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Second Life players didn’t give their child a Second Chance

Second Life obsessed parents starve two-year-old child

Couple ‘living in fantasy world’ accused of starving girl

Parents ‘were so immersed in fantasy video game world where their avatars married and had jobs they let real-life daughter, 2, nearly starve to death’

Mark Knapp and Elizabeth Pester

This is the second story I’ve heard of parents neglecting their children in favour of Second Life. I saw a feature on Dr. Phil (back in my HSC days) on this game, with a 13 year old girl addicted to it. To me, it looks sort of like The Sims, only a bit more sophisticated. I don’t know much about the game, so I typed the term “Second Life” into (where I do all of my serious research) and got this:

“Second Life:

A game where desperate people with no lives or friends get to live out their dreams of social acceptance and sex. The vast majority of Second Life players are unattractive and socially awkward.”

Well, there you have it. Put that definition together with the mugshot and it explains a lot.

Mark Knapp (48) and his blushing bride Elizabeth Pester (33) stand accused of neglecting their 2 year old daughter in favour of looking after their Second Life avatars. The couple were charged with child neglect and abuse after it was found that their daughter only weighed 5.8 kg (13 lbs). She was rushed to hospital in a severe state of malnutrition. On top of being severely underweight, she couldn’t walk or talk, and the back of her head was flat.

When the cops came around to arrest the couple, they found them playing Second Life. Mark asked the officers whether they were here because their daughter had died. NO THEY WERE NOT! They should thank their fucking lucky stars that she wasn’t dead! They were so absorbed in their crappy little game that they didn’t even know their daughter was alive or dead.

The couple were known to authorities, with their daughter being taken away in 2012 for being underweight. She was returned (wtf?) on the condition that she was to be weighed weekly to ensure that she reached a healthy weight. The weigh-ins did not happen! Big fat FAIL.

Elizabeth allegedly rescheduled her daughter’s appointments and requested that the appointments be scheduled for the afternoon, citing that she worked as a DJ and needed her sleep in the mornings. The DJ gig, as it turns out, belongs to her Second Life avatar, DJ Syn. The immersion was that deep, she thought her avatar was actually her. She and Mark also had a virtual wedding and she shared pictures of it on her Facebook, saying


The silliness of this would be so funny, if a kid wasn’t near death due to the idiocy of her breeders. She actually tried to pass off Second Life as her own life?? Her real life must be so boring.

Here’s a picture of their avatars (for a comparison to their actual mugshots). The top one is from their fake wedding:

Alter-egos: In the online virtual world Second Life, Pester's blonde avatar (left) worked as a DJ, and the couple had a wedding

You’re kidding yourselves if you think you actually look like that.


Pester’s fake job as DJ Syn

The ghastly gamers are being held in Tulsa county jail on US$50, 000 each. And no, that’s not in Simoleons. Their little girl is still in a critical condition, trying to regain her real life.

Imagine how good this family could be living if Mark and Elizabeth put in as much effort into their real life as they did building up their Second Life avatars?

PS: If you get the chance, look up Second Life trolling videos on YouTube. These players go to pieces over nothing!

Queensland twins “intentionally” malnourished to death by breeders

Queensland couple ‘intended to kill toddlers’

Brisbane parents plead not guilty to murder after court told twin babies starved to death

A Brisbane couple stand accused of underfeeding their twin toddlers, keeping them in a dingy back room and not letting anyone see them until their 11 year old sister found their emaciated remains.

The bad breeders pleaded not guilty to murder in Brisbane’s Supreme Court on Wednesday. They pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but the Crown prosecutor refused to accept it.

The court was told that the 18 month old twins’ bodies were found by their 11 year old sister, together in the same cot, in a dingy bedroom of the family’s home in 2008. What a horrible thing for these murderous maggots to put their children through! Starving to death and being unable to get food, and then the poor girl finding the gruesome remains of her brother and sister – knowing full well that her so-called “parents” killed them. When the babies were found, they were so emaciated that they weighed as much a 3 or 4-month old baby when they were 18 months old!

The court heard that the direct cause of the twins’ death was malnutrition as a result of being underfed for a period of more than a month. They had been fed nothing but baby formula for a number of months, and then feedings became more and more sporadic until they died. There was suggestion that the toddlers had been fed but just not enough, meaning that the formula could have been watered down or that feedings were spaced too far apart.

The jury heard evidence that suggested the family were happy right up until they moved to a rental property in Sunnybank Hills in 2007.  The breeders became withdrawn from extended family and friends in early 2008, which was the last time anyone saw the twins alive. There was an apparent breakdown in the de-facto couple’s relationship, with the female breeder spending long hours in front of the computer and the male breeder hanging out in bars. The female was heard to have said that she wished she’d given the twins away multiple times. The couple had three other children apart from the twins and their 11 year old sister.

