought him a rifle, but also failed to unload it and secure it. This happened in Kentucky, by the way.

The little boy, named Kristian, was playing with the rifle while his redneck breeder Stephanie Sparks was cleaning the kitchen. While she was out on the porch, she heard the gun go off. She went inside and found her 2 year old daughter Caroline had been shot in the chest. The little girl was rushed to Cumberland hospital, but died from the wound.

The gun in question was a 0.22 calibre Crickett rifle, marketed by Keystone Sporting Arms as “My First Rifle”. KSA is all about safety and enjoyment of hunting and shooting. They also market little hi-vis vests, helmets and safety goggles. The rifle was being “stored” in the corner of the mobile home that the family lived in. The hick breeders hadn’t realised that there was a shell remaining inside the weapon.

Now I don’t know much about guns. Australia has severe gun laws and the whole American gun culture is just so alien to me. But I do know the basics. That gun was not secured properly, it was left in the fucking corner of their trailer! And the little boy was not properly taught about guns i.e. always assume any weapon is loaded, never point a gun at someone, and that dead is dead. But all of that inbreeding must have bred out commonsense. I don’t know why these hicks haven’t been selected against. One day, she’ll catch up with these sins against nature.

Not only are the breeders stupid rednecks, but the KY coroner must be the king of the hicks! He’s ruled the shooting as an accident and shrugged off the shooting as “just one of those crazy accidents”. Now you see here, you inbred banjo-twanging bumpkin. There are no “accidents” when it comes to guns. Someone has to pull the trigger or in this case, they left the gun accessible to the uneducated child. You’re just as bad as the hick breeders. A police trooper has said that it’s too early to say whether charges will be laid against the parents. Here, let me help you out. Failure to secure a firearm. Negligence resulting in death. Possibly possessing an unregistered firearm.

Rest in peace, little Caroline. Somehow, let your big bro know that your death wasn’t his fault. It was the fault of your inbred hick breeders who don’t know how to act around guns.

Toddler Accidentally Shot.JPEG-0fb23

Cue “Duelling Banjos”…

Toddler put in deep freezer by bad boyfriend

Child beaten and locked in freezer

Toddler put in deep freezer, parents arrested

Yet again, we have another story of a bad boyfriend trying to kill his girlfriend’s child to bring her back into heat. I’m sure we need Sir David Attenborough to narrate these stories, because animals in the wild behave like this. Most of them are also not choosy about mating with first and second degree relatives. This tale of deep freezers, trailer homes and slight inbrededness comes to us from Harlan, Kentucky.

Randy Hammond (24 and what a name LOL) put his girlfriend’s 3 year old son in a deep freezer, then sat on the lid and wouldn’t let him out. The kid was in there for 20 minutes! The reason for this cold treatment? The kid wouldn’t stop crying! The little boy was also beaten, and when the police rocked up to the trailer home (what else would they live in?), the kid had bruising and swellings all over him. The police discovered that Rotten Randy had tried to cover up the boy’s injuries with makeup. The little boy was taken to Harlan hospital with head injuries.

The boy’s cousin, Portia Bearden (who is also commonly known as the boy’s grandma or aunt) said that it made her cry every time she thought about it. She also revealed that Rotten Randy bit the boy on the face, picked him up by his face, hit him and hung him upside down in the doorway. Aunty Grandma-Cousin had rang CPS many a time to report the abuse at the hands of the bad bumpkin boyfriend. She also said that the little boy used to be really happy, but then became too scared to even move because of Rotten Randy’s abuse. So sad!

The child’s grandmother Connie Jenkins (who is also reported as being his mother) told police that she knew that Rotten Randy was hurting the boy but she stood by and did nothing to help the kid. Of course not. Probably never occurred to her inbred brain that child abuse is wrong and that if you allow someone to abuse a child, you might as well have done it yourself. It’s likely that Granny Mama didn’t give birth to the boy because she’s 55 years old! So where’s the boy’s real mother? News reports don’t say. They only mention Rotten Randy as being the mother’s boyfriend or that Granny Mama is the kid’s mother. Which even if her reproductive system did have a last hurrah, Rotten Randy would be her boy toy! Ack!

