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She used four bullets when one would have sufficed….

Idyllic family....almost
St. Louis County family grasps for answers in deaths of 3 girls, mother
Missouri Campground Deaths May Be Murder-Suicide: Woman, 3 Children Killed

Woman, 3 daughters shot to death at Mo. campground

The photograph above is s one most people look at and think, “What a lovely family!” And they would be correct – at least until last Saturday, when Christine Adewunmi made her husband, Leonard, a childless widower within the space of just a few brief moments. Christine (allegedly) drove her three beautiful girls, Lauren, 8, Samantha, 6, and Kate, 3, out to a remote campground along the Meramec River, where she shot each of them to death and then turned the gun on herself. Out of respect for the father and family who might inadvertently find their way to this blog, I will refrain from my usual tirade against the mother. All of our regular readers should know by now what kind of feelings I have for this murderer, and can apply that knowledge on their own. To the father and family: My heart goes out to you, and you will be in my prayers for a long time. May God heal you and give you peace. That said, any family members who have been reading this should probably stop here – because the rest of this article will be dedicated to my personal views concerning this act of senseless violence against the children. And some of them may not be pretty.

From all accounts, the Adewunmis were a close and loving family. Both parents loved the children and each other, and the girls were well cared for. That is what makes this story so difficult to write. I actually ran across this story myself a couple of days before April sent me the links, and thought, “I would hate to have to write this up for BB.” Then April asked me to, and I just could not bring myself to tell her no. It took me another 36 hours before I could begin, and I’m still not sure I if I will be able to do it justice.

I will start with Christine, since she is, ultimately, the reason I am writing this. What in the name of all things holy happened?!?! Her friends, neighbors, family and church all said the same things – it’s like a broken record – she loved the girls, they were her life, she was a good mother. Only she couldn’t have loved them THAT much, since she killed them. And if ‘they were her life’, then why did she show that by being the death of them? As for good mother….maybe at one time she was, but any woman who kills her children ceases at that very moment to be a ‘good mother’. When she takes the life of her babies, she becomes a murderer. Yes, everyone knew she was depressed, so lets not get into that ‘mental problems’ excuse. I don’t buy it. If you are depressed, and want to off yourself, fine. Do it. But for the love of Pete’s panties, man, don’t take the babies with you!

I understand depression, people. I’ve suffered from it most of my life, and had it compounded by PPD for a few months after the births of most of my children. I know what it feels like to be in that dark, black place. I know what it feels like to think that nobody would miss you if you died, and that the world would probably even be a better place without you in it. I KNOW!!!!!! BUT – never once did I think of taking my kids with me. The world in general, and my life in particular, have been a much better environment since they were born, and I would not even think of taking their lives – of taking their light out of the world. How could this woman KILL her kids? Not only that, but how could she shoot them all, one after the other, and think her actions were in any way acceptable? HOW?!?!

I cannot imagine the terror those children had to be feeling when their mother shot them. Even if she killed the first one without warning – at the point she fired the gun, the other two KNEW what was going on! To watch the woman you love, the woman who raised you, loved you, and tucked you into bed at night, kill your sisters and then turn the gun on you: it must have been horrifying. I have cried buckets of tears for these babies in the past few days, and every time I see their pictures, I tear up again. She didn’t have to take them with her. Either to the river, or to her grave. She could have left them in the care of a friend or relative, and only taken herself out. Hers was an act of pure selfishness. It was all for her. She took something from everyone when she left, instead of leaving the best parts of her to continue their lives. I know that a lot of people say that a mother thinks her children are better off with her – even in death – than without her. What a load of horsehockey! My children are important to me, yes, but even more important for the great things they will do in their futures. If I had to choose between saving myself and saving my kids, they’d win every time. I would die a thousand deaths to save my children. And this selfish person put her own personal problems ahead of the well-being of her kids. She was depressed – so they all had to pay for it. What a waste of precious lives….

Apparently, I am not the only one who is confused about this heinous act. Most of her friends and neighbors have given variations of the “I never would have thought it,” statement. One said “they were very gentle, peaceful people,” and another was quoted as saying, “She was real happy.” Apparently not. Another quote from a neighbor was, “I’m just blown away.” No – that would be the children.

