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Justin and Brittany Alston of Texas decided to throw a partyFriday night while 3 of their children were in the house. Thank whatever Deity you have that Caleb Fuller, 15, and his cousin Magon Rutledge, 17 also attended this party.

Magon told Justin that she heard his baby crying. Did he rush to the baby to comfort him? NO!! He told her “He’ll go back to sleep. He’ll go back to sleep.” No one moved to take care of the little guy,so Magon decided that she would. When she opened the door to the room that little eight-month-old Riley Alston was inshe was horrified and enraged. Riley was a mere skeleton. He had no fat or muscle left on his little bones. Riley was lying on the obligatory filthy mattress wearing a dirty diaper and socks that were so dirty they appeared to mesh with the baby’s skin.

Magon then motioned to her cousin Caleb to come into the room and told him to call his father who has been a paramedic for the last 20 years. Caleb called his father and told him that he needed to come quick. Did either of these teenagers worry that they were going to be in trouble for partying at a place I am sure their parents would have a fit about? NO!! Their only concern was this poor defenseless baby that was on the verge of dying.

“I was furious and I was shaking and I was breathing hardand I was trying to be as gentle as I could with this baby because I felt like if I just moved a certain way this baby would break. He was so fragile and little,” Magon said. “He had these big blue eyes and they were so bright but the rest of him was just like he was gone.” OMG my heart is breaking for Riley and these heroic teens that witnessed what the dregs of the Earth do to our precious babies.

Caleb’s father, Paul Fuller, rushed to the house and uponseeing the 8 month old baby that weighed a mere 9 pounds, told the receptacle and dispenser that the baby needed immediate medical attention. Their response was that they were having aparty and they would take him to the hospital sometime next week. (WTF??!! The baby is literally dying and they want to wait until next week??) The paramedic insisted that the baby needed to go now! They then told him to “go ahead and take him”. I guess they still had some important drinking to do and couldn’t be bothered….better to let a complete stranger take your baby to the emergency room.

Fuller took Riley to Lake Granbury Medical Center wherepersonnel called Hood County deputies shortly before 8:30 p.m. Riley was airlifted to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth that night where hewas listed in critical condition.

On Saturday, Child Protective Services officials took custody of two other children, an 18-month-old and a 4-year-old. The older child was placed in the custody of the child’s father, and the 18-month-old is in foster care. There is no mention of these 2 children’s condition that I could find.

The child’s parents, Justin and Brittany Alston, both 21,were arrested Saturday and remained in the Hood County Jail in Granbury on Monday facing charges of injury to a child and abandoning or endangering a child. Bail was set at $160,000 each.

Those feculent organisms that are breathing my air need tobe sent to someone like Josef Mengele since they felt that their precious angel should look like a Holocaust survivor. Wonder where I could find such a Dr. these days?

I know that Magon, Caleb and Paul do not feel like they were heroic but trust me when I say that you are amazing people. Magon said that she did what anyone elsewould have done. I’m sorry to tell you that these pages are filled with people who not only DON’T do what you did for that baby but can’t even be bothered to make an anonymous phone call. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! “Whoever saves one life, saves the worldentire.”


Thanks go to everyone who sent this one in.

***Special thanks to MOTD 2U for writing this one!***

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