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Pregnant and Shooting Up

Pregnant Woman Accused of Shooting up Drugs
Pregnant woman arrested on drug charges

I was a victim of a drug abusing birth vessel. Not a lot of readers here know my story, but to make it short and sweet: My egg donor had me when she was barely 15. I am the oldest of 10 children for said egg donor. She abused drugs for all of us. This caused me to be extremely sick for the first few years of my life. I think I was handed this story not only because I am 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant, but also possibly in part because I was victimized by my egg donor’s drug abuse.

Erica Coleman, 22, is 8-months pregnant and was caught by a police officer shooting up drugs behind a Hardee’s one night last month with her boyfriend Kyle Thacker. How classy is that? Being pregnant doesn’t stop her from doing drugs, more than likely throughout her pregnancy, and she is so high-class she does it behind a fast-food burger joint.

Police say that an officer noticed a suspicious car behind the fast-food restaurant and found Coleman and Thacker inside. The officer said both seemed to be under the influence of narcotics and upon further investigation his suspicions were confirmed. The officer says there was a large amount of drugs in the car, and Coleman said she was injecting Suboxone. Suboxone is an FDA Pregnancy Category C. However, Pregnancy Category C does NOT mean the drug cannot be used in pregnant women.  Pregnant women can and should receive a category C drug when the possible benefits of using the drug are more likely than the possible risk of harm to the woman or her baby. Still, sources I have found do state that misuse of this drug will have similar effects to someone abusing opiates.

Coleman and Thacker were both immediately arrested. Coleman was taken to the hospital, released the same night, and put in jail.

She was arraigned and plead not guilty to public intoxication, drug possession, drug paraphernalia, failure to appear in court, and contempt of court charges. She was released after arraignment and placed on home confinement because the jail does not have the means to deal with a pregnant woman who could deliver any day now. It was also ordered that she be given very frequent random drug testing, more than the average person because she is pregnant.

Thacker was charged with several drug charges and is out on bond. Coleman is due back in court in February.