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Children abducted from Grandma’s house in Tampa, FL

Amber Alert issued for two children kidnapped in Tampa by parents, considered armed and dangerous

This Amber Alert has also been extended to Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama

Cole Hakken (4) and his little brother Chase Hakken (2) have been kidnapped by their breeders Joshua Michael Hakken (35) and Sharyn Hakken (34). Mr Hakken broke into the boys’ maternal grandma’s house at 6.30am, tied up Grandma and took the boys. Mrs Hakken was waiting outside. The boys’ grandfather had already left for work at the time of the abduction.

The couple fled in a 2009 silver Toyota Camry, which was later found abandoned. The state of Louisiana had taken away the breeders’ rights and placed the boys with their grandparents after a “series of incidents”, one of them including neglect. The breeders were also charged with drug possession in the presence of their children. After losing custody, Mr Hakken tried to take the boys from a foster care facility. He was beating on the door and waving a gun. When he couldn’t get inside, he fled.

There is a warrant out for Mr Hakken’s arrest. His crimes are kidnapping, 2 counts of interfering with child custody, 2 counts of child neglect, 2 counts false imprisonment, 1 count burglary with battery and 1 count Grand Theft Auto. Mrs Hakken has not been charged with any crime as of yet.

The couple are now believed to be traveling in a black 2006 GMC Sierra, registered to Mr Hakken., rego number U95KT. It was believed that they were towing a camping trailer, but the trailer has since been located in Florida.

Chase Hakken is 3′, 33lbs, brown hair and brown eyes, Caucasian. He was wearing pyjamas at the time of the abduction.

Cole Hakken is 3’9″, 44lbs, brown hair and brown eyes, Caucasian. He was also wearing pyjamas.

Joshua Hakken is Caucasian, 5’9″. He had a reddish beard at the time of the abduction. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Sharyn Hakken is Caucasian, 5’4″ with brown hair and hazel eyes.

The couple is considered armed and dangerous. DO NOT APPROACH THEM. Call 911 if you see them or the vehicle (2006 black GMC Sierra, plate number U95KT)

These fuckwits sound like conspiracy theorists and may be mentally unstable. Coupled with that and the fact that they’re armed makes me worry. Hopefully the boys turn up safe and sound.

Since these pathetic losers like to Google their own names to see what’s being said about them, it’s only a matter of time before they show their sorry arses up on here and try to defend their actions. “The gubbermint took our children” “They control your minds through vaccinations” etc. We’ll be here waiting for them.

Child with autism kept naked in a filthy cage

Couple charged for keeping autistic son in cage

Couple accused of keeping six-year-old autistic son naked in a makeshift CAGE on soiled sheets ‘and feeding him hot dogs through the bars’

Terry Smith

Terry Smith


Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Terry Smith (43) and his wife Victoria Smith (42) from Elsberry, Missouri have been charged with endangering the life of a child after it was found that they kept their 6 year old autistic son in a filthy cage in the basement.

Authorities began investigating the Smiths after an anonymous tip-off was made to the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline in 2010, when the boy was 6 years old. Authorities removed the boy and his 6 siblings from the couple, who were living in O’Fallon at the time, but were returned on a later date. The couple were then released because of “personal recognisance”. What the fuck is “personal recognisance”? Is that like if you say “Oh, I’m not a criminal, so let me go” and they just do it?

Now to the cage incident. When the police rocked up to the Elsberry home after a call from Grandma, they found the boy naked, in a small crib made of wood, lying in his own filth. He wasn’t wearing any clothes. Officers described the smell of piss as almost unbearable and that they could smell it when they came down the stairs. The crib’s dimensions measured at 3 ft (0.9m) tall, 3 ft (0.9m) wide and 6 ft (1.8m) long. Although the crib was small and filthy, it contained some toys and its occupant seemed contented. The crib had a plywood top and was held together with nice sharp cable ties and eye-gouging ockey straps.

Inhumane: Police say a Missouri couple kept their autistic six-year-old child in this converted metal crib covered with plywood and held together with zip ties and bungee cords

This looks safe and stable…not!

Grandma was watching the other kids at the time of the raid, while the parents were out shopping. The other kids range from 11 months to 8 years old. Police stated that the rest of the house was filthy too, not just the cage. The doorknobs on the other kids’ bedroom doors had been installed backwards, so that the parents could get in but the kids couldn’t get out. The mother would lock the kids in their rooms if they got rowdy.