The prosecutor added that the female had failed to provide her babies with sufficient nutrition and the male had refused to do anything about it. The maliciousness of their actions was further amplified by the fact that they pleaded for manslaughter rather than murder, implying that they didn’t think their actions were wrong.

The trial is expected to run for 3 weeks, with the jury expected to hear from up to 103 witnesses, including the couple’s other children, extended family, neighbours and others who were in contact with the family. None of the extended family had bothered to call DOCS, even though they knew things weren’t right in that household. They should be rotting in a jail cell with the murderous breeders.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!! How do you just shut that bit out of your brain, the one that tells you “It’s wrong to not feed your babies just because your relationship isn’t great”? How did they not hear the babies’ screams of hunger? The bitch prevented other family members from going into that bedroom. Imagine the other kids hearing their baby siblings crying for food and the breeders telling them to ignore them. This is so so so sad, I’m just speechless and heartbroken for those twins and their siblings.

RIP little ones, together in life and together in heaven.

Really scary-looking people starve girl

Couple arrested after girl, 12, found weighing 44 pounds

Holy-moly! I don’t know which is which, but I’m guessing the one on the right might be female…

Looking at these mug-shots is frightening me. These are some seriously fucking scary looking people. I would lose my appetite if I had to eat near these people.

Despite the appearance of these people, the 12 year old girl in their “care” had a voracious appetite. Because Eugene Coleman (62) and the vaguely female-looking Joe Ann Coleman (57), of Columbia SC were starving her. The frightful fiends were arrested and charged with unlawful conduct towards a child. After a little chat over some tea and bickies with the po-po, it was found that the girl weighed 44 pounds (19.95kg) – about the same as a toddler. Fuck, I can carry that much in a backpack!! She was malnourished and severely underweight because Fat Blobby Joe and her skeletal scumbag weren’t feeding her enough. At 12 years old, most girls are going through puberty and restricting their diet can cause serious harm, especially if it delays menstruation. These idiots have a lot to answer for! Although I wonder if Fat Blobby Joe was doing the same to her husband, he looks a bit gaunt…

Under South Carolina Code of Law 63-5-70, “… it is unlawful for any person who has charge or custody of a child, is parent or guardian of a child, or who is responsible for the welfare of the child to place the child at unreasonable risk of harm affecting the child’s life, physical or mental health, or safety; or cause to be done unlawfully or maliciously any bodily harm to the child so that the life or health of the child is endangered or likely to be endangered.” Well, duh!!

The girl has been taken into emergency custody and is currently doing well in foster care. Goes to show that there are good foster carers out there and that fucktards like these terrifying twits and the others we read on BB are the anomaly rather than the norm.

 Thanks for the tip, Mandy! May you find the inner strength and peace that you deserve <3 Aussie


Another Epic CPS Fail Claims the Life of an Innocent Baby Boy

Authorities called weeks before 2-month-old baby was found dead

Mother ‘starved two-month-old son to death until he was mere skin and bones and living in a house unfit for human habitation’


Police arrested Bambi Glazebrook, 29,  a serial neglecter out of Indiana earlier this month after police found her 2 month old son, Phillip Robey dead in a dresser drawer. The house, not surprisingly, was deemed “deplorable” and “unfit for human habitation”.


Family members are taking Phillip’s death especially hard because they notified CPS (Child Protective Services) that the baby was being neglected weeks before he died.


Glazebrook’s cousin Martha Robinson is quoted as saying “I called CPS three times and I called the police twice to come out here and try to do something… I told them every time that it was a life and death situation… that if they did not do something that the child was going to die.”


Glazebrook is not a stranger to CPS. “She’s had CPS (Child Protective Services) in her life for seven years now,” said Amanda Robertson, another cousin to Glazebrook. Glazebrook has given birth to five children, three of which were removed from her home and adopted out. I don’t understand how this woman was allowed to keep this child? Was CPS not watching her? I would think that they would be keeping an extra careful eye given her past parenting fails.


Stephanie McFarland, spokesperson for DCS (Department of Child Services which looks over CPS) confirmed that a recent complaint was reported involving Glazebrook, but was not able to confirm any specific details of the case.  She is quoted as saying “DCS did receive a report recently and was working to locate the family so we could assess the child’s situation,”


Family members feel that Phillip was failed by the system. CPS was notified of the severity of his situation. The police were also notified, but aside from knocking on the door, nothing was done and now its too late.


