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I’m sorry for my most recent hiatus. I had some personal things I had to take care of all of a sudden. But never mind that. Hopefully I’m back for a while and I’ve got you all a present.

In the past I’ve said that I can’t post every story that I get here at PBB or I would never be able to do anything else. And I’ve felt bad for the people who took the time to send in stories that didn’t make it to PBB. Now I have sort of a solution to that. I’ve resurrected to be a companion site to PBB. IT will have just the links to articles that people have sent in that weren’t posted to PBB.

Again, it is not replacing PBB but acting as a companion site.


Minnesota Study: Parents Need Refereeing

From the Sports Desk: further proof that many moms and dads out there need to stop living vicariously through their kids. A recent Minnesota study paints a disturbing picture of parents’ behavior at their kids’ sporting events. 73% of parents surveyed said they’d witnessed a verbal altercation, and one in seven indicate that they’ve witnessed physical altercations at games and competitions. (Ok – “competitions” might be a stretch. I can’t picture some beer-gutted dad, reeling after his 15th Pabst Blue Ribbon, getting up in some hapless judge’s grill because his daughter only got a 9.5 for that last triple Axel. And no, Tonya Harding is NOT from Minnesota. I checked.) The study raises an interesting question: is a rise in sports-related knee injuries connected to a perception that parents are pressuring their kids to play to the point of injury?

Difficult to say, although it wouldn’t surprise me. Y’know, we do plenty of stories about the unspeakable things that some parents do to their kids. Those never fail to bring out a deep, dark anger in me. But stories like this – well, they just make me sad.

Provo Parents Oppose Gay-Straight Alliance

homophobe.gifLooks like The Gays are at it again! This time, they’re trying to infliltrate Provo High School and form some kind of Alliance with the God-fearing straight kids in the hopes of – that’s right! – TURNING THEM GAY. This, at least, according to Stephen F. Graham, head of something called the Standard of Liberty Foundation. Mr. Graham is the voice of opposition to a proposed extracurricular Gay-Straight Alliance club at the high school in Provo, Utah.

Mr. Graham’s chief concern is apparently to protect the school district. Not from leather-clad teens singing Village People tunes, but from the avalanche of lawsuits that’s sure to come once the straight kids’ parents sue the school the school because their kids have “come out as homosexuals after attending club meetings”. Not to mention the fact that the straight kids will inevitably “later contract the HIV virus and AIDS”. Hard to find fault with that logic! (Unless, of course, you’re one of those people that believes in “research studies” and “common sense”.)

The article presents an overview of what the club actually stands for (promotion of acceptance and tolerance of gay students), and also features quotes from parents and students who are in favor of the organization. What? It doesn’t? A Utah newspaper running a one-sided story about gaybashers? Go figure.

Parents Oppose Halloween For Religious Reasons

hallowe22.jpgWell, duh. Of COURSE there are parents out there who oppose Halloween for religious reasons. But as much as I like to lay down the snark, I actually found this article interesting and somewhat enlightening.

I feel bad for Elizabeth Silvia, the high schooler who recounts the taunting that she endured at the hands of her classmates over her parents’ attitudes towards the holiday. And I’m actually sympathetic towards her folks – that they felt compelled to explain to the public at large why they don’t participate in Halloween-related activities and received berating phone calls for it is a bit sad. (Hey – I empathize. I come from a Catholic dad and a Jewish mom, and I get it from all sides. “Why don’t you go to Church? Why don’t you go to Temple?” Oi vey! Madon! I’m tellin’ ya – it’s enough to make me go Buddhist).

I realize that this may seem trivial given the nature of most of the articles we see on this site, but hey – it’s Halloween. So what do you think? Halloween – recruiting tool for Satan, or elaborate plot by a cabal of dentists and Hollywood marketing execs to drive up business? And does it have a place in our schools? Discuss. I’ll be out TP’ing the neighbor’s house if you need me.

Parents Warned Over Bad Behavior At Soccer Game

vinnie_jones.jpgThere are a lot of differences between American and English football (the English version: much more “foot”, much less steroids), but there’s one sad similarity – the behavior of a few bad fans/parents. The British news site Biggleswade Today (no, I did not pull that name from a Monty Python skit) reports that some locals are incensed over the boorish behavior exhibited by some parents at a youth football/soccer match/game.

