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Philly Breeders starve 3-year-old girl to death

Rivera and Ramirez

Parents charged with murder in starvation death of 3-year-old girl:

Ah Philadelphia, how I do not miss your barbarism towards your fellow-man. City of brotherly love my ass.

This time the participants are 30-year-old Carlos Rivera and 27-year-old Carmen Ramirez. They’ve been accused of allegedly starving Nathalyz Rivera, their 3-year-old daughter, to death. When Rivera found little Nathalyz unconscious instead of calling 911 he called Ramirez who was at a male friend’s house. Ramirez and the male friend came over and THEN took Nathalyz to the hospital.

The M.E. ruled her death homicide by starvation and said that she showed obvious signs of abuse. The Captain of Philadelphia’s homicide unit said it was one of the worst cases of abuse that he’s seen. When a Captain of the Philadelphia homicide unit says something is the worst he’s ever seen you can take his word for it because Philly is never short on atrocities. Police also say that Ramirez claimed that Nathalyz was a special needs child which makes me wonder if they were just starving her or the other four kids as well.

Police are still investigating and asking the public for tips…

As this investigation continues, anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477), text a tip to PPD TIP (773847) or through

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

They put the MENTAL in fundamentalist Christianity

Catherine, Herbert Schaible’s Second Child Dies After Parents Use Prayer, No Medicine

Herbert And Catherine Schaible Lose 2nd Child After Choosing Prayer Instead Of Doctor




First of all, thanks to Lynnetta for sending in the tip. Trench forwarded it to me, knowing what I have to say about religious nutjobs.

First of all, meet Catherine Schaible (43) and Herbert Schaible (44) from sunny Philadelphia. They are fundamentalist Christians. Not a crime in itself. Everyone has the right to believe in what they want to believe. But when those beliefs cause pain and suffering to other people, they do not have the right to hide behind their beliefs or use them as an excuse.

You see, the Schaibles don’t believe in medicine. The church that they belong to believe in “faith healing”, which has no scientific basis nor does it actually work. When their 8-month old son Brandon stopped eating and was suffering from diarrhoea and breathing problems, they didn’t take him to a doctor. They didn’t even go to a chemist. They PRAYED for him. Unfortunately, the Schaibles’ inaction cost baby Brandon his life. Police say that when Brandon died, the Schaibles reported the death to a funeral home rather than calling 911. They knew it was wrong to not seek medical help for a sick child, so they skipped notifying the authorities and wanted to get baby Brandon into the ground as soon as possible. Cold, cold creeps.

What’s more, is that the Schaibles were on a 10 year probation (wtf?) for the death of their 2 year old son, Kent, who had died 4 years ago from bacterial pneumonia. Same thing, they prayed for him and didn’t bother to go see a doctor. Poor Kent’s symptoms included coughing, congestion, crankiness and a loss of appetite, but he slowly regained his appetite and was eating and drinking right up until he died. The couple pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter (what about neglect resulting in death?) and were sentenced to 10 years’ probation.

The conditions of their probation were that they had to visit the doctor regularly and seek medical help if their children got sick. Their defence attorney alleges that the Schaibles did get their children medical check-ups and that Brandon had seen a doctor when he was 10 days old, but she didn’t know if they’d been to the doctor’s since. She further added that it’s not known whether their religion had anything to do with Brandon’s death.

The Schaibles are part of the First Century Gospel Church in northeast PA and poisoned children’s minds with their stupid beliefs taught Sunday School. The church’s website has an online sermon called “Healing – from God or medicine?” which rants about the depravity of using doctors and pills and raves about how Jesus is the answer to all of life’s ailments. A fitting name, First Century. Because that’s where these belief systems belong!

No charges have been laid yet on the Schaibles yet, as they don’t know yet how baby Brandon died. An autopsy will be conducted soon, and the coroner will determine whether charges will be laid.