Phillip was reported to be about 5 pounds at his time of death. His body was emaciated, he had sunken in cheeks and eyes. Martha Robertson said it was clear that the baby was not being taken care of and even urged Glazebrook to take the child to the hospital.


Bambi has been arrested and charged with murder and Neglect Resulting in Death. She has plead not guilty.


I want to thank Martha and Amanda Robertson for trying to save Phillip. There need to be more people like you.


Thanks go to everyone who sent this in.


***Speical thanks to Amanda for the write up.

R.I.P. Phillip

Tania Staker kept a House of Horror

House of Horror mastermind jailed for 10 years 

That's Hot

The Supreme Court of Australia jailed Tania Marie Staker, 36, for her role in the neglect of five children between February and June 2008. 

Three other men, including the children’s father, Luke Armistead (38), Michael Quinlivan (27) and Robert Armistead (41) were also sentenced to nine years each in prison.

Each of these adults inflicted a daily routine of punishment “beyond comprehension” on the five siblings.

The children were made to stand against the wall without moving from morning until night. Each were beaten, starved, choked and fed only scraps left over from the other 21 children in the house – WHAT? 21 other children?!

If you can find anything about what that’s all about, please update me. 

The House of Horros was investigated after a 5-year-old little bot had collapsed and was take to the hospital suffering from sever hypothermia.

Each of the other children had other injuries, scabies and suffered from malnutrition. 

Staker played a more significant role in the regime because of her jealousy of Luke Armistead’s former relationship with the children’s mother. This bitch wasn’t even the breeder – she just wanted the kids out of the way.

Staker, who pleaded guilty on the first day of the trial to two counts of endangering life and three counts of creating a risk of serious harm prior to trial, will be eligible for parole after serving six years and eight months.

Each of the men, who were found guilty of the same offences, will be eligible for parole after serving six years.

Prior to trial, the children’s mother pleaded guilty to the same charges. She gave evidence against the other adults and was jailed for six years with a non-parole period of three years and three months.

Thanks go to Allison for the tip.

Mom finishes the job dad started four years ago

concentration camp warden

Indiana woman charged with starving son
Courtney Tressler, Indiana Mom, Charged With Starving Disabled 4-Year-Old Son To Death
Ind. mom charged with starving 4-year-old to death

The sorry looking individual you see above is Courtney Tressler. This 25-year old birth vessel from Indiana starved her four year old son to death. But that’s not even the worst of it….her son was already physically and mentally handicapped from a beating given to him by his father when he was 2 months old. Yes, my friends, the beating by the father did not kill the baby, and it took the little witch 4 more years to finish the job. She chose one of the most painful ways to kill him, too. Starvation is a horrible way to die.

Her son, Payton Ettinger, weighed only 12 pounds when he died. When the boy was a year old, he weighed more than 16 pounds. You wouldn’t think that losing a pound a year was all that much of a loss, but you have to remember that this child should have grown more than a foot in height during those same three years. I have a 4 year old son. He weighs almost 40 pounds. He’s not fat, and he’s not particularly tall. He’s an average sized 4 year old. I can’t even imagine what he would look like if he weighed only one third of his current weight – nor do I want to imagine it. I would, however, like to see what Courtney would look like at one third of HER current weight. I hope she finds out what starvation feels like when she gets to the girls dorm at Camp Incarceration. I hope that the only thing the boss of the ward allows her to eat while she’s there is….well, you know what women like….

So, the sperm donor beat this poor child so badly that he’s been confined to a crib since then (for which he’s only serving 5 years, I think), and then the egg donor denies him one of the basic necessities of life. Now he’s dead.

The pathologist found that Payton had no food in his stomach or intestines when he died. His skin was stretched so tightly over his face that you could see the bones underneath. He had no fat on his body, and was suffering from “profound malnutrition”. I hear that’ll happen when you don’t feed your kid for a while – or ever. As shown in the lovely photo provided by law enforcement, SHE doesn’t appear to have missed many meals. Let’s hope that changes real soon.

Cuntney has already trotted out a few excuses for why her son hadn’t been to a doctor. Among those reasons are that she could not afford to take him to the doctor (but she took herself TWO times during the week her son starved to death). She also said she had applied for medicaid for her son TWICE, but the police say that’s a lie too.

