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Parents helping children…not always a good thing

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Utah mom accused of helping son in drive-by shooting

Mom Accused of Helping Son in Drive-by Shooting

Nice tat

While many of us enjoy helping our children with homework and projects, there are SOME things that we should avoid assisting them with. Indeed, we should discourage some behaviors altogether. Alas, Lisa Egersdorf has too few brain cells to be able to distinguish between the good activities and the bad ones. But, she DOES have that really nice face tat, so I guess that is some sort of consolation for her.

Lisa is a 36-year-old woman who thought it would be a great idea to help her 17-year-old son, Damian Garcia, with a drive by shooting. No, you did not misread that. She (allegedly) drove the car from which her son shot at some classmates who were fighting with him at school. Great role model there, mom! I wonder if she taught him how to fire the gun as well. If she did, then we can be thankful that her shooting skills (and his) are as atrocious as her ability to make good decisions. None of the kids who were shot at were hit.

As the story was reported, Loser (sounds better than Lisa, don’t you think?) picked up her son from school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he told her that some of his classmates had jumped him. She allegedly replied, “It’s all right, we’re going to get them.”

She then drove her son past a convenience store where he opened fire on a car in which the other students were passengers. After he shot at them, Loser asked Damian, “Did you get them?” My head spins.

Loser has admitted that she and her son are members of the same gang, but denies that they were involved in the shooting. Yeah, it was all a big misunderstanding, right?

I know this is not the usual fare here at BB, because it doesn’t involve physical abuse of the perpetrator’s child. However, IMHO, this woman has ruined her son’s life just as effectively as if she had beaten him to a bloody pulp or pimped him out. They are both now up on multiple felony counts, and the mother has also been charged with child endangerment. I could not find any info on bail or the status of their incarceration, either. Personally, I think she should be charged with gross stupidity and general butt-munchery as well, but I’m pretty sure those are still not chargeable offenses. Pity. If the world was fair, stupidity would be a terminal disease, or at least be so painful that those suffering from such severe cases of it would be physically incapable of leaving the home to perpetrate these kinds of acts.

The good news on this one is – no dead babies. I needed something a little different, after the other recent stories I’ve written up here. I was almost at the end of my tether.

Barry Morrison – child rapist and liar

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Barry Morrison

Magna man charged with a decade of sexual abuse
Magna man charged with sex abuse

Either I’m getting lax in my writing skills, or I simply need a break from the horrors we deal with here on a daily basis. I am hoping it is the latter, and after this write-up, I am going to take a week or so off to regroup and get my head on straight again. As much satisfaction as I get from being a voice for the abuse victims here, sometimes a story just hits me…and I crack. This is the one. Perhaps because it reminds me too much of my own past, or perhaps just because I know what effects evil like this can have on the child. But I digress….

The beady-eyed man with an extra helping of forehead that you see up there is Barry Morrison. He’s been a really bad boy. Did I say boy? What I meant to say was ‘animal’. He’s a child rapist. (allegedly) As far as I am concerned, that consigns him to the very lowest level of breathing organisms – lower than an amoeba on a worm’s butt.

Morrison, 47, has been charged with numerous counts of object rape, forcible rape, sodomy, and other sex crimes. The victim was his step-daughter. And he began using her as his own personal sex slave when she was only five years old. She is now 17, and has finally found the courage to call this bastard out for what he did to her. I’d like to give this girl a big hug and a gold medal!

According to the articles linked above, Morrison began fondling her when she was five, and by the time she was twelve, he had raped her so many times “she lost count”. Judas in a jumped-up sidecar – that poor child! I have a lot of questions about this situation, and I will address them all in due course. But first, a word from some (former)’friends’ of the rapist:

Apparently when Morrison was forced to leave his house, but before he was arrested, he went to stay with an old friend. This was back in December. According to this person, he referenced the allegations and indicated to his friend that they were false – that the girl was ‘making it up because he was a strict parent.’ Is that what they’re calling child-rape and sodomy these days? Strict parenting? Jeez almighty – I better quit referring to myself as a strict parent then, because I wouldn’t want to be confused with the likes of this beast. The (former) friend went on to say that she was ‘disgusted’ that he had been under the same roof as her kids – even for the short time he was there. What a refreshing breath of fresh air, huh? A ‘friend’ who doesn’t feel the need to defend the rapist. God bless her!