The parents told police that they had to build a cage because it was the only way to stop the kid from hurting himself or other people, and that the reason why the kid was nekkid was because they were afraid he’d accidentally hang himself if he wore clothing. They also said they tried their best to keep the cage clean. Here’s a hint: if the whole fucking basement reeks of piss, that’s not clean! I clean out my sister’s rat cage out when I can smell even the slightest hint of ratty odour, I can’t imagine letting anything get as bad as reeking of piss. The boy was originally put in the cage at night, but this extended to daytime use as well, when he became more difficult to control. A social worker pleaded with the family to put the boy in a group home, where he could get all the meds and help he needed. Mr Smith told officials that he knew the situation wasn’t ideal, but his goal was to try and keep the family together for as long as possible. I feel for you, Mr Smith. It wouldn’t be easy to give a child up, no matter how difficult they were. But there comes a time when your kid’s needs outweigh what you want. The cage may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it wasn’t a magical solution and it came with its own set of problems such as hygiene and safety.

The parents have been charged with felony endangering the welfare of a child and bail has been set at $2500 for each of them.  If they’re convicted, the parents may be facing up to 7 years in prison. The boy was taken into protective custody but will be released back to his parents, who will hopefully put him in the group home that he needs.

I found this story kinda sad. I just couldn’t feel angry about the parents. Perhaps I’m getting soft, but from what I can gather, the parents were having a hard time dealing with their severely autistic son, as well as six other children who needed love and attention too. I can see why they thought a cage was a magical solution. The article did say that the boy seemed contented in there, and my limited knowledge of kids with autism tells me that they easily become overwhelmed by too much space (ie. playgrounds or even a loungeroom) so confinement might have been soothing to him. The father was trying to keep it all together, but he could see that the problems were just too big and that he was too proud to accept help. I just find that really sad 🙁 No one was killed, and hopefully the little boy will get the help he needs, and that his family will be willing to let him go to that help.

Justification: Terry Smith told police the situation with his son was not ideal, but his goal was to keep the family together for as long as possible before sending the boy to a group home



The Moronic Guide to Child Safety

Deputies Find Girls Bed Wrapped in a Cage

Parents Use Wire Mesh to Keep 4-Year-Old in Bed

Parents Charged

911 received a call related to a domestic dispute and dispatched officers to the scene shortly after midnight.  The caller, 34-year-old Russell D Terry, told officers he awoke on the couch being choked with an extension cord by his girlfriend, 32-year-old Jaime M Curnell, because she was mad he’d been out drinking all night.  She told them he had been throwing things all around the house.

While police were there they noticed the house was filthy and there was a bunk bed with a makeshift cage around the bottom bunk, complete with a door, latching hook, and deadbolt that could only be opened from the outside.

When police questioned the two about the cage they stated that their 4-year-old little girl got up at night so they put her in there for her own safety.  She had been sleeping there for about 3 months.  She was not in it when the police were there.

When this case hit the news I read one article and saw one picture of the cage.  In that article it stated the Sheriff had said there were no signs of abuse or neglect.

After researching the tip I saw this picture:

That’s when I noticed the nasty bared mattress, the unfinished wall that is peeling.  The general condition of the room that can be seen in both pictures is horrid!!  If that isn’t neglectful I don’t know what is.  That mattress was so filthy it should’ve been burned and they couldn’t even be bothered to put a sheet on it…

These lazy, dysfunctional asshats didn’t lock this child in a cage to keep her safe it was most likely done to keep her out of their way.  That way they could drink, fight, throw shit and not be bothered by her running around!  Sadly, maybe she was safer in that cage after all…

These 2 morons have been charged on 10 counts each of kidnapping, abduction, and child endangerment.  They are being held on $500,000 bond each.

The little girl and her 8-month-old baby brother are in the custody of family.  There is no info on where the older two boys are.


Thanks go to Dodia and Sarea for the tip.


The Fuckers Leave Their Babies Alone to Get Methadone


Couple Accused of Leaving Preschoolers Alone in Tent

Two Kids Left to Fend for Selves While Parents go to Methadone Clinic

Girls Desperate for Food and Water After Being Left by Parents


When 26 year old Kathy Lee Tucker and 25 year old Mark David Tucker left their home May 9th, I’m sure they didn’t think they’d be sitting in jail later that day.

