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Baby kidnapped at knife-point by predatory sperm donor

Man suspected of kidnapping Sydney toddler named

Urgent search for baby boy abducted at knifepoint from Sydney home

Search for Zayden: father abducts son at knifepoint

Baby and 16-year-old mother abducted at knifepoint

Father abducts son at knifepoint from Sydney home

Police are frantically searching for a baby boy and his sperm donor after the he took the baby boy at knife point from his home in Sydney’s west.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and possible chimo.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and predator of young girls.

Looks like Casey's Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter

Looks like Casey’s Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter



Steven Hume (24) allegedly broke into the house on Kenthurst Place, Chester Hill about 8.30pm last night, and threatened the occupants with a knife. He then grabbed a 16 year old girl, Casey Mifsud and a baby boy, named Zayden (or Xayden), and threw them in the back of his black Toyota Camry, NSW number plate AN-22-XX. He punched Casey in the face and threw her out at Douglas Park around 10pm and kept driving with Zayden. The car was later found at 6.50am on Avon Dam Road, at Bargo, in the NSW Southern Highlands. It had crashed into a tree and there were no signs of the sperm donor or the baby anywhere near the car.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

Police are understandably worried for the welfare of Zayden. The sperm donor, not so much. They may have been injured in the crash. Presumably, they’re travelling on foot through the Southern Highlands. For those of you that don’t know, it’s the middle of winter here. The NSW Southern Highlands has extreme weather conditions and is very, very cold and windy at the moment. It can snow at any time of the year there. I was there not too long ago and it was absolutely freezing. If the stupid sperm donor doesn’t hand himself in, Zayden could possibly die from hypothermia there.

Steven Hume is described as being Caucasian, between 165-175cm tall, with brown hair and wearing a blue jumper and green track pants. He also has tattoos on his arms. If anyone has any information or may have seen the sperm donor, they must call 000.

A few articles state that Casey Mifsud, the 16 year old girl that the sperm donor kidnapped, was in fact the baby’s mother. I really hope not, otherwise we’re dealing with some less than stellar grandparents who let a 24 year old man hang around their 16 year old daughter and then let her have his baby. (Jeez, find someone your own age, chimo!) Abortion and contraception are cheap and widely available in Australia. Maybe the news just got it mixed up, and the girl’s older sister is the mother.

Marco Mifsud, Casey's grandfather, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Marco Mifsud, Casey’s father, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Seriously, Marco, as soon as you found out that this creep was hanging around your teenage daughter, you should have just blown the fucker’s head off with a shotgun. Save you the world of trouble.

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin'!

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin’!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!




Roller disco dropkick killed his kids because of a custody dispute

Divorced Briton admits killing children in France

Dad: I killed my two kids

Briton cuts his son and daughter’s throats at French apartment: Father due in court after fleeing scene on roller skates

The second storey flat where the children were killed.

The second storey flat where the children were killed.

Divorce is a thing. It happens all over the world. Most people just pick up and carry on with their lives after their marriage falls apart. But some people can’t handle it when things don’t go their way…

Julian Stevenson (47), from Britain, killed his children Mathew (10) and Carla (5) because he couldn’t get it together and his wife and mother of his children had divorced his loser arse and rightly kept the kids away from him. He considered the visitation conditions, that the court had set out, to be “insufficient”.

On Saturday afternoon, the useless crapwad had his first unsupervised visit with Carla and Mathew in his flat in Saint-Priest, a southeast suburb of Lyon, France. Their small bodies were found shortly afterwards, both with throats slit. When their maman came to collect them, she found her ex husband looking panicked and angry, according to a neighbour. The same neighbour told police that he was in the stairwell of the block of flats, covered in blood. Now here comes the funny bit amongst all of this sadness. The neighbour reported that the killer fled…on a pair of roller skates! Obviously the roller skates didn’t take him very far, because he was found that evening in Lyon’s 8th arrondissement. He was arrested and will face French prosecutors today.

The wife divorced the dropkick in 2010 because he was violent towards her. He was an alcoholic and was unemployed. Understandably, the wife was awarded custody with the dickhead having minimal contact with the kids. Investigators are eager to find out who in their right mind would award unsupervised visits to a violent and lazy drunk.

Rest in peace Carla and Mathew. Un souffle du ciel.

Son turns in father for rape of sister

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Wash. Deputies Rescue Rape Suspect From Fire

Father accused of raping daughter tries to kill himself in fire

Ok so first I am going to apologize for the lateness of this particular post.  I found several in February that I thought needed attention and unfortunately never got to them, but still had them in my BB folder.  I still think they are deserving of some shaming so here we go.

Back on February 16th Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies entered a mobile home in the early morning hours and arrested a knife wielding rape suspect who was holding a homemade flamethrower.  Flamethrower?? That’s a new one.  Ok, I know get on with it.

