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How to cover up a murder, 101

Father allegedly punches newborn son in face, infant dies

Pop Quiz, Kiddies! North Carolina style…Only two questions on this one, so you better be on your best game today. And speaking of games, the sperm spitter (AKA murderer) of this baby was gaming all night, which may have contributed to his loss temper. Nah, I’m gonna go with he was just a selfish, immature prick, myself.

On to the pop quiz I promised you. Question #1 is:

What is the best response to a crying baby?
a. Pick him up and cuddle him, rock him or sing to him
b. Grab him by the throat
c. Punch him in the face as hard as you possibly can
d. (b & c)
e. scream at him

OK. Did any of you guess anything other than (a)? If you did, you have already failed this quiz. Go directly to your doctor’s office and ask for a permanent sterilization procedure, because you are too stupid (and mean) to be trusted with children.

On to the second question:

What is the best way to cover up the murder of your one month old child?
a. Say the child was kidnapped
b. Say he fell off a bed, dresser, table or flying unicorn? (I added the last one because it fit in – they are all imaginary scenarios)
c. Get the babymama to help you brainstorm for other suggestions
d. Dispose of the body
e. None of the above – you shouldn’t kill a baby, and therefore should never need to worry about having to cover it up.

On this question, if you answered anything other than (e), follow instructions posted concerning incorrect answer for previous question.

Jeez, people. How difficult is it to take care of a month old baby? They sleep most of the time anyway, and when they wake, if you give them a clean bottom and a bottle, they usually stay happy enough. I ought to know – I have a half dozen of them myself.

Unfortunately, Stefany Renee Ash, 20, and her FDIC (Favorite Dick in Cunt) Brian Jack Frazier, also 20, thought otherwise. This story pisses me off on so many levels, I can’t even begin to cover them all. Allegedly, nobrain Brian played video games all night and when little Kahn started crying, the sperm donor grabbed him by the neck and punched him in the face as hard as he could. The only thing I could come up with to console myself is that little Kahn likely died instantly, and did not have to suffer. I hope Brian gets treated to a punching contest in jail that goes on for DAYS!!! With his face as the only target. Well, maybe his willie, too. Yeah, he definitely needs a couple of nut punches.

What did the mother do after big man killed her baby? She sat down with him and attempted to come up with likely scenarios for the baby’s condition. What a GREAT mom! No, not really. If that had been one of my babies, I’d be trying to come up with a plausible scenario for my man’s willy being separated from his torso, and for why (and how) his head became disengaged from his neck and ended up inside his rectum. But, I guess that’s just me. I’m a bitch that way when it comes to the safety of my kids.

Penis has been charged with first degree murder, and twat has been charged with accessory after the fact. I think a murder charge should have been applied to both of them. Capital murder. They are both too stupid to live. RIP, baby Kahn.

A malevolent “spirit” attacked the baby

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Couple blames “spirit” for toddler’s injuries


We’ve heard every excuse in the “Child Abuse for Dummies” book here on BB.  But wait… have we?  Meet Ivan Dejesus Martinez (21) and his main squeeze Erica Candice Mendoza (21).


On May 1st, Mendoza’s  2-year-old son was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he was found to be covered in bruises, including his face, head, back, penis, neck, stomach and legs… holy shit!  Was there any part of his body not bruised?  Doctors said he also had
several internal injuries, including a non-functioning kidney.  Fuck me!  He’s 2-years-old… my heart is breaking for him.


Martinez the boy’s stepfather told police he found the lil’ guy on the floor unresponsive and that a “spirit” in the house had cause the injury.  There it is… the excuse we haven’t heard before!  Very creative, not believable for even a nanosecond but creative none-the- less. Well… you know those pesky police with all their experience and all, called bull shit on that excuse.  Martinez was given a polygraph test and shockingly enough he FAILED…bet ya didn’t see that comin’? He admitted to punching the baby in the stomach when he threw his breakfast on the floor.


Mendoza faces charges for her failure to seek medical treatment for her baby after seeing his bruised and beaten body.  She had a plethora of excuses as well, his 4-year-old brother caused the injuries while playing rough, that the 2-year-old was clumsy and finally… the “malevolent spirit” attacked the baby.  I can’t help but laugh a little at this excuse; I think somebody’s been watching a little too much TV.


Police say the baby’s injuries were life-threatening and had he not been taken to the hospital he would have died.  Those damn spirits… why can’t they just pick on other spirits… and leave the babies alone.


Martinez has been charged with injury to a child and Mendoza has been charged with injury to a child by omission.  Both of their bonds have been set at $20,000.


Baby.. What Baby?

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4-month-old left at park, mother charged

Mom abandons baby in Highland  Park, Fox 2 News finds her

Mom accused of abandoning baby in Highland Park charged


Michigan is making a showing this month here on BB and being a Michigander, I am not proud of that fact.  I am not quite sure what was going on Mother’s Day weekend, but apparently a few of my fellow Michiganders lost it, first there was poor little Robert Byrd, his lifeless body was removed from his home on Mother’s Day, then Megan Robert’s dad went bat shit crazy the following Monday morning and beat her to near death and now for your reading pleasure we have Shayean Blackmon.


Shayean took her 4-month-old daughter Somari to the park; Monday, May 8th… sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon with your baby daughter right??? WRONG… not if you’re Shayean, you see Mother of the Year up there, took her daughter to the park alright and left her there.  Yes, you read the right she left her infant, in the park… but she was thoughtful in leaving her precious cargo behind, she left her bottle.  Nice job mom!


Witnesses to the hag leaving her daughter behind said she was seen drinking and abusing her baby prior to hopping in her car and getting ass outta there.  She was drinking up some tekillya, swinging the baby around and punched her in the nose.  Ummm… what?  Yeah, the drunken slag punched her baby in the nose.  I’d like the opportunity to punch her in the freakin nose…. asshole!