Did I mention that this worthless excuse for a human has also remarried? The husband hasn’t been charged with anything yet, but I sincerely hope that changes. If he was living in the same house he should have seen what bad shape the child was in and reported the abuse. Instead, he is defending his coochie, saying that everybody is out to get his wife, and that she has done nothing wrong. Ummmmm……yeeeeeeah …….except starve her son to death. That’s all. Greg Tressler says his wife is completely innocent of all charges, and that she has been ‘traumatized’ by the allegations that she killed her son. Traumatized? TRAUMATIZED?!?! What the devil did she think her son was feeling as he slowly starved to death? Warm fuzzy thoughts? He’s a damn sight more traumatized than that witch will likely ever be. You can’t get more traumatized than DEAD. Greg also claims that this whole thing is just some kind of big misunderstanding. Hey, Greg…..a misunderstanding is when you buy Iceberg lettuce when your wife asked for romaine. Or when you ask for a Bud, but your wife hears spud, and brings you a bag of chips. Letting a four year old child die of starvation is not a misunderstanding – it is murder. I understand completely. The skanky ho was tired of the drain on her time and energy, and decided to get rid of him. I hope as part of her sentence, she has to have her ovaries removed. Without anesthetic.

Disposable Baby

Thanks Nikki for the tip.

krh3fn-babywebREAD IT HERE

Christain Woods here had 3 children – Myleahya, Mykayhala who were 18 month old twin girls and a 2 year-old boy named Jaterius.  Mykayhala and Jaterius are both hospitalized for malnutrition.  Little Myleahya didn’t make it.

Her 18 month old little body was thrown in the trash.

The birth vessel told authorities that the little girl dissapeard on Friday.  She explained she went to Mobile for the weekend and left the children alone.  Oh wait, even though there was no electricity or water, she did leave 6 servings of jello on the floor for the kids.

Of course the house weas a filthy hovel.

I’m thinking there isn’t a punishment severe enough for this waste of oxygen.

Go to your room…

Read It Here

And stay there for the next four years!?!

LaRhonda Marie McCall and a friend Steve Vern Hamilton have been arrested after a 14 year old boy (son of LaRhonda) showed up at the National Guard facility in Oklahoma City on Saturday.

The boy appeared malnourished and dirty with numerious scars on his body.

He told authorities he had escaped from his home where he had spent over four years locked in a bedroom closet.  He was wearing only a pair of over sized shorts held up by a belt.  He told police the scars on his body were from alcohol being poured on him and set on fire.  Other scars were from being tied up, hit with an extension cord and choked.

He has scars covering most of his body.

14 month old boy weights 13 pounds …

 Read It Here

When you think you’ve heard it and heard it and then you nearly vomit when you hear it again.

Rhandi Brown and her spermy whose name isn’t listed had a spat and Rhandi stabbed the dude.  When police arrived for the domestic violence call, they found the couple’s 14 month old son so stick skinny he could not hold his head up.

The couple saw no issue with their son and alleged they fed the child stage 3 baby food and ravioli and that even though the child was toothless, he would gum the food until he could swallow.  Authorities found NO food in the house and only 4 ounces of formula which the boy guzzled.

He was found in his crib with a bottle of curdled formula which he appeared to have consumed some of and vomited onto his bedding.  His diaper was so soiled that the officers were overwhelmed by the stench.

The icing on this crap cake, the spermy hasn’t been charged at all and the birth vessel is out on bail already.

Thankfully the boy is in foster care and beginning to thrive.  He is developmentally delayed due to the malnutrition and had apparently never seen a toy because he had no idea what to do with them.  They do believe he will recover.

60 lb. teen found in filthy RV

dballardAuthorities take injured, 60-pound teen from father in St. Bernard Parish:

60-pound teen removed from St. Bernard home:

Father arrested after 60 pound teen found injured in home:

What’s worse than getting evicted from a filthy trailer? How about getting evicted from a filthy RV? At least in a trailer you can take the wheels off. And it’s not like we’re talking about someone who was traveling the country either.

Anyway when police in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana went to serve an RV eviction notice on 30-year-old Daniel Ballard (pictured) they found his 14-year-old son who weighed only 60 pounds (27.2 kg) living in the RV.

The boy hadn’t been to school or a doctor in four years. Ballard allegedly claimed that the boy was being home schooled. More on that later.

The boy, Ballard and the boy’s mother lived in Ohio at one point but when they split Ballard went to Louisiana and the mother went to Arizona,. Then in 2005 the woman put the boy on a plane to go live with Ballard. She says she’s been trying to find the boy for a while.

Anyway about the home schooling thing. I have no problem with people who home school their kids as long as there is actually schooling going on. Too many asscrabs like Ballard use it as an excuse to abuse their kids. Much like the foster parenting program there’s too many scumbags who give the entire concept of it a bad name.

Thanks to Bridget, Lori and Marchelle for the tip.

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