It seems when the moronic couple hopped in a transport van heading to a Gainesville methadone clinic, they were so looking forward to their methadone fix they thought the family dog was the perfect baby sitter for their 3 and 4 year old little girls!

All of this came to the attention of investigators when a woman who knows them and takes the same transport van asked them about their kids.  They told her the 5 year old was at school and that the 3 and 4 year olds had remained at the tent the family was living in…  I’m sorry but 3 and 4 year olds don’t remain anywhere…  They get left!!  Fucking idiots!!

She said she noticed the brain-dead duo weren’t lining up for the ride back from the methadone clinic.  They then informed her that they were planning on returning home later after they sold their plasma.  Seriously??  They actually pay addicts for blood products?!?  WTF?!?

The witness then convinced the van driver to take her to the place he picked the dipshits up.  She found the babies wandering around the woods in their pajamas dirty, hungry, and thirsty and one had lost a shoe.  She then went to the tent and found there wasn’t any food or water left for the girls.  She took them to her home, fed them, gave them something to drink, and called deputies!  Bravo Madam, Bravo!!!

Deputy Hanlon found the tent behind a trailer that was undergoing repairs but had running water and electricity.

The deputy also spoke with 2 of the kids grandparents.  They told him the 2 worthless slugs would sometimes drop the kids off without their knowledge.  One said they told the couple they were unable to care for the girls due to health issues.  A grandparent also said the idiots have left the babies alone before while they went to the methadone clinic!!

The Fuckers have been charged with child neglect.

All 3 children have been placed with a relative.  Thankfully, all were safe and not hurt!


Rant On:

How does a person think that trading one addiction for another is helpful??  I don’t care if methadone is legal and handed out like fucking candy it’s still a fucking drug!!

I’ve read comments on these articles where people are blaming this shit on the economy and these fucking junkies being poor.  BULLSHIT!!!

These worthless, brain-dead fucks chose to leave a 3 and 4 year old to fend for themselves in a tent in the woods!!  That has nothing to do with being poor and everything to do with being a neglectful, selfish, piece of shit junkie that is more worried about their next fix than they are about the well being of those babies!!

They sit in jail and I guarantee you someone is handing them their regular dose of methadone!!  That’s bullshit in my opinion!!  Detox their asses!  Cold turkey!  They should also have their parental rights severed and be forcibly sterilized!!  This isn’t the first time those babies have been left alone!!!  If you intentionally harm or place your child in harms way that should be it!!  No second chances!!  Why give someone a second chance to do more harm to a child???

Unfortunately, this happened in Florida.  We all know what the outcome will be.  A slap on the wrist, parenting classes and the children will be placed right back in harms way once again!!

Rant Over

For some reason I can’t seem to get a picture to upload…  I’ll update with one as soon as I can!!


Thanks to Emilie and Cathy for the tip!

"Parents" Out Dealing While Baby Dies in Fire

Tot Left Alone Dies in House Fire

Parents Investigated

Parents Out on Drug Deal


30 year old Anthony Walker and 22 year old Adrienne Haslam-Tatti decided to go for a midnight stroll.  Now, normally this wouldn’t land them on BB but when they took their walk they left their 18 month old son, Dillon Walker, in his crib alone.

Justin Stevens, the downstairs neighbor, told police he was brushing his teeth when he smelled smoke.  After searching his home he went outside and saw an orange glow coming from his neighbor’s suite on the second level.

He kicked the door in and saw fire coming from the oven.  He tried to put it out with water and when that didn’t work he ran from room to room to see if anyone was there.  He searched the living room and a bedroom but unfortunately couldn’t get to the bedroom Dillon was in because the smoke was too thick.

Canadian police and fire department received 3 emergency calls of a home burning and within 9 minutes were at the scene.   When they got there the second floor was fully engulfed in flames.  The intense heat and flames prevented firefighters from entering at first.  Eventually, they got the flames controlled and were able to get inside to find the baby dead in his crib.

