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Babies should NOT be shaken or dropped!

Woman charged with repeatedly shaking and dropping boyfriend’s baby 

Woman abused boyfriend’s baby 

Woman charged in connect with the abused baby 

See that slag with the empty eyes?  Her name is Melissa Alexander, 27-years-old.  Matt Strickland met her just this past June.  They moved in together a few months ago along with his daughter, Jocilynn Graham – a 1 year old precious angel.

Matt was ordered to go to Louisiana on October 24th for training for overseas deployment.  He left Jocilynn with Melissa to care for her. He didn’t see any signs of abuse from Melissa as he watched her care for her own son who was 2 years old and his daughter. Matt never realized that it would be the last time he would hear his daughters laugh and have her run to him.

On November 9th the call was made that Jocilynn was unconscious and not breathing.  The slag reported that she heard a “thud” while putting on her makeup and discovered that Jocilynn had “fallen” off a loveseat.  Now, I don’t know about anyone else but I have seen toddlers do amazing acrobatics off my sofa and loveseat.  They have always remained breathing and conscious after it and climb right back up (after tears are wiped if necessary).  I think those pesky police feel the same way…they pressed her for the truth.  She finally admitted to abusing Jocilynn.

In the 16 days that the scumbag was in charge of the precious 1 year old she had: thrown a sippy cup at her with full force (an “8 or 9 out of a scale of 1-10), claimed that she almost dropped her in a parking lot and “caught her by the arm”, shook the baby and then “tossed” her on the couch, a few minutes later slag shook Jocilynn again because Jocilynn had fallen asleep.  The poor baby just couldn’t win with this slimy bitch…if she was acting like a 1 year old she was abused and if she was quiet and sleeping she was abused!! Scumbag told police that she shook Jocilynn “not that hard, like a 4. I’ve shaken my son harder.” When pressed by one detective, Alexander said she pushed Jocilynn backwards onto the floor while changing the toddler’s diaper. Alexander later told another detective that she let Jocilynn (who was wiggling and crying) fall while carrying her to change her diaper, according to the affidavit. The back of Jocilynn’s head hit the floor.

Of course as we all too often see here…..the story never quite matches up and is ever changing.  What we do know is that Jocilynn was hospitalized with life threatening injuries on November 9th.  Everything was done to save her but on December 7th her feeding tube was disconnected and she died peacefully in a Hospice Center on December 9th.

Here’s something scary: The abusing bitch was putting out posters offering to babysit at the apartment complex that she lived at.  According to the news reports she had been employed by some of the parents to take care of their children.  You people dodged a bullet there….it could have happened to YOUR child!!  Would you have handed $1,000,000 in unmarked bills to hold on for you for a few hours???  If you say no….then WTF are you doing handing over something far more valuable to her??  She had just moved into the complex….none of you knew her…and yet you hand over the most precious gift that you had been granted!!

Matt Strickland said that he didn’t see any “red flags” and that he had only observed her being a good mother to her own 2 year old son as well as Jocilynn. (Call me mean and ugly but I’m going to give you a news flash: Most abusers don’t abuse in front of people that can abuse them back!  The do it in secrecy!) I have all of the respect and admiration in the world for those serving in our military, but couldn’t you have found a family member that you actually knew to take care of little Jocilynn?

Melissa Alexander was originally arrested on suspicion of child abuse. Since Jocilynn succumbed to her injuries the charges have been upgraded to first degree murder.  Go Colorado!!!

**Thanks to MOTD for the amazing write-up.**

R.I.P. Jocilynn, fly with angels baby girl.