Rotten Randy has been charged with attempted murder and criminal abuse in the first degree. Granny Mama (aka Connie Jenkins) has been charged with criminal abuse in the first degree. The little boy’s 5 other siblings have been removed from the trailer and will be interviewed as part of the police investigation. Of course Rotten Randy and Granny Mama have declined interviews with the media. Aunty Granny-Cousin aka Portia Bearsden will be fighting to get custody of the 6 kids.

There is a mugshot of Rotten Randy in a video in one of the articles. I’ve noticed that all these bad boyfriends featured on the blog have a nasty look upon their unfortunate visages. How come the desperate sluts that stay with them can’t see that there’s something not quite right about them? Do they ignore the warning signs that clearly say “Do not touch” because they’re desperately lonely? We could debate this on a whole new thread.

 Court Date Set For Man Accused Of Putting Child In Freezer

What a cute little boy!




Burnout Breeders boast buds with blow-ups of baby

‘Crazy Grandma’ Beth Hensley. (Take in the scenery.)

Toddlers photographed with pot:

Mother arrested after baby, child photographed with drugs:

Deputies: Ky. family had photos printed of toddlers with pot:

Let me set the scene for you. In Leslie County, Kentucky police arrested 53-year-old grandmother Beth Hensley and her daughter Tracey Hensley. The younger Hensley is mother to five children ranging in ages from 1 to 7. Allegedly someone in the Hensley ‘household’ thought it would be funny to take pictures of the kids with decent sized buds of weed and some joints. Police were notified when someone at the local drug store noticed the pictures on the film that was developed at their store.

After police went to the domicile they say they confiscated 24 marijuana plants and a baggie of weed. Grandma Hensley was charged with drug trafficking while the younger Hensley was charged with child endangerment. Now before I go on my rant here’s one of the pictures in question.

Grandma Hensley says that the joints in some of the pictures, including one where an ‘adult’ appears to be trying to light it, were really just Prince Albert tobacco. Like that makes it better? She also says that the reason that she took the pictures was “It was just some to show them later on in a picture album how crazy their grandma was.” She must have had one hell of a scrapbook planned. Here’s the picture from when the meth lab blew up and killed your brother.

The only way this story could be any more trailerific if pit bulls were somehow involved. Who still uses film anyway?

So it was Prince Albert huh? I bet she wishes someone was letting her out of the can.

Thanks to Baroness and Jaime for the tips.

19 Children Left in Hell – Parents Went Out Of State

Mother arrested for leaving kids alone in hot Kentucky home 

Mother, Jackie Farah, charged after leaving 19 children in sweltering, filthy house

Police-Parents left 19 kids home alone with no food 

Good News or Bad News first?  *Flips a coin* Damn. Fine, Bad News it is.

Imagine the fun being one of six cousins going to Aunt Jackie and Uncle Joe’s house for the summer to spend time with thirteen other children that the two had from different relationships and decided to be a big family somewhat like the Brady Bunch.  Could be a lot of fun, right?

Yeah, but the Brady Bunch had a clean house, air conditioning, and food.  None of that was prevalent neither was Jackie Farah or Irving “Joe” Smith – the respective Aunt/Uncle these cousins were supposed to be visiting! Nope, the two *ahem* parents *ahem* had to leave out of state to Michigan for a family emergency….practically a week.  Car problems and such delayed their return. Can I get a “Bullshit!” please? Chances are they bit off more than they could chew and decided to go on a little ‘vay-cay’ of their own.

Yeah, during the heat wave in Bowling Green,Kentucky it got up to 101 degrees and there was no AC in that house.  Add to the fact none of the dogs are house broken – why would one of the room have an inch or more of feces in it? The smell of piss and shit would make the air hard to breathe on top of the stifling heat. I’ve watched Animal Cops retrieve critters in houses like that with respirators on and taking breaks to cool off OUTSIDE such conditions – I felt bad for them having to do the kitty/doggy round up in that. I’m infuriated that children had to be subjected to that!

