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5 Murders and a Suicide in NC

NC woman shoots five kids in head

Fifth person dies from Greensboro murder-suicide

The selfish actions of this mother are unthinkable. Normally, I would use extremely harsh words for someone like this, but I am going to refrain from doing so. After reading many articles about this case, I came across one in which the killer’s mother, Frances, finally spoke to the media. She has heard people call her daughter a “no-good mother” and said that her daughter was not a no-good mother, and also asked that people not judge her daughter. The judgement will be given whether anyone likes it or not. I will, however, save this mother the pain of reading the hurtful things I could say in writing this story. She has suffered enough. I am not going to make her have to suffer any further with the names and insults I could throw in. Now, on to the details.

On November 20, 2011, Mary Ann Holder,36, who was involved in a love triangle, would shoot five children in the head, and then turn the gun onto herself inside her parked Ford Explorer shortly after 10 AM that morning.

It all started with a love triangle with Randall Lamb, 40. The affair had been ongoing for the last four years, and it came to a bitter end on November 20, when she arranged to meet him in a college parking lot. At this meeting she shot Lamb in the shoulder, and injury from which he has recovered. Before she shot him, Lamb, Holder, and Lamb’s wife had been trading accusations of harassment and stalking according to court documents. Lamb’s wife had also recently threatened to file a lawsuit against Holder for alienating her husbands affection.

Holder then drove off to go meet her 14-year-old son, Zachery Smith, to pick him up from a sleep over. What Holder didn’t realize, is Lamb called his wife after the altercation, and his wife would go on to call police. A half hour after these calls were made a police officer discovered Holder’s black SUV. Holder was found dead inside with a gunshot to the head, and Zachery critically wounded in the back seat. There were also two hand guns found in the vehicle. One of which was in Holder’s lap.

Officers would then move on to Holder’s home in the Pleasant Garden community and found her son, 17-year old Robert Dylan Smith, dead. They would also find Makayla Leigh Woods, 15, Richard Suttles (Holder’s nephew who was living with her), 17, and Hannaleigh Suttles(Richard’s sister and Holder’s niece who was living with her also), 8 all critically injured. Hannahleigh would die on Monday from her injuries. Richard and Makayla were rushed to a hospital and placed on life support, both were removed from life support after clinging to their lives. The only silver lining here is 15 lives have been saved by organ donations made from several of the deceased victims. 12 lives came from two of the victims alone. All five victims were laid to rest yesterday.

Police are continuing to investigate despite two letters written by Holder taking responsibility for the shootings and apologizing for all the pain she has caused. They say a clear motive has not been determined.

There are several more details about the affair that I have left out. The affair and what was going on between Holder, Lamb, and Lamb’s wife doesn’t matter. What truly maters here is five young lives were ended, and no one truly knows why Holder took their lives. May all of them rest in peace.



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