While emergency workers were trying to get close to the home the bio-parents showed back up.  Haslam-Tatti immediately started screaming her baby was in there while Walker was yelling, “We just went for a walk.  Our gas was shut off.  We use the stove for heat.”  He said the gas had been shut off 2 days prior and they were using an oil heater, 2 small heaters, and the oven for heat.  He told police they were only gone 10 to 15 minutes.

Emergency workers arrived at 1:43 am, 9 minutes before that were the 911 calls so it was first reported at about 1:34.  According to reports the parents showed up on the scene at 2:05 am and were uncooperative and wouldn’t give the police their names.  So that’s about 30 minutes that we know the home was burning.  The neighbors didn’t notice it until it was already too late to save little Dillon.  So who knows how long these two were actually gone!!

Police now say that their midnight stroll was in fact a drug deal and that these two were the dealers!!  Neighbors told investigators that Walker “dealt numerous kinds of illegal drugs to people in the community.”

The two are being investigated for criminal negligence causing death, failure to provide necessities and child abandonment according to a search warrant.

They have another child who fortunately wasn’t in the home the night of the fire!!


Rant On:

I don’t know much about Canadian law but why the hell haven’t these two been arrested??  They left an 18 month old baby alone!!  Regardless of anything else that alone should land their worthless, negligent asses in jail!!

I don’t care if it was 10-15 minutes, which I don’t believe for one fucking minute, their actions cost this baby his life!!  They might as well have set the fire themselves!

Why did it take both of them to make a fucking drug deal!?!  If one of them had stayed with that baby this wouldn’t be an issue right now!!!

BTW, what kind of drug dealer doesn’t make enough money to pay his fucking utility bills!?!  Makes me wonder if they weren’t using up all the profit to feed habits of their own!

True justice would find both of these useless bastards burned alive!!!

Rant Over


R.I.P. Dillon



Thanks go to Connor for the tip.

Hooker Sells Baby for $300 and 1 Months Boarding

Four Charged with Alleged Baby Selling

Woman Says She Was Just a Good Samaritan

New Details Released in Child Trafficking Case

Indiana Pair Also Traded Truck for 2nd Child


Molester, Overbitch, Bio-Prick, Hooker


Rose Faucett, Phillip Hester, Debbie Overby and Michael Overby were all arrested and charged with forgery, conspiracy to commit forgery, and conspiracy to commit child selling.

36 year old Rose Faucett, a known prostitute, was homeless and pregnant when she was taken in by 50 year old Debbie Overby and her boyfriend and brother-in-law 57 year old Michael Overby.

This unborn baby and what would happen after she was born seemed to be the issue of the house.  Michael Carlisle, a young man who is engaged to an Overby relative, says, “I heard multiple conversations about them wanting to purchase the baby, monetary obligations, complaints, you name it.”  He got the investigation started by reporting all of this to the police.

Now before I get any farther into this let me give a little background on the “alleged” buyers.  It seems they couldn’t legally adopt because they’ve both been to prison.  Not only have they been to prison both were sent for crimes against minors.

Overbitch was sent to prison and is on probation for felony child neglect in 2009.  This case concerned her adopted son, who is also the biological grandson of Michael Overby.  His daughter was killed by her ex-boyfriend.  So Michael’s brother Danny Overby and sis-in-law (Overbitch) adopted the boy before Danny died.  Why couldn’t Michael adopt?  Well, he was convicted of child molestation in 1984.

So the hooker chose to sell her baby to a neglectful c*** and a fucking, sick, demented, child molesting prick!!  The hooker knew they were felons, Overbitch told her she would adopt the baby but she couldn’t due to her felony, but she would let her sign over guardianship.  That’s what they did after the baby was born on April 2nd.

The molester signed the paternity affidavit stating he was the biological father.  Then a guardianship paper was drawn up, signed and notarized.

The agreement was the hooker could stay there for about a month and then they would give her $300 to help her get a place after that.

When police tracked down who they think is the bio-dad, 58 year old Phillip Hester, he told them that he knew about the forging of the paternity papers and didn’t care because he didn’t want anything to do with the baby.  A paternity test is pending!  Fucking Prick!!

Now, Overbitch is swearing she did nothing wrong.  She was just being a Good Samaritan.  She claims, “I took care of her. I cooked for her and everything. I made sure she had clean clothes. When the baby was born, I was there for her. I was there for the baby,” she said. “I just did what anyone with a heart would do. No, I didn’t offer anything, no kind of nothing.”  But she admitted to the police that she was going to give her $300 and that it looked like they were trying to buy the baby.