No food in the house – the children had to go begging in the neighborhood at different times. Um, really how the hell do you have that many kids and invite more over long term without having food bought for that?  You got 19 kids ranging from babies to a teenager with no food…almost all of them are in the ‘vacuum’ appetite range to boot!

Good News – One neighbor, Annie Adams, call the cops to investigate the mess. She also noted how both parents never left for work either and there was always kids hanging around. Kids are taken to the hospital and are in custody of the State. Adams said that she’ll be moving out of fear of retribution from the Brady Bunch from Hell….

The bad auntie’s in the Big House with 14 charges of criminal abuse and five counts of wanton endangerment, no bail, but the bad uncle’s still at large.

Tip appreciation to Dee Turner. I scrounged up some additional links though.

Special thanks to Eccentric Lady for the write-up. 



Kentucky Breeders pimped out their teenage daughters

Couple charged with offering daughter for sexual favors:

Trial for couple accused of human trafficking delayed:

Ky. Couple Accused Of Trafficking Daughters For Sex:

As you can tell by the picture Ed and Bev Bighead up there are Anthony and Kathy Hart of Richmond, Kentucky. They’ve been charged with human trafficking for allegedly turning out their teenage daughters for prostitution. The Harts were arrested in December of 2010 and the trial is set to start this March.

According to reports the pair would go to local businesses and would ask men if they would like to ‘spend time’ with their 13 and 14-year-old daughters. The Breeders were first investigated when police found the two girls outside a movie theater dressed provocatively. The girls are said to have told police they would get gifts and money from men in exchange for sexual favors. The Breeders are also accused of taking pictures of the girls partially dressed. That’s important and I’ll tell you why.

While I can’t prove it and this is purely conjecture I can only think of one reason why they would take pictures of the girls like that. That’s so they could advertise them on the net on places like craigslist and backpage. I’m not going to get into why backpage and craigslist allow that. That’s for my other site. However I will say that both of those sites are prime territory for Breeders who are looking to turn out their kids. More than one person has been arrested for looking for ‘some time’ with someone’s kids.

I also wonder what the Breeders did with the money and gifts the girls got. Like most pimps I’m sure they kept it all for themselves and blew it on shit they didn’t need.

And to top it all off Anthony Hart had previously done time for trying to sell one of his daughters in a Wal-Mart parking lot back in 2001. How was this scumfuck even allowed to have any kids in his care after that?

I feel bad for these girls for having to be repeatedly raped by the pedophile johns at the urging of someone who is supposed to unconditionally love their children.

We have failed as a society.

Thanks to Diana for the tip.

“Out partying and having a big old time”

Couple devastated by death of toddler


On August 5th Kyle Clement sat in a Boyd County, KY courtroom listening to the judge reading an indictment against his stepdaughter, in his hands a photo of his wide-eyed granddaughter with thick black hair, Cally Erica Jobe.  Cally’s mother Lakyn Jobe (20) is appearing in court to face a charge of first degree criminal abuse in the May 3rd death of Cally.  Also charged is a male acquaintance, Brian “Trinity” Brewster, but Brewster was not in court, he’s a fugitive.  Yep, he beats a baby to death and then runs like the coward he is.

Cally Jobe just 16-months-old died on May 3rd, of what the M.E. described as “abusive closed head trauma.”

According to the Kentucky State Police investigation, Lakyn left Cally in the care of “acquaintance” Brian Brewster, and when she returned she found Cally unresponsive.  Cally was taken to Kings Daughter Medical Center and then flown t to Charleston Area Medical Center, where she would later succumb to her injuries.

But in reality the beating that took little Cally’s life was just one factor of her short life that is so disturbing.  For the first fourteen months of her life she lived with her mother, in her grandparents’, Kyle and Nici Clement, home.  When Lakyn got her own place she took Cally with her, a month and half later Cally was dead.  During the month and a half before she died Lakyn would frequently bring Cally to see her grandparents, where her grandmother would often notice signs that things weren’t right at the home that Lakyn, Cally, Brewster and another man shared.