I am so heartbroken over this tragedy, and the fact that I think it was preventable makes it even worse. Many family members admitted knowing she was depressed, but none of them thought it might be a good idea to protect the children. I’m not blaming them, just questioning their judgement. The blame rests squarely on Christine’s shoulders.

The only good thing I could come up with was that, at least for the short time they were on earth, they were loved. By all accounts both parents doted on them and made them a priority. Small consolation though, since they will never be able to share that love with children of their own – or anyone else, ever.

Rest in peace, Lauren, Samantha and Kate.

Thanks for the heads-up go to Jennifer, Erin and our friends at Conservative Babylon. And to April who sent the links to my inbox.

Missing woman’s husband kills himself and 2 sons in a home explosion

Attorney: Missing mom was ‘in the trunk’ boys said before their deaths
Josh Powell Dead: Missing Woman Susan Powell’s Husband, 2 Sons Killed In Home Explosion
3 killed in explosion at Josh Powell’s Graham-area home

RIP Susan, Braden, and Charles

 UPDATE at the bottom of the story

In December 2009, Susan Cox Powell went mysteriously missing in Utah.  Her husband, Josh Powell, claimed he had taken their sons on a midnight camping excursion in a blizzard when Susan vanished.  Josh has always been a “person of interest” in her disappearance and under investigation.  But no charges or proof against him ever surfaced in all that time.

The boys, 5-year-old Braden and 7-year-old Charles, have been living with their maternal grandparents since Josh’s father, Steven Powell, was arrested on child porn and voyeurism charges last fall.  Just last week,  a judge denied Josh from regaining custody of the boys until he underwent a psycho-sexual evaluation himself. A psychologist recommended the evaluation based on undisclosed materials Utah police discovered on Josh Powell’s computer in 2009. I’d like to know more details on that, but at this point I guess it doesn’t matter.

Fast forward to yesterday, 2/6/12 around noon. While most people in this great country of ours were preparing to watch the Super Bowl, Josh Powell was preparing to kill himself and his boys in a murder/suicide – home explosion style.  A social worker arrived around noon for a scheduled supervised visit. Josh met his sons at the door (they had run ahead of the social worker) and he then closed and locked the door, banning her from entry.  She made a call to her supervisor to report the incident and that she smelt gas, moments later the house exploded.

Not only was Josh denied regaining custody of his kids, but the boys had starting talking lately.  They were starting to remember and talk about what happened that night their mother vanished back in 2009.  An attorney for Susan’s family was quoted saying,  “They had gone camping. Their mother had been in the trunk and later, their mom and dad walked out into the desert and mommy got lost.”  So the little boys were remembering and they were talking and I guess that was too much for Josh to handle and he figured he’d be a pussy and take the easy way out.

If he’d just taken his own life, who gives a fuck right? But he didn’t do that… he took his boys with him and for that he’s a selfish, cowardly, pussy motherfucker.  He didn’t leave a suicide note, but he did send his attorney an email 10 minutes before the house exploded simply saying, “I’m sorry. Goodbye.” So why take the boys down with him? My guess is that he was a) scared of getting busted, b) pissed that his wife’s parents had custody of the boys and didn’t want them to have full custody after he died, OR c) he was mad at his own sons for talking? I suppose we’ll never know.

Josh not only left behind a lot of unanswered questions, but most of all he left behind a myriad of  broken hearts. Susan’s parents not only have had to deal with the devastating loss of their daughter AND never truly knowing what happened to  her, but now they also mourn the loss of their two grandsons. Anyone that has grandchildren, or has seen how grandparents typically love their grandchildren can agree that this kind of pain would be insurmountable.

There’s a special place in hell for anyone who harms or kills a child, we can all agree on that. But I truly believe that Josh rode in First Class to hell yesterday.

RIP Braden and Charles, I hope that you’ve been reunited with your mommy in heaven.

Thank you to the countless tipsters that sent this in.


Just when the worst story of 2012 so far has settled in and we’re all left open-mouthed about what Josh Powell did to his boys…. a report surfaces later with more gruesome details that makes you fall to your knees. Late yesterday, as more details emerged about the horrific deaths of Braden and Charles Powell, we learn that not only did Josh kill them in a home explosion, but he attacked them with a hatchet before the house went up in flames.  Police have described the boys as having “chop wounds” to their heads and necks. But they believe that they still died of smoke inhalation, not the brutal attack. As that sinks into my brain… 2 little boys chopped up by their father and only parent left, but lay in a house engulfed in flames to die when smoke filed their little lungs to capacity. It’s just too much to take. How much pain were they in? How long did they suffer? Were they screaming for daddy to stop? Did one brother watch the other be attacked? Honestly, I don’t want to know.  I just can’t imagine the suffering they experienced in the final moments of their lives.