Anyhow, there is a link above that has a reporter who happened to be reporting the story when slag there brought her tired ass home and she acted like she had NOOOOOOOOO idea what he was talking about.  What?? I didn’t leave my daughter… baby what baby??  You know asshole… the child you gave birth to four short months ago that you punched in the face and promptly left in the park after tossing back some tekillya.  This girl is a piece of work.


Shayean has been charged with child abandonment, which carries a ten year sentence.


Somari is protective custody until May 23rd, until a paternity issue has been resolved.  Blackmon’s grandfather, who is currently has custody of the slag’s older son, would like custody of Somari too.  He is the one who seen the baby’s face on the news and immediately headed to the police station to get her.  Did I mention he’s in his seventies?  How’s that for a love a 70-year-old man taking in not one but two children under the age of 5-years-old?  Good Man!


Baby Somari... isn't she precious?

Spousal abuse, child-abuse, one good punch and death….

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Boil on the Ass of Society


Antioch infant taken off life support after beating by father

Father beats baby leaves him brain dead 

Baby dies after being taken off life support

Father arrested for death of infant

Antioch baby dies father charged for suspected fatal punch 

Be prepared for your blood pressure to go up, your anger to boil over and your mind to go to all of the cruel and unusual punishments a person can think of for the following piece of shit.  I can assure you, if this one doesn’t get you pissed, you are on the wrong site.

The dude above trying to look intimidating is Sigifredo Lau (23), of Antioch, Ca.  He may be hard and intimidating to his wife and two young sons (2 yrs and 2 mos.) but he is NOT intimidating to us.  In fact, I am sure after you read this you will all agree he is nothing more than a woman and child-abusing boil on the ass of society!

Let’s just get to it and we’ll see what you all think.  Sigifredo’s legacy began on February 15 at approximately 9pm, when a 2-month-old baby boy arrived at Sutter Delta Memorial Hospital, unresponsive and suffering from major injuries.  The doctors suspected child abuse and called the police.  The baby was transferred to Children’s Hospital Oakland, where he was treated for multiple fractures, a lacerated liver and bleeding on the brain.  The doctors were unable to save him and removed him from life support on February 16th; he would die from injuries less than 24 hours later.  Heartbreaking!

The investigation into the baby’s death and suspected abuse revealed that before the baby was taken to the hospital he and his 2-year-old brother were in the care of their father, while their mother was at work.  Lau called his wife at work to say that the baby was hurt, at which time she called 911.  Inconsistencies were found in the Lau’s statement and after further questioning he confessed that he had punched his son, in the face when he would not stop crying.  Let’s keep in mind that this is a grown man punching his infant son in the face for crying, in what fucking universe does a punch in the face to anyone, let alone a BABY, stop him or her from crying?  Anyone, anyone… please enlighten a girl! Anyhow, the boil on the ass of society was arrested on February 17th

Police also found that the 2-year-old was abused in the past as well.  Nice!  It appears that daddy fucking dearest up there has an issue with 2-month-old babies.  He abused his older son as well when he was 2-months-old, in April of 2009, but the D.A. at the time decided not to press charges.  Nice fucking going!

Oh yeah and dad beat up mom earlier in February!  Gawd damn dude, pick on someone your own size you prick! 

Lau has been charged with murder in the death of the infant, willful injury to a child for the abuse in 2009 of his older son and corporal injury on a spouse for the attack on his wife.  Stick it to this motherfucker, it couldn’t happen to a nicer more deserving person.

Police said the children’s mother was at work at the time of the attack, was extremely distraught and cooperating fully.  There was no indication she knowingly left her children in danger.  Umm… what?  Didn’t this man abuse the older son two years ago?  Didn’t this man just assault her two weeks before he abused their baby?  Did I miss something?? Aren’t these clear signs this guy has abusive tendencies and is capable of abuse of any and all the members of his family?  Isn’t that by definition a dangerous situation?

Man punches granddaughter in the head

twestPolice Say Man Punched Baby Granddaughter In Head:

That tool is 46-year-old Thomas J. West of Swanton, Vermont. He allegedly admitting to punching his 2-month-old granddaughter in the head so hard that it fractured her skull. Of course it was because he was frustrated at the baby’s crying. He was watching the girl for her parents at the time.

What makes it worse is that West asked the parents to be the full time nanny for the girl.

West has three of his own kids so it’s not like he’s never raised kids before.

The article says that West has some sort of parole violation as well but I couldn’t find any information on his prior arrest.

Shane Marquardt Gets First-Degree Reckless Homicide for Fatally Beating Foster Child

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shane_marquardt.jpgShane Marquardt, 32, of Waupun, Wis. got first-degree reckless homicide for fatally beating one foster child and injuring his younger brother.

Marquardt punched his foster children, Camron Gardner, 3, and Ethan Schwartz, 2, after becoming angry when Camron threw up in bed after a nap. Marquardt told police he snapped and punched both boys in the stomach as hard as he could. He hit Cameron at least three times in short succession. Marquardt told police the boys were whiny, upset, tired and cranky. Yes, most kids are tired and cranky when they’re sick and vomiting. Both boys suffered blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Camron died of internal bleeding several hours later.

The boys were placed in Marquardt’s home while their teenage mother, Ashley Mundt, tried to get her life in order. Mundt said precious minutes were wasted when Marquardt lied to hospital staff and said Camron may have accidentally swallowed something. An alert police officer on the scene recognized the onset of similar symptoms in Ethan. He was transported to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee for emergency surgery.

The maximum penalty for first-degree reckless homicide is 40 years of confinement followed by 20 years of extended supervision. This would pretty much be a life sentence for Marquardt. Hope it makes him whiny and cranky, too.