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Apparently, killing five children is not enough to warrant the title of “Monster”

Lawyer: Accused child killer being “portrayed like a monster”
Father who ‘killed his five children then bleached their bodies to hide stench

Murdering Monster

Timothy Ray Jones Jr., 32, of South Carolina, is being wrongfully portrayed as a ‘monster’ in the press, according to his attorney. According to this same attorney, all he really needs is a mental health evaluation. Pardon me while I puke.

This waste of oxygen killed his five children. The names and ages of these precious angels are: Merah, 8; Elias, 7; Nahtahn, 6; Gabriel, 2, and Elaine Marie, 1. While the article is unspecific about the exact cause of death, it did report that the children were killed “by violent means”. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, this worthless individual drove around with the dead bodies of his children, wrapped in trash bags, for several days. Through several states. And then dumped their tiny bodies on a rural hilltop in Alabama. It was reported that, at one point, Jones stopped at a donut shop for a coffee and six donuts. Did he think buying them donuts would bring the kids back to life? Sorry, monster daddy, it doesn’t work that way.

This monster killed his children, and he is upset that he is being portrayed as a monster in the press? Really? That came as a shock to him? How in the Sam Hades did he think he would be portrayed after killing five innocent children? As a saint? As a good father? How about as a murderous bastard? Does that sound better than ‘monster’?

The hired liar, oops, I meant to say his attorney, has said that he has been treated for mental health problems in the past, which tells me that they are likely planning an insanity defense. This man is not insane – he is vindictive. Plain mean. The article also mentions that he was upset because his wife slept with a neighbor. If I were the betting sort, I’d wager a significant amount on the likelihood that this depraved individual killed the kids to get back at Mommy. While I’m not condoning her actions, why did this worthless POS think that the children should pay for their mother’s infidelities? Perhaps the mother was beginning to recognize the ‘crazy’ signs, and wanted to be with a SANE individual for a change.

Think that’s bad? Wait! There’s more! This outstanding specimen of virility has a criminal record dating back to 2001 – when he was 19 years old. He was arrested for cocaine possession, auto theft, burglary and passing forged checks. What a catch, ladies! Isn’t this the kind of guy you want to father your children? Yeah, me neither. But apparently he found a woman who was willing to overlook his youthful indiscretions and give him a chance. Five chances. All of whom he later killed.

When Jones was apprehended, he was driving his SUV that, according to the arresting officer, smelled of death. The SUV contained blood, childrens’ clothes, maggots and BLEACH, with which he was apparently attempting to mask the odors of decomposition. Too bad he didn’t drink some of the bleach instead. The officers said he was also “high as a kite” on Spice, a synthetic form of marijuana.

Jones’ father, Timothy Jones, Sr., gave a statement to the press in which he referred to his son as a “very loving father, brother and son.” I don’t know about the ‘brother and son’ part, but I call BS on the ‘loving father’ description. Sorry, Sr., a loving father does not murder his children. Pick a different descriptor for your monster….ummmm…son, please.

In addition to the father’s statements, a couple of neighbors were also interviewed by the press. The Hyders, who lived next door when Jones and his wife were still married, indicated that they thought Jones was strange. His children were often dirty and disheveled, and in later months, very rarely seen outside at all. Apparently Jones had also been vaguely threatening on several occasions, and had once threatened to kill a dog owned by the Hyders. Mrs. Hyder said Jones was “a nut”. No! Ya think?

The mother of the children is said to be distraught over the deaths of her children, and rightfully so. I think she should be given a blowtorch, a claw hammer, and a taser – and fifteen minutes alone with Timothy in a police interrogation room. Oh, and full immunity for anything that happens during that fifteen minute span. We might not have to take this case to court after all.

What kind of sick do you have to be to think that killing your children is a solution to ANYTHING?!? I sincerely hope this guy gets the DP, and that it is mishandled like a couple of other recent cases, so that he suffers during his execution. I hope he suffers horribly.