To quote Cori in the comments of this story, “Braden and Charles, I hope you have found your mommy waiting for you with open arms. You can never be hurt ever again. ” Well said Cori, my sentiments exactly.

Father charged with attempted murder after failed murder/suicide.

Father charged with attempted murder of 2-year-old daughter 

Murder/Suicide attempt leads to attempted murder charges 

On October 4th in Jamaica, NY a store owner heard a horn honking from a back parking lot and went to see what was going on.  He found Khemchan Sulaiman (46) in the driver’s seat of his car in medical distress and asking for help, in the back seat was his unconscious 2-year-old daughter in her car seat.

When medics arrived Sulaiman was passed, but the baby was awake and crying.  Oh thank goodness!  Both father and daughter were taken to St John’s Hospital in critical condition.

As the investigation began, police would find in the baby’s bottle ammonium chloride, the chemical used in fire extinguishers, and formula mixed together, another powdered chemical and a toxic pesticide called “Sevin” on the baby’s car seat.  WTF!

Well, by process of elimination police were able to get the jist of what happened…wait for it…murder/suicide. Sulaiman distraught over his recent separation from his wife gave his daughter poison and drank some himself.  However witnesses think dad may have changed his mind as he and his daughter began to lose consciousness and called out for help.

As of October 6th both father and daughter were in stable condition.

Sulaiman has been charged with attempted murder.

Bodies of missing CA Toddler and Father found in apparent murder/suicide investigation

Bodies found in California could be missing toddler, father

Missing California Toddler, Father found dead

Brother: Misunderstanding could be to blame

Slain Girl’s Grandfather says court system pushed son over the edge

Autopsy reveals 2-year-old, father suffered gunshot wounds

Bitter custody fight foreshadowed abduction

This is a very sensitive case so I’m going to refrain from name-calling in this one.  Also all you’re getting here is facts no interjection from me.  All of this write up is compiled of facts that I gathered from various reputable news sources.

Mourad Samaan and his ex-wife Marcia Fay have been fighting over their little girl all of her short life.  According to court documents it all began before her birth.  The couple separated before she was born.  On the day she was born her father had to force his way in to see her after her birth.  His respons was that her mother was letting everyone but him see his child.  Of course as in all disputes the fighting continued, Samaan wanted to call the child one thing and Fay wanted to call her something else so when with her mother the child was called Madeline but with her father she was called Layla.  The fighting never stopped. 

A little over a week ago 2-year-old Madeline Samaan-Fay of Sacramento, California went missing apparently abducted by her father, Mourad “Moni” Samaan age 49.  Her mother, Marcia Fay,  had recently been granted full custody of the little girl. Fay reported her daughter missing when Samaan failed to return her but because of rules regarding parental abductions the FBI did not issue an Amber Alert until Friday, just two days before Samaan and Madeline were found.   Samaan and Madeline were last seen alive at a grocery store in Sacramento.  The next time they would be seen, both would be deceased in Samaan’s Toyota 4-Runner in a rural area near Placerville, California.  According to reports Samaan died from a gunshot wound and while Madeline had gunshot wounds authorities are investigating to see if it was possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Samaan’s father has spoken with reporters and claims that the custody battle over Madeline was what pushed his son over the edge.  Apparently the custody battle began even before Madeline’s birth.  Apparently the couple separated before Madeline’s birth and Mourad had to learn of his child’s birth from his in-laws.  Samaan’s father also goes on to say that marriage and family disputes do not belong in the court system. 

Another report goes on to say that Samaan did not understand that he wasn’t losing his right to see his daughter, just the joint custody.  In other words he would have had visitation with her still but custody would have fully rested on her mother. 

Unfortunately whatever the issue may be here (reports are still flooding in) a 2-year-old princess has lost her life.  No reports could be found from them mother’s side of this story, only from Samaan’s family who all believe that he was pushed to do this.  While most parents can certainly sympathize with Samaan’s feelings of despair upon losing custody of his daughter, we all know that murder/suicide isn’t the answer.  Perhaps we will learn more from the mother that will shed some light on this very sad case.