The Molester says he just didn’t want to see the baby on the street…  What do you know a molester with a heart!!  BULLSHIT!!

Evidently, this isn’t the first time these two have done this!!  They have been raising a 4 year old little girl that they reportedly gave the bio-parents an old pick-up truck for and have been sending them up to $200 a month to let them keep her.  They’ve had this little girl for about 2 ½ years now…  Her parents, David and Rebecca Lloyd, live in Alabama.

“This is an ongoing investigation. It’s difficult to know what to expect. We have never seen a case quite like this in our office,” Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Mary Hutchison said.

Thankfully, the baby and the 4 year old are in the state’s custody and the 11 year old adopted son is staying with in-laws.

Overbitch has been released on bond.  The Hooker and her trick are both being held on $5000 each.  Chester the Molester is being held on $80,000 bond.


Rant On:

What the fucking hell is wrong with these people?!?  6 pathetic excuses for parenting in this fucked up situation!!  At least 4 of them are sick fucking wastes of oxygen that need to be wiped off the planet and I’m leaning towards all 6!!

Who the hell trades their child for a fucking truck???  What kind of fucking human does that shit?!?  Not to mention a measly $200 a month!!  Is that all a child is worth these days??

Then you’ve got the fucking whore that’s selling a newborn for $300 and room and fucking board for a month and her fucking boyfriend/trick/john/pimp whatever the hell he is, that just plain doesn’t give a shit what happens as long as he’s not bothered!

These babies were just handed over to a pedophile and a neglectful piece of shit on a whim!!

These people serve no purpose other than to be a drain on society and to prey on children!!  I can’t think of a punishment deserving enough for them at the moment!!  I guess I’ll leave that up to all of you!!

Thank you Michael Carlisle for having the decency to report this to the authorities!!

Rant Over



Thanks to DodiaFae and Joanna for the tip.


“Mummy and Daddy are asleep.” A Murder/Suicide with a Twist…

Mother Murdered in Front of the Kids

Father Killed Wife then Himself:  Leaving Kids Alone w/Bodies

Barry Harrison

34 year old Amanda Harrison was murdered in front of her two young sons.  5 year old Aiden and 3 year old Owen were in the home alone for 24-48 hours.

47 year old Barry Harrison is believed to have strangled his wife with a piece of washing line.  He was found in the bedroom with her where he had taken an overdose and hung himself.

A family friend had tried to contact Amanda by phone, became worried and contacted her sister, who was also the apartment manager, and asked her to check on the family.

Pat Cannon knocked on the door and Aiden answered saying “Hi Pat.”  She asked where his parents were and his response was “We can’t wake Mummy and Daddy up.”  He said, “Mummy is lying down and Daddy is asleep standing up.”

Aiden later also demonstrated how his father attacked his mother.  He reenacted his father grabbing the mother by the throat and her trying to push him off.  “Daddy had blood on his face.”

According to police the apartment was in disarray.  “There was a lot of mess on the floor of the whole flat, in the kitchen area the fridge was open, there was a red substance smeared on the dining table which looked like jam, a white substance on the floor of the kitchen, a bleach bottle lying on its side, bits of biscuits lying on the carpet.”

“Foodstuffs were scattered and smeared over the floors and furniture and the lower shelves of the fridge had been cleared and emptied.”

”The children told me they had been making potions and having fun. The children appeared happy and had been playing.”

According to reports, Barry had lost his job, due to the plant shutting down, and the couple was struggling in a mountain of debt.  They lost their house and had been having marital issues due to financial strain.

Barry Harrison’s first marriage ended because of an affair his first wife had and he was terrified it was happening again.  The couple had decided to take a 3 week break.  He went to stay with his sister and her and the kids stayed with a friend.

Stacey Harrison, Barry’s daughter from his first marriage, told the inquest that when her father left to return home he had been “on edge”. “He seemed to have made his mind up,” she said. “He said he wasn’t sure if he could cope with losing the boys in the same way he had lost me and Lee.”

Amanda confided in a friend that she was in a relationship with 19 year old Alex Harmer-Wood, a fact that he denies.  He says they went out for drinks and he was no longer interested because of her age and marital status.  He has said she had become obsessed with him though.

