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Baby bashed up in Queensland

Mum accused of punching baby in face

Mum charged with bashing her baby

Police examine the scene of the bashing

Police examine the scene of the bashing

There are many ways of dealing with a crying baby. There are also ways of dealing with stress and anger. None of the methods involve punching a living thing.

A Queensland bitch has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after she allegedly punched her 5 month old baby girl in the face multiple times. The reason for the cowardly punch? The baby wouldn’t stop crying. Witnesses in Eyre Street, North Ward saw the bitch attacking her baby at around 1pm and called the police. Bitch remains in police custody.

The baby is in hospital recovering from bruising and facial injuries for the time being. It’s not known whether the baby incurred any brain damage or other internal injuries from the bashing.

Not surprisingly, it was found that the bitch had been drinking and was intoxicated. At 1pm in the afternoon. While caring for her baby.

QLD Police say there are no laws specific to the assault of a baby and that the punishment is not generally greater just because the victim is a baby or a child. They further explained that if the punishment is increased due to the age of the victim, it’s generally up to the courts to determine whether that would be the case. Another spokesperson has come forward to say that assaults on children in Townsville were becoming a daily occurrence, especially because of the school holidays and the associated stress.

Why do Queenslanders put four exes on beer cans?

Because they can’t spell “beer”.

And a big WTF to you, too…..

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This story is going to be a little different from the usual fare around here, so I hope you will all bear with me. For today’s reading horror, we have the “mother’s boyfriend who molested the daughter”. As sickening as it is, it seems to be almost commonplace these days. Hardly a day goes by without some monster, somewhere, sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s (or even his own) daughter. The alleged perp in this instance is one John Messieri, 24, of New Bedford, Massachusetts. He has been charged with molesting the 7 year old daughter of his as-yet-unnamed girlfriend.

There are two points I specifically want to address, the first being the mother’s reaction. She walked in on the BF molesting her child AND SHE HAD HIM ARRESTED!!!!! Good job mom! Unlike an article last week where the egg donor MARRIED the molester, this woman stepped up and had the guy arrested. I have to commend her restraint, as well, because I would have simply killed the bastard if I had caught him messing with one of my kids. I’d be the one facing charges – for murder. This mother loved her child more than her bedroom boogie. Again, GREAT JOB, MOM!!!!! I bet she’ll be a lot more careful who she allows around her child in the future, as well.

The second point I wanted to bring up is where I got the WTF in the title from. Apparently John Messieri was assaulted in court by another prisoner who was up on charges for burglary. William E. Reed, 43, was aware of the charges against John, and took a poke at him right there in the courtroom. A big GOOD JOB! to William as well. Unfortunately, the law didn’t see the assault as a public service (like I did), and William has now been charged with assault. WTF????? The judge should have given William a commendation instead of a new charge, IMHO.

So this is a story in which one person did something wrong (John) and two people did something right (the mother and William), but two people were arrested. I hope Mr. Reed has an excellent attorney, and walks away from these charges. And I hope Messieri gets walked on (among other things) by his fellow inmates.

Details of this story can be found here:
Prisoner punches accused child molester