He is currently awaiting transport to SC from Mississippi, where he will be formally charged. He is also on suicide watch. Great! Can I watch? Oh, wait, I was thinking of something else. If I were his guard, I would hand him a straight razor to shave with, and extra sheets to cover up with at night. Already torn into strips, to make the creation of a noose even easier for him. Plus an instruction sheet, outlining fifty ways to kill yourself in a jail cell. But that’s just me. I try to be helpful that way.
Merah, Elias, Nahtahn, Gabriel and Elaine. Precious babies, may you all sing and dance with the angels.

PS – Jerk-off Jones’ attorney has also said that Jones is ‘scared’ and wants someone to ‘guide him through the process.’ He should have considered how frightened his kids likely were as he was killing them. I bet they were freakin’ terrified. He doesn’t deserve to have someone to “guide him”, IMHO. Unless it’s to the electric chair – in that case, I volunteer to be his guide. Shoot, I’ll even flip the switch. No charge. And I’ll pay for the after-party as well.

Miss. Breeder charged with dumping newborn…again

Police release more details on abandoned baby:

Cora Lynn Watkins

Cora Lynn Watkins

25-year-old Cora Lynn Watkins has been arrested in Houston, Mississippi, for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby in a storage shed. She allegedly gave birth alone, left the baby wrapped in a blanket then returned to work. Luckily some children heard the baby crying. The article states that the kids got some family members but it’s unclear, to me at least, if they were Watkins’ family members. Either way the baby was taken to the hospital and at last report is doing well.

However this isn’t the first time that Watkins has done something like this. She was arrested back in 2010 for abandoning a baby at a Salvation Army. She received probation for that offense and was just released from probation last month. I doubt this time she’ll be so lucky.

It may have been a while since we discussed this but baby dumping like this is so unnecessary. All 50 states have Safe Haven laws where you can drop a newborn off safely with no questions asked. Specifically in Mississippi you can drop a newborn up to 3 days old at a hospital, adoption center, emergency room or EMS station.

Once again I have to ask are the safe haven laws so unknown that this keeps happening?

Thanks to Amy for the tip.

Total Miss in Mississippi

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Father charged in sexual abuse of toddler daughter

Father sexually abused 3-year-old daughter givers her STDs

Jake Jerome Bias is a child raping piece of shit who will only serve 15 years for what he did to his little girl. He will also have 3 years of probation and will now be registered as a low risk sex offender. Because of the nature of his crime he will also receive a cozy cell by himself. Now my thoughts of bubba taking care of him are completely shot to hell.
Unfortunately the girl’s mother seems to be the ONLY one who has the child’s best interest. We can only hope for the best.
Jake’s father Terry Banks had the nerve to say if his son did what he pleaded guilty to, he doesn’t believe he intentionally committed the crime. He said his son has a drinking habit.

“He has never done something like that,” Banks said. “I know he loved the child and kept the child all the time.”
In October the child’s mother took her 3 year old little girl to the hospital when she noticed a discharge from her vagina. The hospital determined that the little girl had Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. What the fuck.
Jake Bias, the father, was questioned and at first he claimed didn’t touch the child. He later changed his story to say that the little girl climbed on top of him and he accidentally penetrated her. That’s right; he claimed his 3 year old daughter had raped him.
He later said that he was drinking one night and mistook the little girl for an adult and raped her….. so he really meant to rape an adult? I guess this version is good enough since Jake seems to be incapable of telling the truth.
The mother of the child begged for a tougher sentence which the judge ignored. Jake will be out before the child turns 19. That makes me sick. The judge in this case is Tommie Green. I hope everyone writes judge a nice Thank you note for a job well done.
I have been searching somewhat and haven’t found what Jake was arrested for previously however he is referred to as a repeat offender. Yes this piece of shit has a criminal history. There are teenagers sitting in prison for life, rightfully so I will add, for a lesser crime. Yet a child raping worthless excuse for a human being like him, who shows intent and no remorse, will be out roaming around the streets in 15 years?? Bloody hell. They could have at least thrown him into General population!!
I am just going to add that Chlamydia can contribute to a host of health issues in adults with long term effects. Chlamydia can cause scarring, infertility as well as PID which is painful. If it is not treated quickly enough these health issues can typically last for the rest of your life. Who knows what effects this will have on a 3 year old’s little body. Disgusting.
I am just happy to hear for once that a mother is doing the right thing finally. The justice system in Mississippi is not, but she is. I hope she moves to Texas.