During their time apart, Amanda Harrison allowed Alex Harmer-Wood and his girlfriend to stay at their home, but her husband found the young couple in his bed. The following day was the last time the Harrisons were seen alive.

R.I.P. Amanda

-Rant On-

The only good thing about this story is he didn’t touch those boys!  The bad thing is it seems he didn’t think of them at all!!

How do you plan to leave your children on their own in an apartment with their dead parents?!?  Why not send them to a neighbor’s or if it’s that urgent call the authorities before you kill yourself!!  Hell, leaving them outside would be a better alternative!!!

I was very hesitant to say this and had a lot of issues writing this story until a friend helped me out.

Barry Harrison is just another selfish SOB that placed his feelings and/or dick in front of his kids!  I am sorry for his family and the loss, but it’s obvious those boys and their well-being never entered his mind!  It was all about the woman that was going to leave him!

People cope with money problems and infidelity everyday.  Cowboy the Fuck Up and deal with it it’s not the end of the world!!

At the same time I’m thankful his thoughts didn’t stray to his sons.  That’s probably why they are still alive!

Thankfully, the boys didn’t realize what had happened!  Hopefully, their little minds will completely block all memory of the event!!  There are so many things that could have happened to make this story more tragic!

-Rant Over-


Thanks for the tip goes to Emilie!


**A special thanks goes to Abusehater for the virtual kick in the ass I needed on this one!!  I Love You, Girlie!!**

…Momma Says, "Stupid is as Stupid Does"

Sheriff Calls Act “Despicable Parenting”

Couple Faces Child Endangerment Charges

Baby Escapes Injury After Flying Out of Car


“Forest Gump”, uh…I mean Gilbert Saavedra


To start off let me say that sweet little 9 month old Alejandro Saavedra suffered only minor injuries; bumps and bruises, no thanks to his 2 incredibly stupid breeders.

On Tuesday, March 8th at approximately 2pm, the 19yr old male breeder, Gilbert Saavedra, and his 16yr old girlfriend (unidentified due to age I assume) were having a massive argument at their Winton, CA apartment. Neighbors report that this is a regular occurrence even though sperm donor no longer lives at the apartment he is still a regular visitor there. They continued to argue as they headed outside where   they threw (and I don’t mean placed) their son, strapped in his car seat into the back seat of their Mercedes and then both got into the front seat. While still screaming at each other they took off down the street at a high rate of speed (approx 50 MPH on a residential street) and while rounding a corner the back doors flew open and little Alejandro, still strapped in his unsecured car seat fell out of the car and rolled several times before striking the curb.  “Mom” and “dad” immediately stopped the car. Did they check to see if the baby was ok? Did they call 911 or ask someone else to? Nope! The 16yr old worthless uterus didn’t even get out of the car. Saavedra however did jump out of the car, grabbed the baby still in his car seat and again threw him back into the backseat leaving him unsecured again, and took off down the street.

“It was just another despicable display of parenting skills. They basically threw the baby in the back of the car like a sack of potatoes,” explained Mark Pazin, Merced Co. Sheriff. Amen to that!

Witnesses called 911 and gave officers a description of the car and details about what had happened. The police located the car approximately 90 minutes later. At the hospital right? Where they had rushed their baby to check to make sure he wasn’t injured? No, again! They were located driving down the street with the baby, still unsecured in the back of the car. Officers took the baby from them, and although he didn’t appear to be hurt, they rushed him to the hospital to make certain that he wasn’t injured. CPS was called and they took custody of the child. Both the sperm contributor and the sperm receptacle were arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. Gilbert was sent to big boy jail on $50, 000 bail and teenybopper was questioned by CPS where she proceeded to assault the CPS investigator. She was sent to Juvy with additional charges for assault. She was originally being held without bail but according to her sister she has since been released.

The 16yr old mother’s sister, Cecelia Sanchez said, “She’s a good mom, she’s always there for him and everything. But when it comes to her boyfriend, everything revolves around him,” Now I don’t know if she means that the mom is a good mom unless she’s with the boyfriend because then everything revolves around him and the baby doesn’t matter, or, if she means that Gilbert thinks everything revolves around him and the baby doesn’t matter but either way no one had this little boys best interest at heart when they placed him, unsecured, in a speeding car with the doors unlocked not once but twice even though the first time he fell out and could have been killed.