As I am sure you have figured out, if it is on BB, the rape suspect has to be a parent and the victim their child, and you would be correct.  In this case we have David Jewell a father of three children ages, 17, 15 and 11-years-old.  David’s 15-year-old son had called the police to the family’s trailer stating that the night before his father had raped his 11-year-old sister and was now threatening to commit suicide.  To bad he didn’t do it before he forced himself on his daughter and altered her life forever.   

Anyhow as police arrived they could hear screaming coming from inside the home and called inside to make contact with Jewell and attempt to talk him out.  Instead he sent out his three children and began to set the curtains, cabinets and blinds in the house on fire.  Jewell then began waving his flamethrower (aerosol can and lighter) at the police and picked up a knife.  He was promptly tasered (sp?), handcuffed and removed from the burning trailer.

It was determined that Jewell had consumed a large amount of painkillers and was transported to the hospital before being booked into jail.  The children were interviewed by sex crimes detectives and released to their grandparents.  Their mother is a long haul trucker.

What a hero this little girl’s big brother is, he will never know how brave he was turning in his father.

Everything’s going to be okay…..

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“Everything’s going to be okay”…..the last words Christopher Ezell, 35, said to his daughter after stabbing his step-daughter, and her half sister more than 20 times. OK, people, in what part of the known universe is stabbing a 14-year old girl EVER going to be OK? Even if she had lived it would not have been OK, but she didn’t live, which makes this all the more tragic.

Emonee Williams was stabbed over chores. Yes – you read it right – over chores and the murderer’s contention that the mother didn’t discipline Emonee well enough. I guess that taught her a lesson, huh? Now she will never have the chance to grow into a beautiful young woman, or have children of her own. Because some idiot thought stabbing her would teach her some respect.

The little sister, Jazmine, is believed to have seen part of the attack, and she most definitely saw the aftermath. She is also the one who called 911 for her sister, and gave them a description of her father after he ran from the scene. That took an amazing amount of courage on her part, to report her own father. She is the hero of this story. I guess the mom had taught her kids some values after all. The one lacking a moral compass in this horrible episode is Ezell.

The mother had asked him to leave the home, and when he didn’t, she left herself. While she was gone, Emonee told Ezell several times that her mother wanted him gone. I guess he didn’t like hearing that because he got a knife and proceeded to stab the child repeatedly. You can read the entire article here.

Thanks go out to Sarah for the tip on this story.

Fetch me a knife boy

Child gets knife for dad during attack:

Richard Powell of Austin, Texas was arrested for allegedly choking his girlfriend and threatening her with a knife during an argument. Reports say that he held the knife over his girlfriend saying that he could kill her at anytime.

What lands him here is that sometime during the argument he told his son to go get him a knife which his son did. I couldn’t find an article that gave the son’s age. Powell is 26. Let’s assume he was no younger than 18 when his son was born. That would make his son 8-years-old or younger.

So not only is Powell a bastard for beating his girlfriend and doing it in front of his son but he’s such a coward that he had to get his young son involved.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

A Slashed Throat and a Self-inflicted Stab Wound

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Tineka Johnson, 29, was tired of hearing her baby cry – so she cut his throat with a kitchen knife. She then stabbed herself in the leg. Well, at least she couldn’t run when the police came to arrest her. She has been charged with attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon.

While Rayshawn Lawrence is in a fight for his life, listed in serious condition, the egg donor is doing substantially better. Too bad she didn’t slice through her femoral artery and save the taxpayers the expense of a trial and an extended stay in the gray bar hotel.

Apparently they are already thinking of a good defense strategy. Can anyone guess? That’s right! She has a mental disorder and may have been off her meds. I don’t care if she WAS off her meds. That makes her even more culpable, in my opinion. She deliberately put her child in danger by refusing to take something that would keep her from nutting up.

Everybody sing with me, to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it…”:

If you’re crazy and you know it, take your meds.
If you’re crazy and you know it, take your meds.
If you’re crazy and you know it, and you love your baby, show it.
If you’re crazy and you know it, take your meds.

Flame me if you want, but I can make fun of people on meds, because I AM one. Being on meds does not make you a bad parent – refusing to take meds you need, does. People who quit taking their necessary prescriptions and then want to blame mental illness for their horrific actions need to be sterilized and caged. Administer their meds with a tranquilizer gun – they are little more than animals, in my book.

Thanks to LadyJade and Trench for the links.

Carol Lynn Pappas not guilty of fatally stabbing her granddaughter by reason of insanity.

Carol Lynn Pappas53-year old grandmother Carol Lynn Pappas was found not guilty on friday by reason of insanity.

In her sons home, after fatally stabbing her 21-month old granddaughter (Madison Pappas), she called 911 and told police, “I flipped … the baby was crying and I couldn’t handle it.”

Police arrived to find Carol Lynn Pappas, still covered in blood, and 8-inch knife along side of Madison Pappas who had been stabbed multiple times.

Authorites say Pappas told her son she had been receiveing “spiritual advice” from geese flying overhead. Pappas had also been in and out of hospitals for psychiatric care six times, in the same year, before the slaying.

Looking back, I believe this would have been a big clue not to leave “crazy mom” alone with your child.

Thanks to aetheria for sending this one in.