Now for my two bob: I am an atheist. I don’t believe in any gods. I believe in science and doing right by other people, and respecting living things. I also respect the right of people to believe what they like to believe. But once they cross that line where they use their beliefs to hurt other people, that’s when I lose respect for their beliefs. If someone uses their beliefs to victimise other people or to oppress other people, they deserve nothing but contempt. Governments who can’t keep religion out of politics also deserve derision. Luckily in Australia, we do have some sort of separation between religion and state. However, the day that they bring in Sharia law or ban abortion/contraception to suit the views of a minority will be the day they lose my vote.

Rest in peace little Brandon and Kent. Sorry that your breeders were backwards and stupid, and that their detachment from reality killed you.



Thanks again to Lynnetta for the tip

Philly Breeder was just trying to knock dog off of bed

Samuel Cabrera (Angry looking little troll isn’t he?)

Father Accused of Beating 3-Month-Old Son to Death:

Earlier this month 3-month-old Samuel Cabrera Jr. of Philadelphia was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We’ll get to the who and why in a moment.

Samuel Jr. was rushed to the hospital for being unresponsive and doctor’s noticed he was covered in bruises. As is all too usual in these cases the Breeders gave conflicting stories. The egg layer stated that the bruises were from the baby’s father performing CPR. The sperm donor in question, 27-year-old Samuel Cabrera, allegedly told police that he was trying to knock the dog off of the bed. Cabrera the elder must have some massive leg strength then because reports say that Samuel Jr. had broken bones, a crushed liver, a crushed spleen and all of his abdominal organs had been crushed. That’s one hell of a nudge because it doesn’t sound anything like that he was beating the baby repeatedly in the abdomen.

Cabrera’s 15-month-old daughter is also said to have bruises and is now living with a relative. His squeeze’s kids have also been removed from the home however she has not been charged as of yet.

I lived in and around Philly most of my life. It’s kind of like a prison. Most everybody is up to some kind of no good (at least in the neighborhoods that I’m familiar with) yet when a child is harmed it can galvanize the city or a neighborhood. I don’t believe in vigilantism but if there was ever someone who was in desperate need of good old-fashioned Philly street justice it’s this scumbag. Maybe instead they should let the top MMA guys use him as a human sparring dummy. That way he could feel just a fraction of what he put his own defenseless flesh and blood through.

Thanks to Warrior Artemis for the tip.

Moronic Melissa left her kids home alone

Mom who left kids alone faces endangerment charges


At least she got her makeup did for the mugshot!

That purty party princess up there is Melissa Melba George (40) of East Lansdowne, Delaware County, Philadelphia. She’s being charged with two counts of child endangerment after she left her two kids home alone for a few days.

The MIA moron disappeared for several days, while her two kids aged 9 and 11 were left to fend for themselves. Her own children reported her missing and a missing person bulletin was issued in the local paper. Shortly after the article was published, the cops started getting reports of sightings of Miss Melissa in the area and she shortly returned voluntarily. Why, were people asking her about her children?

Those poor kids! Imagine coming home to find that your mum isn’t back from work or isn’t in the house full-stop. No note, no phone call, no nothing. Then having to fend for yourselves for a few days, all the while worrying where your mum is. At least they hadn’t starved, there appeared to be food in the house. I still get anxious if my mum doesn’t come back from somewhere at the time she said she’d be back. All sorts of thoughts run through my head about accidents and stuff. I couldn’t imagine what would be going on with these two poor kids. And especially because she didn’t have a reason for her abrupt departure. I reckon she’d had enough of her two kids and just wanted to escape for a few days.

The two kids are now in the custody of Delaware County Children and Youth Services.


Philly Breeder kills her twins over alleged affair

Tacony mother charged with murdering her 18-month-old twins:

In my last post I kind of ragged on Philadelphia but there are some decent sections of the city, one of them being the Tacony section. Growing up when my mom would drive us from South Jersey to Philly she would always take the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge because she was afraid to drive on the Atlantic City Expressway. It was easier to get to my relatives’ house in Mayfair by going through Tacony anyway. When I was growing up it was very family oriented and something that happened there recently would have been unheard of.