These two are not only too young to be having babies; they are too stupid to be having babies. I mean really, they can afford a Mercedes but they can’t afford one good brain between them. I hope they both spend enough time in jail or juvy as the case may be to grow up and learn how to be responsible parents before they have any more. I also hope that CPS does not return this child to either of them. I think they have placed his life in jeopardy more than enough times, he deserves better.


Baby Alejandro Saavedra, Alive and well in CPS custody. I’ll be praying for you little guy.



Thanks to Alissa for the tip.


***Special Thanks to Abusehater for the write up!***

Collins/Sholter King and Queen of Nastiness


Toddler Found in Filthy Room

Parents Arrested for Neglect

Parents Denied Custody

Pics:  Filthy Motel Room

Lazy Ass Bitches

Savanah Sholter frantically called 911 about her 2 ½ year old son who was non-responsive.  “My son’s not breathing.  He’s a special needs baby.”  “He’s on a feeding machine.  He’s been having problems with the machine.”

2 ½ year old Elijah Collins was unconscious and not breathing.  The boy only weighed 13 pounds!!  (Now just to put that into perspective, my 3 month old nephew weighs 12 pounds.  Yeah, that’s right, 3 months not almost 3 years!!) He was dehydrated, emaciated, had fecal matter embedded in his skin and lesions or bed sores  on his body, a severe rash covering his body and his toenails were so long they looked like they had never been cut!  He was found lying on a mattress covered in urine and feces!!  WTF is wrong with these people?!?  This is a child that has to have a feeding tube and infections can run rampant if the living conditions aren’t clean!!  13 pounds!!!  Both DNA donors are Lazy Ass Bitches!!

“He looked like a concentration camp victim from the WWII documentaries that we see.  He was emaciated,” said Carl Zogby, of the Hialeah Police Department.  “Not only was he not fed, he was not hydrated properly.  He wasn’t even groomed.  He was probably not bathed in his lifetime, perhaps.”

According to police, Elijah and a dead cat (seriously, a dead fucking cat!?) were found in a motel room full of garbage, living animals (I’m assuming more cats), both animal and human feces, dirty diapers, rotten formula and spoiled food.  The place reeked of cat urine.

“Diapers that were 3 feet high – stacked up soiled diapers, urine, dead animals and live animals in the room,” Zogby said.

The sperm donor, a fireman machinery technician in the USCG, could see more charges filed against him under the military code of justice.  (One can only hope!!) 25 year old Vincent Collins and 21 year old Savanah Sholter have both been charged with neglect.  Their bonds are set for $7500 each.  Sounds more like attempted murder to me!!  How about adding abandonment, child-endangerment, torture?  Hell, cruelty to animals!!  Something more than neglect!!  This is so much more than neglect!!

It seems the DNA donors and 1 year old Jeremiah were staying in a separate room while little 2 ½ year old Elijah stayed alone in the filthy room “a few doors down”.  According to the motel manager the bio-parents rented two rooms and always refused maid service in that room saying “We do it ourselves.”  All they had to do was let the maid service in once a day!!  Lazy Ass Bitches didn’t even have to clean!  The only reason not to let them clean would be they were trying to hide something!  Was it the cats or the fact that they were starving their child to death??  My guess is the latter!

At a hearing to decide the custody of the two babies, Irma Martinez was the only family acquaintance who appeared at the court and she was not on the “parents” side.  “My reason for being here is so that Elijah and Jeremiah do not go back to them – ever!”  According to Martinez, she called the child abuse hotline in September, after Elijah was rushed to the hospital with a serious bacterial infection.  “I explained to them the conditions they were living in.  What you saw over the weekend, that’s basically how they live.”  Wait!! She reported this in September and the kids remained in that nasty shit til now?!?  Way to drop the ball once again Florida DCF!!

The judge at that hearing said, “At this time I’m going to find probable cause and reasonable efforts to shelter these children, and I’m going to order no contact whatsoever with the parents.”  Thank You Judge Sampedro-Iglesia!!  At least someone is looking out for those babies!  Now sever the parental rights and you’ll be my hero!!

