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B-3 … BINGO!

3-year-old left alone at motel while mom goes to casino

I love the thrill of a bingo just as much as the next gal but apparently not as much as Lareina Larson (22) and her boyfriend do.  Seems these two couldn’t find a babysitter so they thought it would be perfectly fine to leave Larson’s 3-year-old daughter alone in their motel room in Fife, WA while they headed up the street to the bingo hall.

You know how pesky those 3-year-olds can be, always wanting an adult around at 2:00 am.  Well, this little darling is no different.  She woke up around 2:00 am scared to find herself alone and she walked out onto the motel balcony, crying, looking for mommy.  Thankfully the desk clerk was quick to see her and bring her into the office before she had the chance to get into any trouble.  All she knew was that her mommy was gone so the clerk called police.  They took her into protective custody when they couldn’t find her mother.

Four hour later, Larson and the boyfriend showed up and found they were locked out of the room.  The clerk called the police when she went to the office to get a new key card.  She admitted to leaving her daughter alone for five hours while she and the boyfriend went to play bingo.  Larson is facing one misdemeanor count of child abandonment and the winner of a boyfriend was arrested on drug charges.

Here’s my favorite part: “The male told us they won some kind of jackpot and that’s why they were gone so long.”  Well hell, that’s all you had to say – as long as you’re winnin’ stay out as long as you need to!  What an idiot.

Thanks to SaraO for the tip!

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