Now for some of my questions: I’ll start with the girl’s mother….just where in the HELL was SHE when this man was raping her child for ten years? Good lord, people! Why are parents failing so miserably at their job these days? Her primary job was to protect her daughter – AND SHE FAILED!!! I’d really like to know how this just “slipped by” her field of vision for so long, because there’s no way in the burning depths of Hades it would have escaped MY attention if it were my child. The man would have been missing his willie and probably his other head as well – and it wouldn’t have taken ten years to happen, either. I’m just thorough that way.

Second question: where was this child’s bio-dad? Was he not in the picture? Was he dead? Did he not have any contact with is child? Those are the only three reasons I can come up with that HE wouldn’t have noticed something amiss.

Third question: Where were the rest of this child’s relatives? You can’t tell me that she had no contact with anyone outside her home. Someone, somewhere, should have noticed that something was wrong. GAR!!!! I want to rip my face off! This whole situation just pisses me off to the ‘n’th degree! Where were the people who were supposed to love and protect this child? WHERE WERE THEY????????

As I mentioned earlier, I have been having a really hard time for a few days, and my head is all jumbled up with the images of the children on here. I think my train of thought left the station without me this week, and my horse hasn’t been fast enough to catch it.

Since I know at least a couple of our regulars will do a little more research on their own, I will go ahead and say that yes, I know about Morrison’s son. I decided not to include him in this article because he had nothing to do with it, and the rest of his family are probably having a hard enough time dealing with that loss without associating him with this heinous situation. If you want to discuss it in the comments, I won’t stop you; but I just couldn’t do it to his mother (she is NOT the mother of the rape victim). If any of you do decide to open that can of worms, please be respectful of the son’s family – they are not the ones at fault here. In my opinion, what happened to the son is a direct result of the father’s actions as well, and he needs to shoulder the blame for it as much as for the abuse of the girl.

Morrison is currently being held on a $250,000.00, cash only bail. At least the judge has some sense; although this is one of those times when I could almost hope that they would let the guy out for an hour or two, so he could have the chance to ‘resist arrest’ when they came to pick his arse up again. I’d love to watch him resist arrest. I really would. I’d buy popcorn and a sno-cone, and call it an evening’s entertainment.

I have been watching this case for more than a week now, and haven’t received any tips from the readers from April, but if any of you have sent in tips on this, thanks. I actually did some research on my own for a change…

Child found covered in feces: This is not a repeat

Mother arrested after toddler tests positive for drugs:

Sharpie Eyebrows over there is 20-year-old Sara Jerz of Salt Lake City. Back in August police say they found her 19-month-old daughter home alone and covered in feces. Again, no word if they were human or animal. Anyway at the time of finding the girl police said her breath smelled like alcohol.

Well the toxicology report came back and it wasn’t alcohol at all. Instead the girl had cocaine and amphetamines in her system. And by amphetamines I’m going to assume it was meth.

The decline of American civilization continues unabated as I fear that good parents are slowly being outnumbered by garbage like this.

Thanks to Christie for the tip.

Two Time Loser…..

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Dad busted for child abuse again

Thanks for both the tip and the title for this story go to April. Again. April’s a great research assistant!

On to the story…..It seems Shane Bock is not very bright. He apparently didn’t learn anything from his first arrest for child abuse and neglect, because he has repeated the cycle. So , in addition to being a loser abuser, he is also a repeat offender. And all in less than a year, folks! He may not be very smart, but at least he’s tenacious, huh?

Shane, 26, lives in Salt Lake City – apparently with a 3-year old son and an 8-month old daughter. The usual filth, feces, and general nastiness were present, along with a bong (and some maryjane to fill it) on the end table next to the couch.

Police were called by a neighbor when the little boy was seen throwing some kind of powder out the door, and eating some of it as well. No word yet on what the powder was….. but if there was pot within reach of the children, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were worse drugs present as well. The boy was running around naked while the sperm donor slept inside, and police had to knock for several minutes before Bock answered the door. When police entered the domicile, they found it “unfit for children”. There was very little edible food since most of it was strewn over the floor, along with piles of garbage.

The preceding arrest occurred in January, when the living conditions were just as bad….maybe worse. When authorities arrived that time (for a noise complaint), the boy was found locked in a room naked from the waist down and covered in his own waste. Police also found feces (old and new) on the wall, floor, door and television. Wow….I know most programs these days are pretty crappy, but to have to look at actual CRAP while watching TV is a bit much, dontcha think? Not to mention the odor…… I imagine the house smelled pretty putrid.