Elijah is expected to spend at least a month in the hospital.  Jeremiah has been placed in a foster home.

Hopefully, they’ll never have to live in the filth their so called “parents” think is suitable to raise children in again! Unfortunately, they’re in Florida so most likely these disgusting, lazy, uncaring pricks will get another chance to finish the job they started.  I don’t want to hear any bullshit about parenting classes or therapy!!  Screw that!  In this case once a lazy-ass, neglectful slob always a lazy-ass, neglectful slob.

They would have been taught when Elijah was born how he had to be cared for.  It would have been stressed that the tube hanging out of his little body and the area around it be kept clean!!  They also would have been instructed on the feeding machine and how to trouble shoot it or who to call to get another one if that one stopped working!!  I don’t believe for one damn minute that machine was the cause of him weighing 15 pounds!  A real parent would have noticed it when he lost a few ounces and immediately would have notified the doctor!

IMO putting that baby in that room and leaving him alone was tantamount to torture!!  He may have special needs but he also needs what every baby needs; love, attention, caring and interaction!!  I guess that’s what the fucking cats were for!!  A baby needs to know if something isn’t right and he cries out there will be someone there to take care of him!!

If they were incapable of doing any of these things then they should have put him up for adoption!!  These two have absolutely no excuse!!  If they were overwhelmed there was help out there.  Hell, he was a Coastie, they had access to military programs.

Personally, I think this is a case of pure fucking laziness!!  Well, that and I think they played favorites with the kids.  Elijah’s care required more attention so he got shoved aside and forgotten!!  It breaks my heart to think about it…

They should both be forcibly sterilized, their parental rights severed, and placed in an 8×8 room with nothing but a dirty mattress, a bucket for a toilet, and a cat (take the cat out once a day to feed/water it)!  Fucking low-life, nasty, lazy, worthless maggots!!

I didn’t mean for this whole post to turn into one giant rant.  It is what it is I guess!

Rant Over


Thanks for the tip go to Alissa, Lovingmy9, Tina, and me.

Doctor Do Wrong and His "Chickies"



Dr. Do Wrong

Feb. 28, 2011 Former car salesman,  Steven Demink  of Redford Township, Detroit, Michigan pled guilty to six charges of sexual exploitation of children. Demink told U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen that before his arrest, he worked as a car salesman for about six months and before that for about five years at a local bank. He said he completed a U.S. Customs and Border Protection training program in 2002 and worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service for about a year. He attended college for about two years but did not earn a degree, he said. So much for The Department of Homeland Security.

This demented road apple posted himself on the single-parent website as a single father of a 14 yr old girl and in at least 1 case he stated he had a doctorate in psychology in order to coerce weak minded women into abusing their own children and sending photos and streaming videos. “Demink intimated to these women that the result of the therapy would be healthier children,” one court document.

According to his plea agreement he engaged in online chats with a mother in Oregon about the sexual development of her 8 yr old son who suffers from autism. He told her to engage in sexually explicit acts with her son in order to teach him about sex, while he watched via webcam. WTF!!!! How does a mother concerned about the welfare of her child especially an autistic child allow herself to be “coerced” into something so fucking heinous? I just can’t fathom that kind of betrayal.

At least 3 women have been charged all from several states. Seems to me that a sexual predator found other sexual predators to interact with. Of course I’ll probably get flamed for my viewpoint but it is what it is. If these worthless gyps had not already been abusers not one of them would have thought twice about contacting their local authorities and getting him offline and into a prison gang rape as soon as possible.

A mother in Idaho, one Ms. Eileen Schwab, reported her own daughter’s conversations with this fuck in 2009 kicking off the investigation that led to the end of this predation. I applaud you Ms Schwab, for have the courage and moral fiber necessary to stand up for your grandchild.

“I don’t know how he wrangled her in,” Schwab said. “She could have turned off the computer and gone the other way. He must have had a power over her.” I don’t, however, applaud you for this grievous insult. Don’t defend her she deserves to be raped with a pimp stick everyday for the rest of her natural life. Not coddled by our overly cushy justice system.

This case encompasses woman and children in several states including , New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, Georgia and others. Seven children were “rescued” and at least three mothers have been arrested. According to prosecutors all the children , ranging in age from 3-15 are safe. Let us hope they haven’t let any slip through the cracks.


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