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14-year old strangles her newborn son to death

Cassidy Goodson, 14-Year-Old, Murders Her Newborn Baby:
Teen Charged With Killing Her Newborn Son

Cassidy Goodson, 14-year old baby killer

The list of people that you’ll see in hell certainly isn’t getting any shorter. Person to add to that list? 14-year old Cassidy Godson of Lakeland, Fl.  She did the absolute unthinkable. She had a baby in her  family home and after he was born healthy and fine – she strangled him to death. Then she hid his little body in a shoe box in her closet so that her family wouldn’t find out. To call this fucked up would be the understatement of the fucking century.

Cassidy hid her pregnancy from her family, according to reports.  She was 100 lbs and the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds when he was born. Did you do that math yet? How do you hide that growing belly without anyone noticing?  My bullshit detector is going off.  She claims she wore big clothing to mask the pregnancy.  Two of her aunts thought  her eggo was preggo, and they were reported saying that Cassidy’s mother was in complete denial. Cassidy tried to prove that she wasn’t pregnant by producing 2 negative pregnancy tests. Tests that she was allowed to take alone in the bathroom.

Cassidy went into labor on September 19th. She went into the bathroom at home, stuck a towel in her mouth, and turned on the water to help with noise control. Then she gave birth into the toilet.  When he got stuck during the delivery, she used scissors to pry him out. Once he was born and still attached to her via the umbilical cord – she strangled him until he wasn’t moving or breathing any longer.  She did it because she “didn’t know what to do with it.”  Cause of death was asphyxia from strangulation and blunt force trauma.

Fast forward 3 days later when Polk County Sheriff’s office received a call from her frantic mom, Teresa Goodson. She called to report that she had found a dead baby in her daughter’s closet after investigating a foul smell while collecting laundry.

So cops arrested Cassidy on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. They’re still trying to decide if they’re going to charge her as an adult or not and also if they will charge any of the adults in her life that knew of the pregnancy. The judge that she went in front of is quoted saying, “Let’s remember she is a child. Where was her support system?”. Good question – where were they?

So any people to blame in this story – not just Cassidy. Yes, she’s obviously not just a stupid kid who didn’t know what to do. She knows that murder is wrong, no matter what her age. She was not educated about Safe Haven laws in Florida, which say that you can leave a baby up to 7 days old, no questions asked. If her mother, aunts, coaches, teachers, friends, etc… knew she was pregnant and didn’t help her – most of them failed her too. Especially her mother.  I’m not buying that a 100-pound 14-year old hid her pregnancy THAT well — even more so if the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds.

RIP little man – you were gone way too soon.

Thank you to all that sent in the tips – there were a lot of you.

Mom hated her 1 year old, so she killed him

Neha Patel, alleged baby killer

Deputies: Mom said she hated baby, killed him
Polk County mother accused of murdering her one-year-old son captured
Mother who admits hating her son since the day he was born ‘left baby boy to drown in the bathtub and refused to do CPR’

She hated him from day 1.  In fact, reports say that when he would crawl towards her, she would smack him because she hated to be near him and wanted to discourage him from coming close to her.

Neha Patel hated her 1-year old son, Ishan, so much that on Thursday last week she smacked him around, filled up the bath tub half way, then left him in there for 10 minutes alone.  When she came back, he was unconscious and she didn’t perform CPR on him (even though she knew how). She then got him dressed, stuck him in the car and took him on a bizarre drive around the area. Starting with a drive to her local Publix (grocery store), then from  her Lakeland, Fl home to Ocala, about an 80 mile drive.  Then on to Tampa, another 97 miles away. She had planned to jump off of the parking garage roof of the Tampa International Airport, but found it too crowded and returned home.

Her husband had been looking for her for hours, he even called the cops to report them missing. When she got home at 2am on Friday morning, she put her son in his crib and told her husband that she drowned him. After her husband began to call relatives to tell them what she’d done,  she left and headed back to Tampa where she was going to attempt to kill herself again.  She told her husband on her way out that she’d be dead by the next day and that she’d rather be dead then go to prison. However, cops found her the next day around 1pm on the 4th floor of the airport parking garage. She told them that every time she went to jump, someone would walk by.

Detectives claim that her confession was very candid. She told them that she hated her son and blamed him for her “state of mind”. Apparently,  she suffers from postpartum depression and had been off her meds.   I won’t take that as a scapegoat, sorry. If you’re that depressed, get some fucking help. If her husband knew she was postpartum, he should have run with that little boy and forced his wife to get help. I’m not blaming him, I feel terrible for him. I’m sure he never imagined she’d do something like this.  Neha and her husband also have a 4-year old daughter who was completely unharmed, apparently not hated by her mother.

Polk County Sheriff’s office describe Ishan’s injuries as “torture beyond imagination”.  While Neha claimed that she drowned the baby, authorities are saying that he died from Blunt Force Trauma. I’ll update when the autopsy comes back with a ruling.

She was booked into the Hillsborough County jail on a Polk County 1st degree murder warrant.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the Polk County sheriff, Grady Judd… “Our love for children, and our desire to protect children, is unlimited — the only solace there is in this case is that Neha Patel will not be able to hurt another child.”

RIP little Ishan… you were given the worst fucking mother on planet earth, I’m truly sorry for that.  Fly with the angels and everlasting love in heaven sweet boy.

Thanks to Christina, DD, AJ, and Mrskelley for the tips.

RIP Little Ishan

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