Thanks to Heather for the tip.


**Special Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no way I could have stomached it.**


She lived on Hooker Street *snicker*

Hooker...Oops! I meant Kelly

Hooker...Oops! I meant Kelly


The title of this article, provided by April, is pretty much the only amusing thing related to this incident. Thanks for the tip, and title, April.

Emma Kelly, 22, has killed her one year old child, Jacarra Robinson. Law enforcement is calling the death a result of shaken baby syndrome, but the coroner has listed blunt force trauma to the head as the cause. It’s probably a combination of the two, since the gestation device reportedly admitted shaking Jacarra as well as hitting her in the chest.

Kelly is an unemployed mother of three (one now dead), and pregnant with her fourth. All are under the age of four. Well, at least she stayed busy doing something, hmmm…? As reported, she lived on Hooker Street, and I have to wonder if that street acquired it’s name based on any sort of defining occupation. I also wonder if Kelly was employed in that field. I would think it would be difficult to lose a job as a hooker, though, so maybe she wasn’t a paid entertainment specialist. Maybe it was just a hobby for her.

Kelly had just recently regained custody of Jacarra, after having her removed from the home for reportedly using drugs. Another good call on the part of what passes for DHS in Mississippi. Where DO they keep their brains these days? In a jar on the desk, it would appear. Maybe they take them out and play with them like one of those ‘stress-relief squeezy balls’, because they sure as spit aren’t using them to make sound judgment calls.

Kelly said the the baby had been ‘whining a lot’ (what one year old doesn’t?), and so she shook her and hit her in the chest. She took Jacarra to the hospital when her head “started dangling”. This sweet baby was on life support for four days before she died. No one seems to know anything about Jacarra’s father, either – where he is….or even WHO he is. Gee, that’s surprising. My guess would be the other kids have the same aura of mystery surrounding their paternal origins as Jacarra did.

Kelly is being held on $100,000.00 bond, and has been charged with murder. I hope they keep Kelly on watch, and snatch that baby she is carrying as soon as it is born, before it winds up like it’s sister.

Ashley Andrews was beaten to death by her family

Christina Dillard enters guilty plea:

In the tiny town of Poplarville, Mississippi on October 10, 2005 12-year-old Ashley Andrews missed the bus to school. What real parents would do at that point would be to drive their kids to school. Even if they didn’t have a car they could arrange for someone to take the kids to school.

Not Ashley’s family. Ashley lived in Poplarville with her mom Christina Dillard, her stepfather Shaun Dillard and half brother Kyle Dillard. Rather than try to get Ashley to school they beat her with tree limbs, a belt and a fishing rod. Rather than letting her go to school the next day they kept her home in fear of the abuse being reported. That didn’t stop the beatings though. The next day she had hair pulled out during the beating and the autopsy showed that she was killed that day due to manual strangulation. The autopsy also revealed that she had been sexually assaulted.

Shaun Dillard was sentenced to life without parole. Christina Dillard recently pleaded guilty to negligent manslaughter and she’s facing 20 years.

Thanks to Megan for the tip.

Meth head dad locks himself in trailer

Deputies get their man:

Police in Jones County, Mississippi wanted to talk with Chris Hurtt after his young child, age and sex unknown, ingested chemicals used in the manufacturing of meth. So he did was all responsible parents do in this situation and turned himself into police. Nah, just kidding. He lo9cked himself in a trailer. Police finally arrested him without incident.

You know the only thing missing from this story to complete the trailer trash trifecta is a certain breed of dog.

Thanks to Megan for the tip.