Lakyn always had excuses to explain away her mother’s concerns, for example; when questioned regarding Cally’s obvious weight loss, Lakyn said she had just weaned the baby off the bottle and the pediatrician told her that was normal.  Nici says she will never get over the guilt she feels for not doing more to save her rapidly deteriorating granddaughter.  Cally weighed 17 pounds when she died, dangerously underweight, with more evidence of abuse than just head trauma.  Awww… poor baby, my heart breaks for her.

Nici says her daughter showed little to no remorse over Cally’s death, “out partying and having a big old time” in the months between Cally’s death and her arrest.  Um, can we say Casey Anthony?

Lakyn Jobe is in jail on felony charges of criminal abuse in the first degree, which carries a five to ten year prison term if convicted.

Brian “Trinity” Brewster is wanted on manslaughter in the first degree and a persistent felony offender in the first degree.  State Police say they do have leads to his whereabouts.


R.I.P. Cally, an angel taken way too soon.

New Treatment for a Gassy Baby—Benadryl and Soma?!?

Baby Overdoses:  Mother/Grandmother Charged

Mother/Grandmother Charged w/Manslaughter


Brain-Dead Bitches!!!

November 13th, 2010, a 911 call was made about an infant not breathing or moving.  5 month old Draven Stambaugh was pronounced dead at the scene by the County Corner.

On May 19th, 2011, 34 year old Heather Stambaugh and her mother 65 year old Alice Stambaugh were arrested on a charge of 2nd degree manslaughter.

It seems the final autopsy report classified the death an overdose of Benadryl and Soma.

The grand-bitch admits the baby had been given medicine for gas in the days before his death but says she never gave him Benadryl.  What about Soma?? “I helped take care of the baby, but I didn’t help hurt him,” says Alice Stambaugh, “The truth is I didn’t do it, and the truth is I never saw or heard anything that would tell me who did it.”

Grand-bitch has been released on a surety bond.  Bio-bitch is still in jail on a $10,000 bond.  Both face 5-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.


Rant On:

When did Benadryl become recommended for a baby that small???  Hell, since when did it become a treatment for gas?!?  And Soma???  Are you fucking kidding me?!?  I have to take muscle relaxers daily.  I’ve taken Soma once in my life; it wiped me out for 3 days!!!

What kind of brain dead idiot gives a 5 month old Soma?!?  Soma alone was a death sentence for this baby but they wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be disturbed by his pain so they added Benadryl to it!!!

The way the reports read it was the grand-bitch, the bio-bitch, and the baby living in the grandmother’s apartment, it’s inconceivable to me that this old biddy didn’t notice something was wrong with that baby!!! Innocent my ass!!

As for the worthless bio-bitch, sterilize the c*** before she goes to prison!!  If she’s stupid and selfish enough to give Soma and Benadryl to an infant she’s definitely too moronic to have a child!!!

Rant Over



Thanks to Angie for the tip.

Kentucky Toddlers Locked Out In The Storm!

White Left Her Children Outside In Severe Weather

Mom Locked Kids Outside

White’s Bond Set


This is your brain on drugs!!

Louisville police were called about 1 and 3 year old little girls who were found by a neighbor crying and alone.  They were evidently locked out of their home during severe storms.  There was a tornado watch that turned into a warning which meant there was a tornado spotted.

When the neighbor heard the cries and went across Central Avenue,  a known high traffic area that people speed on regularly, and knocked at the home of the toddlers, no one answered.  She took the girls back to her house bathed and fed them and called the police.

“The little girl, she said, ‘I want my mommy. I want my mommy,’ and I felt so bad,” Jones recalls. “Oh, that poor child.”

Just to give those of you who aren’t familiar with Kentucky weather a little back ground on it.  In my area, which is around 200 miles from Louisville, from the end of March until about the 3rd of April we had severe weather that whole week.  Now, Louisville is built on the river just like the town I live in.

In the spring when we get weather warnings it includes strong winds, hail, thunderstorms, tornados and flash flooding.  That week alone I saw golf ball size hail, microbursts that blew down parts my fence, and we had flooding and tornados.  That’s not mentioning the normal thunderstorms that pour down a cold, hard rain!  When this kind of weather hits I normally don’t leave the house!

