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Parents helping children…not always a good thing

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Utah mom accused of helping son in drive-by shooting

Mom Accused of Helping Son in Drive-by Shooting

Nice tat

While many of us enjoy helping our children with homework and projects, there are SOME things that we should avoid assisting them with. Indeed, we should discourage some behaviors altogether. Alas, Lisa Egersdorf has too few brain cells to be able to distinguish between the good activities and the bad ones. But, she DOES have that really nice face tat, so I guess that is some sort of consolation for her.

Lisa is a 36-year-old woman who thought it would be a great idea to help her 17-year-old son, Damian Garcia, with a drive by shooting. No, you did not misread that. She (allegedly) drove the car from which her son shot at some classmates who were fighting with him at school. Great role model there, mom! I wonder if she taught him how to fire the gun as well. If she did, then we can be thankful that her shooting skills (and his) are as atrocious as her ability to make good decisions. None of the kids who were shot at were hit.

As the story was reported, Loser (sounds better than Lisa, don’t you think?) picked up her son from school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he told her that some of his classmates had jumped him. She allegedly replied, “It’s all right, we’re going to get them.”

She then drove her son past a convenience store where he opened fire on a car in which the other students were passengers. After he shot at them, Loser asked Damian, “Did you get them?” My head spins.

Loser has admitted that she and her son are members of the same gang, but denies that they were involved in the shooting. Yeah, it was all a big misunderstanding, right?

I know this is not the usual fare here at BB, because it doesn’t involve physical abuse of the perpetrator’s child. However, IMHO, this woman has ruined her son’s life just as effectively as if she had beaten him to a bloody pulp or pimped him out. They are both now up on multiple felony counts, and the mother has also been charged with child endangerment. I could not find any info on bail or the status of their incarceration, either. Personally, I think she should be charged with gross stupidity and general butt-munchery as well, but I’m pretty sure those are still not chargeable offenses. Pity. If the world was fair, stupidity would be a terminal disease, or at least be so painful that those suffering from such severe cases of it would be physically incapable of leaving the home to perpetrate these kinds of acts.

The good news on this one is – no dead babies. I needed something a little different, after the other recent stories I’ve written up here. I was almost at the end of my tether.

Mom Cops to Using Pot as Homework Incentive

MarijuanaLet me preface this post by saying that I am a deep opponent of the War on Drugs. The U.S. government uses tons of cash and propaganda to crush consentual adult behavior. Much of this contradictory propaganda is aimed at marijuana, a mostly harmless substance that was once implicated in causing murderous rages, but is now blamed for inducing lethargy and the munchies. (And yes, I’ve been known to partake.)

Jacob Sullum’s book Saying Yes explores the historical and medical idiocy in detail, so I won’t blather on here. Suffice it to say that children shouldn’t be making such decisions until they’re adults. They certainly shouldn’t be receiving marijuana from their moms from the age of 11 on, and they definitely shouldn’t be dangling it in front of their charges like a carrot. That’s exactly what happened in Conewago Township, Pennsylvania, where Amanda Ann Livelsberger copped to a series of misdemeanors for supplying her son with the green as an incentive for him to do his homework. She’s currently waiting to find out just how much jail time attempting to be a cool mom will cost her.

Still, I can’t help but thinking what’d happen to my productivity if only my employer had such a rewards system…

(Thanks to reader Patty for the hot tip)

Mom Murders Son, Avoids Jail

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wtf.jpgHere’s my theory: this site is actually very popular amongst judges, and they have a running competition to see who can get posted to it. Farfetched? To be sure. But I can’t think of any other explanation for the following:

Wendolyn Markcrow (say – wasn’t she a character in one of the Harry Potter books?) was apparently tired of caring for her son, a 36 year-old man with Down’s Syndrome. It was a tough gig. So she murdered him. Slipped him a Mickey and then suffocated him. The judge, a Mr. Justice Gross (say – wasn’t he one of the bad guys in the Judge Dredd comic books?), gave her a two year suspended sentence, meaning that Markcrow will not have to go to jail. He then called his buddy Joe Guimond, telling him (and I quote) “You like apples? I just presided over a case in which a woman murdered her mentally handicapped son – AND I LET HER WALK!! HOWYA LIKE DEM APPLES, BEYOTCH???!!! NOW GIMME MY TEN DOLLARS!!!” The judge then exited the court, pausing to give the defense lawyer a “high five”.

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Parents “Sentenced” For Locking Up Daughter

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Bruce.gifFrom the “You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me” Department comes this story: an Australian court has convicted a couple of…well, not quite sure if “convicted” is the right word. See, the unnamed couple had been stashing their teenaged daughter in her bedroom, under lock and key, for two years. During that time, she was allowed to take a grand total of five, count ’em, five showers. A shower every 4.8 months. Nice. The girl finally escaped through a window and turned up at a Sydney police station, “emaciated and barely clothed”.

Here’s the punchline. The judge sentenced the wife and husband to nine and six months of WEEKEND DETENTION. In other words – he grounded them! You’ve starved, imprisoned, and tortured your kid – no more weekend jaunts to Bell’s Beach or attending Wallabies matches for you! What would the guy have done had the girl died? Taken away their cable TV?

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One-Year-Old Birthday Becomes “Melee”, Six Stabbed

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cake.JPGYou know it’s going to be a sad day when you see the words “birthday party” and “melee” in the same sentence. Seems things got a bit rowdy at a one-year-old’s Happy B-Day celebration in East Hartford, Connecticut. Then a neighbor from an apartment below went upstairs to complain about the noise – and that’s when things got real interesting. By the time the dust had settled, six people had been stabbed. The “melee” was so fierce, police ran out of restraining devices.

