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Brian Bouchard was having a bad and Isaiah Mitchell paid for it

Man charged in child’s beating offered deputies varied stories

Deputies search for man accused of severe child abuse 

On March 24th rescue workers showed up at the Edgewater, FL home Brian Bouchard (21), his girlfriend Brittany Dishong (20) and her son Isaiah Mitchell (14-months).  Isaiah, in case you weren’t sure, is the cute little blonde, blue-eyed angel above.  Could his little face be any sweeter?

Well, as you know if we are reading Isaiah’s story here, it can’t be a good one.  Isaiah’s story goes much like many we read here, mom goes to work and leaves him with the live-in.  The live-in, having a bad day, abuses the baby leaving him fighting for his life.

The day Isaiah was injured Bouchard, afraid of his probation being revoked, didn’t call 911, he called Isaiah’s mother 10 times in more than 2 ½ hours. Brittany made the call to 911.  When rescue workers arrived they would find an unresponsive Isaiah, with severe bruising and swelling of the face.  Awww, that sweet face all swollen crushes me, he looks so much like my own dynamic duo.

Bouchard, who consumed two beers that night and was having a BAD day, offered several explanations for Isaiah’s injuries and well… they all amount to a bunch of bull shit.  Excuse #1, Isaiah fell from an 18-inch-high step, hit his head on a bassinet, the baby then asked for juice, ran toward the driveway, tripped again, fell forward on the concrete, struck his forehead and flipped over landing on his back.  He quickly picked up the baby, who puked on his shirt and then his eyes rolled back in his head.  Isaiah continued to vomit in the bathtub while Bouchard splashed water on him.  Keep in mind…he never called 911, it took 2 ½ hours for that call to be made.  Excuse #2, Bouchard pushed open a bedroom door not knowing Isaiah was behind it, the door slammed into the baby’s back, making him fall face down on the floor.  This time Isaiah had a large area of bruising on his back and golf ball sized lump on the back of his head…wait though he fell forward.  Excuse #3, he scooped up Isaiah by one arm and as he tried to close the bathroom door the baby fell head first on to the uncarpeted hallway floor.  After he dropped Isaiah on the floor, the baby lost coordination and was running sideways and missing things he was trying to reach for.  Just to remind you, there was no call made to 911 for 2 ½ hours.  Excuse #4, this is his last ditch effort I think, Bouchard was running through the house and knocked down Isaiah when he struck him in the back of the head with his knee.  “I hit him hard, he tumbled,” Bouchard told investigators.  How did the baby react when he fell, police ask, “He was just like shocked, astounded.  He had a blank look, but his eyes were wide.  He looked terrified, like he was just scared.”  I’m astounded too Bouchard and shocked that you think anyone would believe these lame excuses, terrified of what I could do to you if this were my son and scared of the enjoyment I would get dishing up your punishment for harming my baby.  But I’m not Brittany and that makes you a lucky dog.

Anyhow, Isaiah was at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando, yes it’s Flori-duh again.  He underwent emergency surgery to drain the fluids from his brain.  Isaiah has been on life support since being hospitalized.

Now for the shocker…doctors said…wait for it…Isaiah’s injuries are not the result of falling from Bouchard’s arms or being hit by a boor.  Isaiah had several skull fractures, leading them to believe the baby was battered with a tremendous amount of force to cause so much bleeding on the brain.

Brian Bouchard was arrested on Thursday, March 29th after deputies began searching for him earlier in the day.  He was charged on Friday, March 30th with aggravated child abuse and ordered held without bond.  He showed no signs of emotion or concern for Isaiah’s condition.  In court he acknowledged the charges against him, but said nothing.  You coward!

Thanks to Tammy G. for the tip.

Kids left in hotel room at happiest place on earth

Deputies: Children alone 2 hours while parents swam at Disney pool:

The happy couple over there are Stephen Simmons, 49, and Kimberly Simmons, 41, foster Breeders from Michigan. They were arrested recently for leaving their foster kids, ages 2 and 4, alone in a Disney hotel room while they took in the pool for two hours.

The Simmonses thought this was no big deal and said that they have left them alone in the past.

Makes me wonder how stringent the foster care program is in Michigan.

To add insult to stupidity they were asked to leave Disney and never return.

Thanks to Eric for the tip.

Florida woman accused of leaving kids home with pit bull

Police: Mom partied while kids stayed home alone with pit bull:

28-year-old (holy crap, she’s only 28?) Mary Ann Ayala of Orlando, Florida was arrested for leaving her kids home alone for 12 hours with her 2-year-old pit bull Scrappy. Her kids are ages 3 and 6.

Neighbors had called police to complain of the kids being left alone and the dog barking at 3am.

While police were investigating Ayala drove up saw police and drove off.

Police located Ayala and she was yelling on her cell phone and telling them, “He left my kids at home. He was taking care of my kids!”

Officers spoke to the person Ayala mentioned, but he said he was never in charge of the children.

The pit bull did not injure the children and may be out up for adoption. The kids are now in the custody of their grandparents.

Thanks to Layla for the tip.

Sharlyn Singh Arrested for Attempting to Bake a Baby Revenge Casserole

OvenAs if microwaving your baby wasn’t bad enough, Sharlyn Singh allegedly tried to do China Arnold one better. The 29-year-old Orlando, Florida mother has been arrested on charges of shoving her 11-month-old baby into a hot oven. The article’s a little ambiguous as to whether the baby was in any immediate danger of being baked, however. The allegation originally came from one Morris Naraidoo, the brother of the baby’s father, who was helping his bro move out of his (allegedly) crazy girlfriend’s house. Naraidoo said he heard the baby crying, and asked the (allegedly) Singh where she was; Singh, zip-lipped, walked out the door. The police arrived, investigated, and arrested.

The story says that the “stove top” was on, but doesn’t clarify whether this means Singh actually turned on the stove, or turned on one of the burners on the stove. If the former – well, she’s a drunken idiot. If the latter – then she’s a psychotic, dangerous drunken idiot. Either way, you can bet she won’t have her baby to cook – er, um, kick around any longer.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia)

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