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Dad Lassos Up His Kid To Get Some Game Time

Florida man allegedly ties up 4-year-old daughter so he can play video games 

I guess it’s not surprising that another case of shitty parenting comes to you from that toilet to the south, Florida, where they’re really trying their damnedest to become the Bad Breeding Capitol of the World. Sarasota dad, 27-year-old Heath Howe, was in dire need of some video game carnage and as luck would have it, he was stuck with his 4-year-old daughter while her mother was gone to the gym with a friend. So what’s a guy to do when he’s got a kid to deal with, but wants to get in some alone time with his game box? Why, tie the kid up and leave her in the kitchen alone, that’s what.

According to what’s been reported, Howe’s daughter was watching television when the craving for gaming hit, so he grabbed her and tied her up in rope, leaving her in the kitchen by herself while he played what the little girl called “bad video games”.  I didn’t come across how long the girl was left tied up, but, regardless of the duration, it was too long and shouldn’t have happened at all. All this is enough to condemn this “daddy” to the halls of poor parenting purgatory, but we can’t throw him there yet because we haven’t gotten to the woman that bears half the child-rearing responsibilities with this bad pop. That’s right, even mommy plays a part in this case. Come on, it’s Florida; of course you were expecting that.

It seems when the mother returned home from the gym with her workout buddy in tow, mom walked right past her tied up tot like it was the norm. The mother’s friend actually ended up freeing the 4-year-old and though it hasn’t been reported, I’m assuming the friend is also the one that reported it to police. Investigators are saying they don’t believe this was an isolated incident and other reports say the child actually told police she had been tied up before. The girl was left with rope marks on her arms and redness that indicated she’d been bleeding beneath the skin from the tightness of the ropes. Howe was arrested, but later released two days later after making bail. The mother should have been tossed in the slammer a couple days herself, but there are no reports that she’s facing any charges or anything herself. For fuck’s sake people, it’s a video game, it’ll still be there after the kid goes to sleep for the night and there are no games in jail. At least not any people willingly play.

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***Special thanks to Boo Boo Kitty for the write-up.***

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