RIP Madeline.   

Wow so many tipsters to thank…Dawn, Kristi, and princess_nothing thank you so much for the tips you sent in on this one.

Murder/Suicide The Story of Another Selfish POS

Man and Son Found Dead

Father and Son Found in Car

Father and Son Murder/Suicide

Deaths Ruled Murder/Suicide


Upon receiving a call from a concerned grandmother because her son hadn’t dropped off her grandson on his way to work that day, officers found the bodies of 39 year old David Wayne Graham and 3 year old Easton Blayde Graham in his 1984 Corvette that he purchased about 2 weeks prior.  Little Easton was found curled up in the passenger side floorboard.

The grandmother called after she went to the home to see why he hadn’t dropped off the baby.  Thankfully, she didn’t look in the car.  That’s an image no family member should have to deal with.

The key was in the ignition and it was turned on but the car was no longer running.  There was a hose connecting the exhaust pipe to the inside of the car.  The state crime lab determined the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning and the case was ruled a murder/suicide.

There was no note and evidently this came as a shock to all.  The only “reason” that has been mentioned that could have prompted this is the fact that Graham and his wife had separated.  She had moved out with her/their children.

“He’s known me all his life, because he’s older than me,” Tina Wilson said of Graham.  “He’d been to church a couple of times, and we talked to him on Sunday.  It seemed like he had a lot weighing on him.  The little boy was so happy at church, just to be around people.  Wayne told me he had been crying a lot because the only mother he ever knew had left.”

There is no mention of Easton’s mother other than the survived by line in his obit.  The articles read as though Graham had custody of him.


Rant On:

I have a harder time writing these stories than any of the other horrific acts we profile on BB.

When a parent takes the life of a child it’s always tragic.  If they take that life out of anger, frustration, complacency, neglect, sheer stupidity, or just because they don’t give a fuck it seems easier to write.  It’s much easier for me to condemn and get angry at that person.

All of the cases I’ve written sadden me.  But when I get the murder/suicide write ups I struggle to get the words to flow.  The utter senselessness of it all is what causes my writers block and my sleepless nights.  It’s a sadness that overshadows any anger or disgust I have built up for the parent that took that child’s life.

Most want to say they were suffering from severe depression.  They saw no way out.  The hopelessness they felt caused the act.  Well, I say that’s a bunch of analytical, bleeding heart, bullshit!

I know the feeling of utter hopelessness.  I know the feeling of not thinking you can take one more breath.  I know the unbearable sadness that weighs down your soul to the point you just want the pain and devastation to end.

However, that stage in my life didn’t come due to a break up.  It was over the loss of a beautiful child that I loved more than life itself.  What got me through it, suicide is the act of a selfish coward!  I am not and never have been selfish or a coward…  I had family that needed me and kids that had come to depend on me as the stable female in their lives that would always be there no matter what!

There is never an excuse to harm your child!!  Just because you feel your life is over doesn’t give anyone the right to decide the child’s is not worth living!  Just because you helped create that child does not mean you have the right to decide whether or not that child gets to live!  Even if the child is so sad all they do is cry over something that’s happened in their lives it doesn’t excuse it!!  Children are resilient and will bounce back they just need love, support and reassurance!!

This asshole had other children!  That should have been his reason to get through this or at least try to get help!  Not only did he rob them of their father, he took their brother too!  In one senseless, selfish act he changed their lives forever!!  For what, because he couldn’t deal with his wife leaving??   No one knows for certain why he did this, but that’s the reason that everyone is offering up.

I know this isn’t “politically correct” and will probably be offensive to some but I don’t really care.  David Wayne Graham wasn’t a loving father as everyone is saying; he was a weak, selfish, self absorbed, baby-murdering piece of shit!

I’m truly sorry for the family and their loss but there is no excuse!  If he thought he had to end it he should have taken Easton to his grandmother and killed himself.  There was no reason to involve that baby in his murderous plan!!

Rant Over


I’ll end this with a quote from another neighbor:

“He was a nice little kid, a real friendly kid,” Raymond Prenzlow said of Easton.  “The first time I met him he came right up and started voluntarily talking to me.”



Those beautiful eyes and that smile that could light up the world will be missed dearly little man! R.I.P. Easton


Thanks to Patricia for the tip.

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