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Jonathan Foster made a deadly birthday wish


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That sweet face you see there is 12-year-old Jonathan Foster.  In his short time on Earth, Jonathan was shuffled from home to home until he ended up with his Uncle, Glenn Scrimsher, living on a farm in Missouri when he was 6.  Scrimsher, who has 5 children of his own, was, perhaps, the best thing this boy had in his life.  Stability.  Love.  Guidance.  All the things needed to make a little boy into a great man. At age 11, Jonathan left the safety of his Uncle’s home and went to live with his Grandmother, Mary Gifford, at her request.  He stayed with Gifford until November.  That’s when Jonathan made his birthday wish…. A wish that would prove to be deadly… to go live with his biological mother, Angela Davis.  

Mona Nelson

Christmas Eve, while Davis was at work, she received and alarming phone call from a “gruff sounding” woman making threats against Jonathan.  Davis rushed home after receiving the call to check on her boy…Jonathan was no where in sight. His badly burned remains were discovered in a ditch four days later.

Authorities believe that the phone call to Angela Davis was made from inside the home by 44-year-old Mona Yvette Nelson.  Nelson, a grandmother of five, is an acquaintance of Davis and her husband, David.  Witnesses claim they saw a “woman”, matching that beastly troll’s description, pull up to the apartment complex in a pick-up truck which matched the details of the one driven by Nelson.  At approximately 6:30 pm on Christmas Eve, surveillance cameras near where the body was discovered showed what appeared to be Nelson discarding the boy on the side of the road like garbage. 

Nelson claims that she did not murder little Jonathan, but she has admitted to disposing of the body.  She told police that a family member paid her $20 to dispose of a plastic container and, drunk on vodka, she did as she was hired to do and never thought twice to look in the bin.  

Investigators have found an overwhelming amount of evidence linking her to the murder.  Inside her home they found burned carpet and twine which matched the materials that bound Jonathan’s hands together.  They also found welding equipment and torches believed to have been used to burn Jonathan’s remains and other physical evidence in a garbage can. 

Why?  Why would this monster take that precious little boy from his home and a family who loved him just to murder him?  Well, she has alluded to it being over a drug debt.  Meaning that you can put a price on a life…  Then again, she has implicated others in the murder, yet there is no evidence linking anyone else to the crime.  Liar, liar.  Could it be that Nelson is just a monster and Jonathan was sweet and trusting enough to be an easy target?  Detectives who interviewed Nelson describe her as a “cold-blooded predator” and a “soulless murderer who showed an absolute lack of remorse in taking the life of Jonathan Foster”.  I’m thinking that she is just plain evil. 

Nelson is being charged with capital murder and is being held without bond.  Detectives are also looking at her as a possible suspect in similar cases. 

Enough focus on that monster.  I want you all to know about the love Glenn Scrimsher and Mary Gifford felt for that little boy.  While my heart aches for the family who lost such a precious soul in such a violent way, I am somehow comforted knowing that this child knew love – unlike many of the children we read about here.  

Here are words from a letter Scrimsher wrote to his nephew, which he read at Jonathan’s funeral with tears rolling down his cheeks: 

“Dear Jonathan, I want to start out by saying how much I love you, and to thank you for being here for me when I need you.  You made myself and my life better in ways I didn’t realize you would. “ 

Glenn, I doubt you will read this – but if you do, you MUST know that you made Jonathan’s life better, too.  I wish that there were more men in this world like you; men who would so willingly and lovingly take in a child and give them a chance at life.  Jonathan was a lucky boy to have known such love. 

I also want to add that I am not judging Angela Davis for giving Jonathan to family members.  It sounds to me like she did what she thought was best.  She couldn’t handle the burden of being a mother so she gave her son to someone who could.  If more women acted so responsibly, we may not read about so many dead babies here. 

Thanks go to Anna for this tip.  Now I’m off to remove the mascara that has been running down my face for the past hour.