What’s most fascinating about this story is that there is no indication of who the parents are, where they were at the time, and how involved they were in everything spiraling out of control. At the very least, mom and dad could stand to keep better company. (Understatement of the Year 2005 Award Recipient!)

You know what I have to remember my 1st? A picture of me in my high chair, covered in cake. What’s this poor kid going to have? A nice set of mug shots. Happy fucking birthday, baby. Let’s hope your 2nd is spent in better company than the 1st.

(Hat tip to Liz Brunson)

French Court: Debt-Ridden Parents Tried To Kill Family With Insulin

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Pepe-Le-Pew.jpgSacre bleu! After racking up an incredible amount of debt (250,000 Euros – that’s a lot of Royales With Cheese, my friends), Emmanuel Cartier and his wife Patricia did what any sensible parents would do – they tried to poison all of their kids and themselves with insulin injections. Sadly, the couple’s daughter Alicia died as a result.

This is not to say that they were bad parents; after all, the Cartiers used their 15 credit cards to buy each kid their own TV, two of the kids had their own computers, and three had “hi-fi” (after reading that particular bit of Euroslang, I had to check to make sure this story was written in 2005 and not 1975). Well, ok, maybe they were bad parents. Why didn’t they buy ALL the kids their own “hi-fi”? It’s wrong to play favorites. Clearly, these two have issues. Poor Emmanuel – you have to feel something for a guy named after the popular heroine of a series of soft-porn flicks made famous by “Skinemax”. Looks like they’re bound for the Bastille. Au revoir, putains.

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Mom Rents Hotel Room for Daughter’s De-Flowering

jpLoveHotel.jpgI’m a bit of an iconoclast when it comes to sex. I don’t believe it’s necessarily something you have to do with someone you love, or plan to wed til death do you part. Still, it’s something that should be undertaken deliberately, respectfully, and responsibly.

I can’t even begin to enumerate in how many ways this White Plains, NY mother violated these basic tenets when she booked her 13-year-old daughter a hotel room so that the daughter and her 14-year-old friend could fuck two guys they just met at the mall. Mommy Dearest even supplied booze so that her daughter could get laid and “get it over with”. Get it over with? Oh yeah, that’s precisely how every woman wants to remember her first time.

Ready for the ultimate “ick” factor? Mom stayed in the room while Gilberto Gonzalez, 19, and Michael Berger, 18, had their way with her little girl. Man. I think my stomach is about to split open.

Mom now faces a relatively light six months in jail for enabling statutory rape.

(Mr. Big Dubya gets the hat tip here.)

Daughter Dies Due to AIDS after Mom Refuses HIV Medications

aids.jpgChristine Maggoire was adamant – adamant, I tell you! – that the HIV virus did not cause AIDS. So, even though she had HIV, she saw zero reason for her to take treatment meds during pregnancy, or for her children to take the medicines after birth. What a revolutionary! What an iconoclast!

What a moron. Maggoire’s 3-year-old daughter Eliza Jane Scovill died of AIDS-related pneumonia. But even THAT hasn’t been enough to shake Maggoire, who insists that the coroner is an idiot who fucked up the autopsy. Geez, lady, how far will you go, precisely, to defend an indefensible theory? Apparently to the death of your child and beyond.

Mind you, doctors could have – and should have – intervened. But at least men like Dr. Jay Gordon are wringing their hands over Eliza Jane’s passing, and trying to reconcile themselves to their culpability. Maggoire, meanwhile, continues to see and hear no evil – but she’s spending plenty of time speaking it, that’s for sure.

(Thanks, Melissa)

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White Mom Convinced Mixed-Race Son He Had Skin Disorder

david-myers.jpgIs it any wonder David Myers grew up so damaged? When he was born, his mother, Judith Myers, told his father and anyone else who would listen that his dark skin was jaundice. She never told anyone – not even David himself – the truth: that his father was really a black man with whom Myers (then Judith Hartmann) had an affair before she married Bill Myers.

The lies continued for decades. When David Myers saw video footage of police hosing down civil rights protestors in major cities, Judith Myers told him the police were just cooling them off. When the truth came out 26 years later, it sent David Meyers on a three-year quest for his own identity. The revelation has led to David being disowned by his family, as his family apparently can’t be bothered to admit their culpability in this lifelong deception. Nice, folks. Why don’t you kick him in the groin a few times while you’re at it? I don’t think he’s suffered enough.

On top of that, controversy still surrounds the circumstances of David’s conception. His biological father, Fermon Beckette, insists he had a consensual relationship with Hartmann/Myers. Judith Myers’ retort? “Any black who rapes a woman will say she asked for it.” To make matters worse, this piece of shit of a human being blames HER SON for making her MORE RACIST. “He has with his actions totally soured me on the black race.”

Sigh. What a lovely woman. I wonder on which ass cheek she sports her Confederate flag tattoo.

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Mom Accused Of Claiming She’s A Katrina Victim

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fraud.jpgMichigan, as it turns out, suffered very little damage from Hurricane Katrina. This came as a surprise to Kim Horn, who received a house, cash, and other goods after reporting to charities that she was a victim of Katrina. Turns out Ms. Horn and her 6 year old daughter moved to Mason, Michigan nine days before Katrina came ashore.

Now, maybe I’m insensitive to the sufferings of others, but having to run down to the 8-Mile Walmart and shell out a buck fifty for a new can of AquaNet because a breeze messed up your bouffant is not the same as having everything you know and love wiped off the face of the earth by a massive storm.

Seriously, Michigan prosecutors – don’t put this woman in jail. Put her on a plane, send her down to New Orleans, give her a mop, and tell her to get to cleanin’. The Superdome would be a good place for her to start.

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