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Kendra Meaker pleads guilty

Kendra Meaker

Kendra Meaker

Meaker’s Ex Wants Paternity Test:

Kendra Meaker’s story was one of the first that I was able to share here at BB. I’ve been following it because it struck a chord with me and am happy to report that his cunt rag has pleaded guilty to obstructing justice and endangering the life or health of a child.

You may remember that Meaker abandoned her then 21-day-old baby in a ditch on the side of the road. The little girl was found some 12 hours later by volunteer’s searching for her. I do feel really badly for this little girl though because it seems both of her parents are pretty worthless. Following her plea on 1/11/13 Timothy Thompson who has been reported as being little Mia’s and her older sister Mercedes’s father is now asking for a paternity test. Because ya know if you have one baby with a woman and felt comfortable enough to stay in the relationship and keep having sex with her you have reason to doubt now.

Personally it smacks of he doesn’t want to be the custodial parent now that it’s a lot of work being a single dad. Meaker’s parents have custody and her father Ken Meaker is quoted “We’re taking each day as it comes, and just doing what we gotta do to get by and taking care of the girls. That’s what matters.”

Well at least someone seems to get it.

The incubator is set to be sentenced on March 8, 2013. I tried to find out but I couldn’t find if she’s still in custody or out of jail till then.

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up.***

Kendra Meaker Should Have been sterilized.

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Cops-teen mom dumped 3-week-old baby on roadside claimed abduction  

Mom arrested in 3-week-old’s disappearance 

Three-week-old baby,Mia, found  in DITCH, mother arrested  

Kendra Meaker arrested

Kendra Meaker is 19-years-old.  For some reason Ms. Meaker didn’t learn the lesson that a condom is cheaper than a baby after birth of her 11-month-old.

How do I know that, you ask? Well Kendra Meaker also has a 3-week-old baby, Mia.  By my math, assuming that the baby wasn’t born premature or anything along those lines, that means that Ms. Meaker some how found the time to have unprotected sex when she had a baby that was just a scant few weeks old. Less than the even recommend 6 weeks doctors tell you to wait.

That must be some need…

Kendra Meaker now has two kids.  Two very young, screaming, crying babies in diapers, who need to eat, and be bathed and loved.  So what does Kendra do? Well, being the winner that she is she drives her 3-week-old bundle of joy to a remote area and she literally dumps her on the side of the road.  So now what to do… because she needs to explain the missing newborn?  She reports to police that the baby was abducted while she was simply mailing a package and her daughters were alone in the car.  This bitch wasted the resources of the police, who issued an Amber Alert for poor baby, Mia.  Not that they weren’t suspicious of her says investigator, Jimmie Dison.

Well… I guess the weight of the lies caught up with her because after the FBI got involved she finally admitted what she had done.

Silver lining-about 12 hours later at roughly 8pm a couple who was volunteering in the search found the little girl unharmed but tangled in the weeds.  She was alive, but crying (YA THINK?  I imagine the poor angel was screaming from hunger, cold, fear and the need to be changed…) She was taken to the hospital and is reported to be doing well.

Her “mother” has been charged with obstruction of justice and endangering the life or health of a child.  She’s being held on a $10,000 bond.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

Mia Graci Thompson

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up.***


Somewhat accidental/not accidental, which is it?

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Police-girl (8) found dead  under house

Police probe death of southern Illinois girl

Woman charged with concealing daughter’s death

See that face up there… the one looking all pissed off, that is Mary Zumwalt- Jophlin (28) and she has been charged with concealment of a homicidal death and obstruction of justice after police found the body of her 8-year-old daughter Alexus Smothers in a crawl space under their home.

You see, Mary did what all child killing “mothers” do she reported her little girl missing and of course those pesky police looked for her.  Dontcha just hate when they do their jobs?  I’m not sure what lead them to the search the crawl space, but they did and wha-la… there she was that missing daughter of hers and gosh dang it she was dead too.

Mary was arrested after giving police conflicting stories as to how her daughter died, first she called Alexus’ death “somewhat accidental” then called it “not accidental.”  Mary, Mary, Mary… which is it asshole?  See I am not a detective, but am I guessing an accidental death would not require you to take your baby and hide her body right under the freakin house you are living in.

Police were not sure what the exact cause of death was, and were awaiting toxicology reports.

Mary, being the stellar mother she is, has a history with CPS having had her three children removed in 2004 due to abuse and neglect.  They were returned to her care in 2005.  Well looks like that was a mistake! I wonder who was behind that wise decision.

I haven’t been able to find any updates on whether they have confirmed her cause of death or if the heifer has been charged with anything else.  If anyone finds anything please forward it on.

 R.I.P. Alexus, that smile of yours will surely be missed.