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Kiesha Weippeart’s body was set on fire and buried after her death

Kiesha Weippeart’s body ‘set alight and buried’ after death

Kiesha Weippeart’s dad found dead at home

Kiesha’s mother faces trial for her murder

Kristi Abrahams is a foul c*ck-gobbler and a murderer


Robert Smith is a piece of shit child-killer

Maggots crawling through dog shit. Both should be infected with cholera.


For those of you who don’t know, the disappearance and death of Kiesha Weippeart was a very big deal here in Australia. Back in 2010, 6 year old Kiesha disappeared. Her egg donor Kristi Abrahams and the vaginal occupant Robert Smith were uncooperative and secretive, offering different stories about her disappearance. Little Kiesha’s body was found in bushland in April 2011. Details of the little girl’s death and how the pet pussy plug disposed of her body have just come to light now.

The c***-plug knew that Kiesha was unwell, but left for work anyway, leaving the 6 year old girl home alone. When he returned, he found Kiesha could not be revived. So what did he do? Did he ring an ambulance? Call the police? NO! That would get him into trouble for leaving Kiesha unattended! It was all about him and keeping himself out of jail, than about trying to save Kiesha’s life! He put her body into a suitcase and left it in her room, while he rode around Sydney’s west on a bike looking for a grave site. If he’d put the same amount of effort into actually caring for Kiesha that he did looking for somewhere to dispose of her body and cover his own arse, he wouldn’t have been in this position! When the knobhead finally found somewhere, he caught a taxi with Kiesha’s body in the suitcase and put it in the grave. Then he doused her little body with petrol and set her alight.

The c***-plug was arrested that same month and charged with manslaughter and gross negligence in December 2011. His dick warmer and Kiesha’s incubator was arrested and charged with manslaughter and being an accessory after the fact, as she knew her dildo had neglected Kiesha and knew damn well what had happened to her and where she was, but lied to the authorities to protect her toy penis. During her trial she chatted happily with her bedwarmer and had her neck tattoos clearly visible. This isn’t a woman mourning the death of her child, this is a trampy bitch who couldn’t give two shits about her child dying and who cares more about her pet penis! Both of them should be eaten by dingoes!

Kiesha’s real dad Chris Weippeart, was found dead in his home in November last year. His death was not suspicious, as he was a diabetic and wasn’t eating properly due to the stress of Kiesha’s murder. Now at least Kiesha has someone who loves her to look after her.

Kiesha Weippeart

Have fun with your Dad, Kiesha.

Kiesha Abrahams

Rest in Peace little Kiesha. Your cheeky smile lives on in the hearts of the nation.

Rest in Peace Chris. Reunited with your darling daughter Kiesha.


Mommy splits for NY with live-in penis, leaves son behind

Mother Locked Disabled Son In Rodent-Infested Trailer – Fed Him 4 TImes A WEEK – Then Split To NYC 



Police were called to the cow you see above, 36-year-old Amanda Jolliff’s, mobile home park, located in Erie, CO, after a neighbor noticed her 14-year-old disabled son, who was not identified, hiding underneath his porch with his mother nowhere in sight. Her live-in boyfriend, 31-year-old Robert Smith was also nowhere to be found.

The neighbor told police Jolliff and Smith had taken a bus to New York two weeks ago, and other people who lived in the home had moved away leaving the boy to fend for himself. I am assuming no one knew the boy was along until he was found under the porch of his neighbor. If that is the case then I give many thanks to this neighbor for doing the right thing in calling the authorities and saving this young man’s life.

When police searched the home they detected an “overpowering odor of animal feces and urine.” Puke. They also were met with mice scurrying throughout the residence, as well as,  two dogs, a macaw, two c*ckatiels, a c*ckatoo, two ducks and four toads. Not the worst case of many animals we’ve seen, but I’ve never understood the need for a petting zoo running loose in your home. Police also said the boys bedroom was boarded up, and there was also a lock on the outside of his door. When they inspected the food pantry they found bags of spaghetti noodles that had been chewed open by mice and contaminated by their feces. Double puke! I hope this boy was not fed these contaminated noodles before his egg-donor and her penis left him there, but I am certain that he was. But wait, there’s more!

The boy told police his mom would lock him in his room, letting him out only to clean up after the ducks. He said that since 2008 he was fed spaghetti or macaroni a mere four times a week. Yes, you read that right. That wonderful birth-organism only fed him some kind of noodle, four times a week, for the last three years at a point in his life where he was going to need the extra nutrients for the onset of puberty. How fucking wonderful of her, right? The boy also told the cops that he was supposed to be home-schooled, but he had not received any education since his “mother” removed him from his public school in 2008. Sounds to me that she met her vag-filler in 2008, began abusing her son around this same time because of said vag-filler, and did everything she possibly could to conceal it. Maybe the dip shit who was fucking her told her that her disabled son deserved to be treated like an animal for not being “normal,” or that maybe being closed off and starved would “fix” her son. I don’t care why or the reason, she obviously didn’t care too much for her son if she’s willing to imprison him, starve him, and then abandon him, probably to leave him for dead.

When Jolliff was located by police and questioned, she admitted to locking up the boy because he would run away (gee, I wonder why you dumb bitch) and “used to irritate me really bad.” You have got to be fucking kidding me! She did not give a reason as to why she would starve him.

Amanda Jolliff, 36, is charged with false imprisonment, child abuse, and at-risk neglect of her son, according to a statement from the Weld County District Attorney’s Office. Richard Smith, also was charged, it said. They were jailed on $20,000 bond each.

Nothing stated if the boy was placed with a relative or in foster care.

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