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16-year-old NC girl accused of stabbing newborn to death

Rebecca Blackmore

Girl, 16, stabs newborn daughter and stuffs body in closet just HOURS after giving birth:

Over a week ago police in North Carolina arrested 16-year-old Rebecca Blackmore for allegedly killing her newborn baby.

Police say that Blackmore gave birth to the baby at a relative’s home in Knotts Island, North Carolina. After she was taken to the hospital she allegedly claimed that the baby was born stillborn and that the body was in her closet. When police investigated the house it was obvious to them that the baby was stabbed multiple times and a coroner has confirmed that.

The point that most of the articles about this make is that there was a firehouse not too far from the house where the baby could have been dropped off under North Carolina’s safe haven law.

Now I am far from defending her. Whatever so-called reason she had for brutally murdering her newborn I’m sure was a selfish one and she deserves everything she has coming to her. However, once again this makes me wonder how well known are the safe haven laws?

Now we know about the safe haven laws. We who read and write this site on a daily basis are well-informed about the safe haven laws but how well known is it among those who it is aimed at?

Let’s be honest. The safe haven law is aimed at teens and low-income families to prevent infanticides and baby dumpings from happening. So my question is how well do states promote the law to these groups if at all? Not to mention that ever state’s safe haven law is different. How well are the drop off points made clear in each state? Do we need a federal safe haven law in the US?

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

Newborn found in dryer

Newborn Found Abandoned In Old Dryer:

What is it with kids and dryers lately?

This past week a newborn was found inside of an abandoned clothes dryer in Houston. The baby still had the umbilical cord attached and was found stuffed in a trash bag inside the dryer. Luckily some passerbys heard the baby crying and rescued it from it’s plastic and aluminum prison.

Texas safe haven laws allow a person to give up the baby at a safe haven for up to 60 days.

Nebraska safe haven fallout

A Not-So-Safe Haven:

I wonder how long it took them to come up with that headline.

Anyway, this is an article from Newsweek about what’s happened in Nebraska since they changed their safe haven law to only include children up to 30 days old.

I’d like you to read the article and offer your opinion. Are some of these mothers too quick to in depending on the government to help them out or do they have legitimate concerns?

Thanks to Stormey for the tip.

South Carolina couple violate safe haven law

Parents of abandoned newborn taken into custody:

21-year-old Harold Vermal O’Neal and an unidentified 17-year-old mother were arrested for leaving their newborn at a fire station. The problem was they left the newborn outside wrapped in a towel inside of a diaper box. When the baby was discovered its body temperature was at 88 degrees.

South Carolina’s safe haven law states that a baby can be left at a fire station but someone has to take physical custody of the baby.

I do lay partial blame on the parents for not being smart enough to realize that the baby could have died due to exposure but the safe haven laws from state to state are so varying it’s hard for anyone to that wants to safely give their baby to a safe haven to know what their states procedure is.

A federal safe haven law is needed and needed badly.

#36 returned to Cali

California ‘haven’ youth in home state:

The 14-year-old from Davis, California who was dropped off by his foster Breeder in Nebraska is returning to California.

He’s now under the custody of his local social services department. That makes me wonder if his foster Breeder actually tried to find assistance within her community or was driving 1,170 miles to Nebraska her first choice.

#36’s Breeder speaks out

Yolo Mom Who Abandoned Boy In Nebraska Speaks Out:

The Breeder who did drive the 1,170 miles from California to Nebraska is trying to defend her actions in the media.

The 14-year-old was her foster child who she’s had since he was 4. According to her recently he had gotten in to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and stealing. She also says that he threatened her and her family with knives and was thrown out of a boys home for statutory rape. All of this sounds oddly familiar. How can a 14-year-old be charged with statutory rape?

She claims she tried to get police to arrest him but they told her that juvenile hall was full.

So what do you think dear readers? Legitimate use of Nebraska’s old safe haven laws or cop out?

#36 makes it in under the wire in Nebraska

Safe Haven Child Dropped Off Before Change:

A Breeder from Yolo, County, California was able to sneak in under the buzzer and dump off a 14-year-old boy at a Kimball, Nebraska hospital. For those of you keeping score that’s 1,170 miles if traveled by car.

The Breeder who dropped him just barely made it in before the new law limiting safe haven drop offs to under 30 days old. The boy was dropped of on Friday and the new law went into effect Saturday at Midnight.

Again I say if these Breeders put half the effort into raising their kids that they did in dumping them off maybe they wouldn’t have had a problem.

Desperate Neb. Mom threatens kid with safe haven

Desperate Mom: I May Use Safe Haven For My Son:

I apologize for being behind on the news. This article came out Thursday and it talks about a Nebraska mother who was so desperate with what to do with her 13-year-old son that she was thinking about dropping him off at a safe haven.

In the article the woman states that her son beat up a handicapped student, steals,smokes pot, beats up siblings, and could possibly be sexually assaulting another child.

Personally I think that this kid has gone beyond safe haven and needs a stay at least in juvenile correction. But let me ask you the reader, do you think this woman dropped the ball somewhere along the line and what should she do?

Nebraska agrees to 30 days

30-day age limit on haven law advances in Legislature:

It seems that the Nebraska Legislature is leaning towards a 30-day limit for their new and improved safe haven law. This is expected to be law come Friday.

There were actually some people who wanted the law to remain wide open. The law was originally designed to prevent baby dumping but the way it was written Nebraska it led to lazy parenting in my opinion.

The rush is on in Nebraska

Nebraska fears rush to drop off kids before haven law change:

While the Nebraska Legislature was holding an emergency session to see what could be done about their very loose safe haven laws three more kids were dumped off.

This past Thursday a 14-year-old boy and his 17-year-old sister were dropped off with the 17-year-old girl running off from the hospital. Also a 5-year-old was dropped off at a different hospital in Omaha. Also the article states that the DSD from Miami who dumped off his kid flew in so he doesn’t get the mile traveling record.

Legislators say it will be at least a week before the law can be changed. So now the Breeders still have time to dump off their kids before the holidays.

Thanks to Ed for the tip.

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