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Miranda Ferguson is common breeder trash!

5 Year Old had Tire Tracks on His Back


Miranda Ferguson

I come home late from work only to find my children are sleeping.  I kiss them, possibly mug them a little too much and occasionally or almost always inadvertently wake them slightly.  Why?  It could be a compulsion caused from missing 8-10 hours of their life.  Or it could very well be caused from that fact that I know so many kids out there have horrible lives and I feel helpless, therefore I over compensate.

Miranda Ferguson 26, of Floriduh got irritated with her 5 year old son in the parking lot when he wouldn’t get in the car.  I am shocked her son didn’t try to make a run for it in hopes of finding a better life, even if it’s being raised by wolves or joining a circus.

First of all, we have all been there with our own kids.  Secondly what Miranda did next will make your rethink how you react to another determined child who won’t leave a store.

Miranda threatened to leave her son right there in the parking lot ( I have done that plenty of times ) but she got into the car and proceeded to drive away although her son was banging on the car to get in.  She then realized she had run over her son.

The paramedics were called and Miranda REFUSED to let them treat her son!  She left and went to a friend’s house that had the common sense to call the paramedics again for the hurt child.  Again Miranda refused to allow the paramedics to treat her son, however the paramedics wouldn’t leave.  Instead they called the police.

Miranda Ferguson was charged with Cruelty Toward Child That Could Result In Phys Mental Injury.

The paramedics found tire mark across the little boys back.  Are you fucking kidding me??  I haven’t found out if the boy was treated or what his condition is now.

I did however find a prior arrest history on Miranda.  Surprise!  This stellar example of a breeder was arrested a little over a year ago for resisting an officer, probation violation DUI, false ID and a nonmoving violation with out a valid license.

Miranda Ferguson needs to grow up a little, invest in a little hair dye and lay off the alcohol and late nights.  Her face looks as though it has aged 20 years between her last and current arrest.


Thanks Ashlee for the tip on this beast 🙂


***A special thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up!***

Third degree burns treated with moisturizer

Parents Arrested After Girl’s Burns Went Untreated:

Before you do anything click the link and check the mugshots of these two. This is why inbreeding is illegal.

Anyway the lovely couple of Sharon Wessel, 35, and Fredrick Wessel, 48, were living in their unheated home with their kids. Like most trailer trash they decided to heat the residence with a propane heater.

Not surprisingly one of the typical things happened when you combine rednecks and propane heaters. Their 11-year-old daughter’s pajama’s caught on fire while she was still in them. She received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of the lower half of her body, and it gets worse.

Rather than take their daughter to a hospital they treated the 2nd and 3rd degree burns with moisturizer. I bet it had aloe in it so they must have thought it was ok.

It took a neighbor that heard the girl’s screams to call 911. The girl is still in danger of losing her legs.

To make matters even worse Throaty Joe served 5 years in jail for child molestation.

Thanks to Bridget, LadyJade, and Unionjack for the tip.

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