“They were filthy, hungry and very scared,” said Louisville police spokeswoman Carey Klain, “We’re just fortunate we have neighbors who were paying attention and were able to assist and help these children to safety.”  “…it was stormy, rainy and dark. We were having tornado warnings. The lady was home asleep and had no idea where the children were,” said Klain.

When police arrived at the home they had a tough time getting an answer at the door.  23 year old Ashley White said she’d been sleeping and didn’t know the kids weren’t in the house. After talking with police a little bit longer she admitted to being addicted to the pain killer Opana (it seems to be the latest drug craze in Louisville click for more info) and said she needed help.

She was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.  She’s being held on $5000 bond.  Why the hell wasn’t she charged with neglect too?!?  Of course this is Kentucky, nothing should surprise me from here anymore!

The children were taken to the Home of the Innocents.


Rant On:

This stupid, druggie bitch locked her babies outside!  That in and of itself would have been bad enough, but they were having severe storms and tornados AND she lived on an extremely busy street.  What the fuck is wrong with these people?  I swear it should hurt to be that fucking stupid!!!

How is it you don’t know if your TODDLERS are in the house with you or not?!?  Stoned or not that’s fucking ridiculous!!  They are 1 and 3 years old.  They aren’t exactly quiet!!  Truth be told that’s probably why she locked them out!!  They were interrupting her high!  Fucking, worthless ass, gutter-slut!!!

She needs help alright but not the kind she’s going to get!!  You watch some bleeding heart fuck will get her off with rehab and parenting classes and those babies will be endangered once again!!

If they want to “help” her then fine treat the c*** BUT on the condition that she undergo sterilization and signs over all her parental rights to a responsible adult that will love and put those babies before anything or anyone!!

That’s what those kids deserve!  That’s what all kids deserve!!

The hero of this story is the neighbor!  In this day and time most neighbors turn a blind eye because they don’t want to get involved, only to talk to media after a tragedy has happened and say “I knew it!!”  Thank you for saving those babies and for giving me a little faith!

Rant Over


Thanks to all those that sent this one in.

A Bully's Guide to Handling a Whining Child

"I'm a Bully Bitch"


Man beat, bit, bound whining 4-year-old

The beast you see above is facing charges after his girlfriend says he bit, beat and bound her 4-year-old daughter.  What in the hell could she have done to deserve such treatment?  Well, she did what most girls at any age do she was whining. 

According to the Louisville, KY Police, Joseph Hawthorne has been charged with assault and carrying a concealed weapon.  After he struck the little girl and made her stand with soap in her mouth for whining.  When she resisted he apparently struck her with a baseball bat, bit her middle finger and bound her with a phone cord.  Gawd Damn! 

The girl’s mother called police.  When they arrested the douche bag, they found a large machete concealed under his driver’s seat.   Good for mommy, for acting and getting big fat bully up there arrested.

Now, I do have to say as a mother to a 3-year-old divalicious little angel, whining is something I am VERY familiar with.  Yes, I admit the sound of whining can get a little grating on a person’s nerves.  I do not think it warrants soap in the mouth, a baseball bat or be bound as way of breaking the habit. 

This guy is nothing more than a big fat bully, he is actually smiling in his mug shot, as if he is proud he can torment a little girl.  Me thinks, he’s a whiny bitch himself!

Thanks to Sarah T. for the tip.


I am the aunt of the girl and her daughter your info is wrong the little girl was whinning he did put soap in her mouth and made her stand in the corner with it in her mouth that fat ass smacked and bite this babies face he squeezed her so hard she had bruising on her stomach of his hand prints he smaked her on the legs with a phone cord and burnt her feet with cigarettes the mom was trying to get him off of her and she grabbed a ball bat he took it away from her and beat the mom with it he also smaked her with the phone cord he he held them in there apartment for two days cause he said he didn’t want anyone to see the baby because he wasn’t going to prison for this he took the mom to the plasma center so they could have some money she told the plasma center what happened and they contacted the police when he came back to puck her up the cops were waiting on him.

Cynthia Palmer's Excuse for Abuse–Bath Salts

Children Found on the Road

Police Think “Mom” Struck Toddler

Woman Struck Toddler with Stool Before Leaving Him on Highway


Garbage Can Junkie

Now, we always hear about meth and the hell it brings on the kids of the parents using it.  Not that it helps much, but at least meth is illegal.