Miss. child beaten to death

Scott Co. couple indicted in infant’s death:

Demeteria Nicole Hill, 25, and her boyfriend, Willie James Holifield, 22, of the Forest, MS area have been indicted in the beating death of Hill’s 14-month-old daughter Tikirah McClendon.

The autopsy revealed that the child died from injuries that could have only resulted from punching and kicking.

I would lay odds that the boyfriend did most of the abuse and the birth organism didn’t want to lose her man. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Thanks to Alicia for the tip.

All in The Family: Mother and Son Charged in Murder of Mississippi Couple

Jackson, Mississippi[NOTE: Corrected story to reflect Matt’s comment below. He was right, and I was sloppy. Thanks, Matt.]

It’s time for an other installment of All in The Family, a feature of PBB where we focus on family members who team up to commit crime. Today’s spotlight shines on a mother and son from Jackson, Mississippi who believe that “the family that slays together, stays together”. Daniel and Addie Clayton are accused of murdering Cyrus Brunner and Nora Lee Acuna in an awful chain of events that began with a traffic accident. After the son hit Brunner’s car, the two worked out an off-the-books deal for Clayton to pay for the damages. When the innocent couple came to the Clayton’s home to pick up the second payment, however, the shit hit the fan. Brunner reportedly insulted Addie Clayton, leading Daniel Clayton to do what any sane man would: shoot the couple to death while they were idling in their car. Police say that Daniel Clayton hauled the bodies off to a dump spot, and his mother Addie picked up up afterwards.

Daniel Clayton is charged with two counts of murder; Addie Clayton faces accessory charges. But really, how much blame does she shoulder? Wouldn’t any mother try and help her son cover up a heinous and random double murder? She’s be a bad mother if she did anything less than aid and abet a felony!

Professor Tortures His Kids with Ants

Fetus OguhebeBlogging Baby appears to have stepped up its coverage of bad-behaving parents lately – much to the discontent of some readers. I find that funny. I started Parents Behaving Badly while I was a co-editor for BB, specifically because some readers were fed up reading these tales. Rather than let them fade into history, I collected them here, in what has since become one of the world’s darkest exercises in negative catharsis. (Not to mention that it’ll keep some sociology student very busy someday.)

I’m glad BB is including these stories. My goal is to make PBB as comprehensive as possible. Their coverage makes it less likely that anything will slip through my net. And it would be a shame if their currently featured tale of woe and horror passed by without the offender getting all of the scorn he has coming to him. Professor Festus Oguhebe, a Nigerian native who teaches taught at Alcorn State University in Mississippi, entered a nolo contendere plea on one felony count of child abuse. Oguhebe insists that he was merely “disciplining” one of his kids when he put ants on him after the child returned home with bad grades.

I’m not going to chalk this up to “cultural differences”. That would be an insult to Nigerians, most of whom I’m sure know better than to subject their kids to hundreds of ant-bites. There are, ahem, better ways to propel them toward “academic excellence”. The only thing that this kind of abuse guarantees is that you’ll wake up one night to find your son hovering over your bed, with a loaded revolver pointed at your face. You’d have a hard time empaneling a jury willing to convict that kid.

Deadbeat Dad Arrested for 17 Years of Non-Payment

MoneyYou know, stories involving non-payment of support don’t get me as riled as they used to. Between moms watching their babies die and dads slipping their kids rat poison, owing back child support seems like such a minor crime.

But of course, that’s the jaded blogger’s perspective. To a parent struggling to keep his or her financial head above water while raising a passel of children, timely support payments can make the difference between a healthful meal and a week’s worth of Bush’s baked beans. To Lisa Bolton of Mississippi, nonpayment is equivalent to child abuse. That’s why she’s spent the past 17 years tracking down Michael Dunn, the deadbeat father of her daughter Jillian.

Bolton doesn’t expect to get one red cent of the money her family is owed, now that her crusade has led to the arrest of the 50-year-old Dunn for his $36,000 tab. For her, what’s important is the message Dunn’s collaring sends to other deadbeats: cough up the dough, or bend over for the soap.