41-year-old Stacey Smalls of the Tacony section is accused of killing her twin 18-month-old children and truing to kill her 4-year-old daughter and herself. Reports say that Smalls did this because she found out that her husband was allegedly having an affair with one of her relatives. From what I understand the twins were a boy and a girl named Adam and Eve. Reports say that Smalls strangled one and drowned the other.

She also tried to poison her 4-year-old daughter by putting something toxic in the girl’s drink. Luckily, if that phrase can be used in this story, the girl was smart enough to realize that the drink tasted funny.

Smalls is said to have tried killing herself by taking pills and slitting her wrists. I bet it was across the street and not down the road. Unluckily Smalls survived.

Many years ago when I first started crime blogging one of my readers and close friend came up with the mantra that said if you’re going to take yourself out go alone and leave your kids out of it. Does anyone think that if you catch your man cheating on you the proper response is to kill your kids? I asked Mrs. Trench her opinion on this story and she said basically what I thought. What the hell ever happened to divorcing him and taking all his stuff? Mrs. Trench added that if he doesn’t have any stuff make him get a better job then take his stuff.

To men and women like this who think killing their kids is the answer I say to you the fucking universe does not revolve around you. If you want to kill yourself fine, go for it, broadcast it on the fucking internet for all I care but your kids have nothing to do with it.

Come to think of it I would bet that she probably didn’t even have any intentions of actually killing herself. Maybe she planned the whole time to become the Andrea Yates of Tacony.

Thanks to Beth and AJ for the tips.

Philly boy killed after being returned to violent parents

Tina and Floyd Wimes

Boy Dies After Being Sent Back to Parents: Sources:

Boy, 6, beaten and starved to death by parents after court ruling put him back in their care:

One of the many things that I am thankful for in my life is that I’ve never had to go through a custody battle of any kind. However I would think that it would be common sense that a child not be returned to house full of violence after they have been removed, especially if a loving family was willing to adopt them. Apparently common sense is in short supply in the city of Philadelphia.

Khalil Wimes was removed from the ‘care’ of his Breeders, Tina and Floyd Wimes, because of a history of drug abuse and violence. Five other children were removed from the home as well. Khalil was placed in a foster home where by all reports he was loved and cared for. The foster family took care of Khalil for three years and were fighting for the chance to adopt him. They were being fought by the Breeders every step of the way. The Breeders won and DHS returned Khalil to them.

Since you’re reading this here you know there was no happy ending for Khalil. This past Monday his Breeders took him to the hospital claiming that the 6-year-old Khalil ‘fell from the tub’. 15 minutes later Khalil was dead. As an aside, as a youngster I was treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Back then and today CHOP is renowned as being one of the premiere hospital’s for children. If they couldn’t save Khalil it’s probably unlikely that anyone could.

As you can expect this was no mere fall from a tub. The medical examiner not only ruled Khalil’s death due to blunt force trauma but he only weighed 29 pounds at the time of his death. There’s no fall from a tub that can make a child that was healthy all of a sudden be malnourished.

We have to stop the culture in our legal system where the parents’ right of possession is greater than the child’s right to safety. Because let’s face it. This was all this was about. The scum sucking Breeders obviously didn’t give a damn about Khalil’s well-being. All they cared about was whether or not they had him. He was only a piece of property to them.

Khalil Wimes

I’ve got nothing more to add. I am so disgusted at the whole situation I can’t even be bothered with these two pieces of child beating shit. May they rot in hell for a thousand eternities.

Thanks to all who sent it tips.

One Twin Dies Lighter Than Born


Mother of six charged with murdering twin son; two family caseworkers suspended

Two-month-old baby starved to death at Philadelphia homeless shelter, 2 caseworkers suspended

Caseworker cleared infant who later died

Well, in this story from city of brotherly love, we got enough blame to go around for the death of this two month old twin, Quasir. Caseworkers, Homeless Shelter, and the one who really should’ve been on the ball, his uterus device Tanya Williams; but horribly the baby fell to the wayside. 

Tanya Williams and her six children were at the Traveler’s Aid shelter and have been since September. While Williams was there getting lessons on being a better parent from the Lutheran Children and Family Service she glaringly neglected to attend to a very basic need: to feed her baby twins. 