Yeah, we in the States have our share of loser dads taking out their feelings of inadequacy on fellow spectators, players, and refs. But the British can put a classy spin on anything. Here’s how the site puts it: “Coupled with the sight of one of the fathers relieving himself publicly in the dividing hedge, this does little to encourage support of more pitches on the new field – particularly when the pavilion was open and available for such calls of nature and is a public order offence…With such examples is there any wonder some youths are behaving anti-socially.”

Or, in American English: “Dude. Don’t piss on the field. Use the shitter. There’s kids watching, jackass.”

St. Petersburg Schools Taking Care Of Abandoned Kids

Bus.jpgProving once again that intelligence is not a prerequisite for parenthood, some Florida parents are shocked! and angered! that local school bus drivers are refusing to abandon their kids at bus stops. Apparently, an outbreak of common sense has struck St. Petersburg school officials, who are taking in kids whose parents don’t show up to pick them up from bus stops after school.

Insert your own “No Child Left Behind” joke here. Bravo to those school employees who’ve taken the time and initiative to do the right thing. There’s probably not a simple answer to this, although…what the hell? St. Petersburg parents – PICK UP YOUR KIDS, PEOPLE. And if for some reason you can’t (you’re homeless, incarcerated, or in the case of one Angela Young, a complete fuckwit), how about a simple “thank you for not allowing my child to be abducted or run over”?

Arrests Follow Youth Football Game

penaltyflag.jpgFrom the Sports Desk comes this heartwarming story, in the tradition of “Hoosiers”, “Remember The Titans”, “The Mighty Ducks”, and all those wonderful movies about inspiring coaches who teach their athletes that life is about more than winning…ah, who am I kidding. Three Pennsylvania football coaches were arrested for their conduct during a game. All three swore at the refs and incited the crowd, in protest of a perceived bad call made by the officials. One of them apparently threw a football at the refs. Oh, and they also swore at police officers who were there to maintain order.

This story has it all – belligerent parents, maniacal coaches, poor sportsmanship, accusations of racism, dads being led off in handcuffs. All over a football game played between 11-year-old kids. And once again, the parents end up screwing things up for the kids. Call me old-fashioned, but aren’t football games supposed to be fun? I know, I know – that’s crazy talk.

Belfast Parents Drive Kids To Binge Drinking Parties

lepnthahood.jpgConcerned that negative national stereotypes were not being reinforced, some parents in Ireland have been ferrying their kids – along with cases of Guiness and Jameson’s – to drinking parties in the Belfast woods.
Local cabs also got in on the act, acting as delivery vehicles and ferrying booze to the partygoers.

Concerned citizens in the area banded together to put a stop to this in response to reports of violence and sexual assaults at the parties. Included in the coalition were members of the clergy, representatives from local community and women’s centers, and Social Services counselors. The effort to put a halt to these parties is being headed up by Michael Ferguson, a member of Sinn Fein – yes, THAT Sinn Fein, the political wing of the I.R.A. Which makes me think that if the I.R.A. says that something is out of control…wow. Must be a hell of a shindig.

Foster Parents Convicted Of Abusing Disabled Teen

Candid.jpgMeet Frank and Marylynnette (my fingers hurt from typing her name) Barney, who apparently took out their deep-rooted issues with their unfortunate monikers on their foster kid. Neighbor Loretta Kearns began picking up signals from this lovely couple’s nanny cam on her home security system. What she saw were scenes of the Barneys beating the shit out of the 15 year-old boy in their care. The Kearns made a couple of phone calls, and the unsuspecting Barneys ended up getting “Punk’d” by the Chicago Police Department.

Making this even more charming: the fact that the poor kid has an IQ of 45. But let’s not be too hard on the Barneys. After all, their lawyers said that they “never intended to harm the child”. Which…yeah, I can see that, because when I don’t intend to hurt people I make sure to hit them with my belt, fists, or a large wooden paddle, rather than, say, throw a Nerf ball at them. And according to defense lawyer George Lynch, such abuse was OK, since the nuns in Catholic school used to give the kids a good beatin’ with a strap when he was a lad. I’m no lawyer, but I’d like to suggest to Mr. Lynch that he not use this particular stream of logic if he’s ever called upon to defend a child-molesting priest.

The story has a happy ending; the boy is living with a new family and plans to graduate high school. Meanwhile, the Barneys have lost their jobs, filed for bankruptcy, and are currently sitting in lockup waiting for sentencing. Have fun in prison, Frank and Marylynnette; hope you enjoy “tossin’ salads”!

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