It seems on February 28th, in Calvert City, Kentucky, my old stomping grounds, there was a 911 call made reporting two small children along the side of the interstate.  Police went to investigate the reports.  At about 10:30pm an officer came across 2 year old Jeremiah Austin Palmer lying in the passing lane with a serious head injury, he had a laceration to the back of his head.  About 50 yards away on the other side of the median they found 29 year old Cynthia Palmer and her 5 year old son Caleb.

When the officer talked to the whacked-out freak she informed him that she had snorted bath salts and had begun hallucinating while driving with her kids.  She then pulled over and picked them both up and was packing them across the road when she dropped the 2 year old and that was how he hit his head.  Of course there was no explanation as to why she walked off and left him lying in the passing lane on a dark frigging interstate!

The toddler was airlifted to Kosair’s in Louisville where he had to have surgery because part of his brain was exposed, Caleb was taken by CPS, and the drugged out bio-mom is charged with wanton endangerment, first-degree assault, public intoxication, aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.  No charge on possession of the drug itself because bath salts are legal!!

Out of curiosity I googled bath salts.  Evidently, it’s the latest craze on the drug scene.  It’s comparable to meth, only legal.  It’s known to cause hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rates and suicidal thoughts.  Just what we need, a legal way for people to act more moronic and scream the bath salts made me do it!!

If choosing to get high and drive with her babies wasn’t bad enough the police no longer believe she dropped little Austin.  The doctor told officers that the depth of Austin’s skull fractures indicated he had been hit on the head with a blunt object.  “She said this is not at all consistent with a child being dropped,” Officer Green testified.

The officers talked to Caleb about what happened and according to him the birth-vessel thought there was a bomb in the car and that’s why she pulled over.  He said he tried to tell her it wasn’t real…  How sad is it that the responsible, clear-thinking individual in this situation is 5 years old??  He’s raising his “mother”!!  Sadly, it looks like he’s used to this kind of shit from her!

Caleb also said that his mother thought Austin was a “demon” or “evil spirit” and that’s why she hit him.  He told officers that his mother hit his brother with a box-like object, like a chair that folds into a box.  Officers found 2 folding stools in the car.

Caleb also indicated Austin tried to follow his mother and brother away from the car, but collapsed in the passing lane.  Caleb tried to get him to stand up, Green said.  Austin couldn’t get up!  This druggie bitch continued walking a distance of 50 yards before sitting down on the other side of the interstate’s westbound lanes.

Austin is now out of the hospital and in foster care.  He’s walking and talking.  He has to have at least 1 more surgery.  Doctors say they may not know the extent of his neurological impairment for years.

Both boys are in foster care in Tennessee.


Rant On:

It never ceases to amaze me how some idiot can look at something and think “hrm… I wonder what would happen if I snorted/injected/ate that??”  I’m the first to admit I’m naïve when it comes to drugs and I don’t know anything about all the new crap out there.  When I first heard this story my thoughts were “Are you kidding me??  Bath Salts?!?”

This selfish, uncaring c*** wasn’t thinking of anything but her next high!!  I hope her rights to these boys are severed so she will never get the chance to harm them again!!  Drugged or not she seemed to come to herself rather quickly when the officers found her.  She said nothing of the car bomb or hitting a “demon”.  Seems she was to herself enough to know that if she said those things there would be problems!  Instead she had sense enough to come up with “I dropped him.”  Not that it did her any good!!

What saddens me is Caleb’s reaction!  He automatically went into caretaker mode…  First he was trying to talk sense into this half-witted addict and then tried to help his brother get up.  This little boy has grown up way to fast thanks to the piece of shit he was born to!!!  He had to be scared out of his mind as he watched that twit hit his brother with a stool because he was a “demon” or “evil spirit”!

Thankfully, Austin survived this trauma and hopefully will recover fully in spite of the bitch that birthed him!  I’ve read this family has had previous contact with Tennessee CPS.  It didn’t say what for though.  And where are the father/fathers of these boys??

Rant Over

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