One would think the two case workers with the Lutheran agency who reputed worked “one-on-one” with her family and the homeless shelter’s staff would have noticed little Quasir getting thinner. Or as more ominous route taken by the caseworker – deny it. Yes, two days before Quasir died, a caseworker said that he was ‘healthy and well’.  Um, what the hell?? Babies don’t lose weight that rapidly to kill off in two days due to malnutrition and dehydration. Both articles state that the babies were fed with formula versus breastfed – but that means little due to no one bothering to feed him period. 

Quasir was born weighing more then four pounds. He should have been double that weight at his age at the least; instead he died looking like a famine victim his ribs sticking out and wrinkled skin. How the hell could a mother forget her babies? Granted she had four other kids – but that still doesn’t excuse her overlooking her babies’ cries; didn’t the other siblings bring it to their mother’s attention that the twins were crying? 

Quasir’s surviving twin brother received hospital care for several days due to malnutrition. All William’s children are now in the custody of DHS – due to William being arrested for murder. Caseworkers are being investigated to see if they too should be held responsible. The one that reportedly saw Quasir in good health and well two days before his death obviously is guilty as sin in my opinion. 

Thank you Marcy, Nicole, mamaof3beautifulboys, Jessica Miller for the tip!

***Special thanks to Eccentric Lady for writing this up.  And special thanks to me for keeping my breakfast down when I saw this c***’s picture.  Ugh…

4-year-old boy left behind in Philly jewelry robbery

Couple arrested in Saturday jewelry theft during which boy, 4, was left behind:

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Stephanie Farr of the Philadelphia Daily News about the above story.

John Benson and Sheakia Stubbs allegedly robbed a jewelry store in Philly by slashing the jewelers neck. Luckily the jeweler wasn’t hurt too bad and chased after the suspects. While chasing them down they let go of the 4-year-old they had in tow, their son. The jeweler took care of the boy until the police arrived. The boy in turn dropped the dime on the Breeders.

Anyway Ms. Farr asked me how this story ranked as far as the bad parenting stories that we’ve seen here at PBB.

I e-mailed her back and said that we’ve had several stories of kids being taken along during robberies. I also said to her that in comparison to some of the stories on this site it’s actually pretty tame.

After I hit send I realized how sad that fact really is.

Man loses stepson while searching for drugs

Police: Man leaves boy in car, looks for drugs:

Dino Vicente of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania allegedly went to the Kensington section of Philadelphia to score some drugs. I use to live one neighborhood over from Kensington, it’s not hard to find drugs there.

Anyway police say that Vicente found some drugs, took said drugs then forgot where he parked his car. You know, the car that had his 6-year-old stepson in it. This was around 9PM. I don’t even like going into Kensington during the day but then again I’m not an addict.

Vicente finally gave up and flagged down Philly’s finest. It wasn’t until 6:30 when the car and the boy were found.

Considering this happened in Kensington I’m surprised that the car wasn’t up on blocks by time they found it…and on fire.

Luckily the boy was unharmed.

Mom convinces daughter to have sex with boyfriend to lift curse

Witness: Mom talked me into sex at age 9:

A 16-year-old girl testified in a Philadelphia court room this past week that when she was 9 her mom convinced her to have sex with the mother’s boyfriend in order to lift a Santeria curse on the family.

The girl said that the notion of a curse seemed real at the time; her mother had just lost her job and her mother’s boyfriend recently had been sent to prison.

The boyfriend, 59-year-old Hector Ayala, is on trial for child rape. The girl’s mother has been charged with conspiracy and sexual assault for allowing it to happen. Her name is being withheld to protect the daughter’s identity.

She said Ayala performed oral sex on her every day after school for a week, while her mother lay in bed next to her, holding her hand.

Of course it didn’t end there. It eventually became full on sex and Ayala allegedly recruited some of her friends as well.

I don’t care what religion you do or don’t practice otr even how uneducated you might be. Common sense tells you that there is never any reason to let some man have sex with your underage daughter.

I hope they both go away for a long time.

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