I have a couple of questions – maybe some of our readers could answer them for me? First, if the house was that nasty, how in the devil did they manage to keep from retching long enough to create even ONE child, let alone two? Second, if the first arrest happened in January, and the baby girl is 8 months old now – was she brought home from the hospital to such filth, or was the egg donor still gestating when the first arrest occurred? And third…..WHY IN BLUE BLAZES WAS THE FEMALE BREEDER NOT ARRESTED TOO?????? If she was living in the house, then she is as guilty of neglect as Shane is.

This story has so many levels of f-ed up I’ve lost count. The parents (both of them) are sorry. The CPS did not follow up properly (obviously), the children were basically left to fend for themselves in filth while the ‘father’ slept off his latest high, and the ‘mother’ was not even home. Where was she? Out getting more bong filler?

I am sick to my stomach now – just reading and writing about that filth has made me ill.

Michael Barber, Convicted for Beating Toddler, Already up for Parole in Salt Lake City

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Michael BarberSix months after Michael Barber was sentenced to prison for child abuse, he’s up for parole. He beat up his girlfriend’s two-year-old son and will go before the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Michael Barber was sentenced one to 15 years for child abuse. An anonymous tip led to his arrest.

The victim, Dominick Adams, has a shunt in the left side of his brain. He’s blind in his right eye, and gets nosebleeds frequently as a result of the beating which left him unconscious and with a broken arm. Dominick was only two when his mother’s then boyfriend lost his temper and beat him. Now he is now four and attends weekly therapy sessions.

“My son has scars, he has problems in school, he’s blind in his right eye,” said JenaV Adams, the victim’s mother. “He has to deal with it every day of his life for the rest of his life.”

Dominick's ScarsAdams plans to speak to the parole board. “I’m just going to let them know what our family’s gone through, and let them know that they need to keep him where he is for as long as possible, so he can’t do this to another family, another child,” said Adams. She also said that a 15-year sentence won’t make up for what’s happened especially since Barber never apologized.

A Department of Corrections spokesperson says Michael Barber is in maximum security at the prison because of behavioral problems. Tomorrow the parole board could set a parole date or schedule another hearing. The board has 30 days to make that decision.

Adams says she fears retaliation when Barber gets out of prison. As part of his sentence, Barber must also pay for Domick’s medical bills.

With nearly half its population under the age of 18, it’ll be interesting to see if the Utah Department of Corrections keeps this monster off its streets. Stay tuned.

Police Seek Dad Who Scalded Baby Boy with Hot Water

Malicah MatthewsHot tipper Serena gave me this disquieting piece about Salt Lake City, Utah dad Eric Ison Jones, who’s on the run after allegedly scalding his son’s legs and stomach with hot water. The boy’s mother left little Malicah in his father’s care, thinking he could be trusted. It’s a decision she will likely regret for the rest of her life. Physical evidence shows that Jones likely held Malicah down while he applied scalding water to him, causing his skin to bubble and blister all over the lower half of his body.

What should happen to Jones one police catch him? Bridgette Matthews, Malicah’s sister, has an idea: “They should put [Jones] in boiling hot water, push him down and cut his hair and ask him how it feels. That’s what I think… and then he spend the rest of his life behind bars.”

Can’t argue with that punishment. How much more depraved can you get – not only punishing your kid with hot water in the first place, but holding him down in order to inflict maximum damage? On second thought, scalding water might be too good for this asshole.

The police in Salt Lake have released a photo of Jones, and have a hotline set up. If you see the bastard, turn him in NOW.

More Parental Kidnapping! Parents Kidnap Adult Bride from Her Wedding

Julianna and Perry MyersHold onto your hats, folks – we have MORE news of parents kidnapping their own adult children! Thanks to Nicholas and Lola Kampf for kicking off this latest trend in parental stupidity, in which moms and dads who could stand to work on their control issues attempt to save their offspring from themselves. Now, Lemuel and Julia Redd of Salt Lake City, Utah don’t quite make the Worst Parent Ever bar set by the Kampfs, who tried to have their daughter’s fetus vacuumed out of her womb against her will. But worry not, Mr. and Mrs. Redd: there’s still a nice, hot circle of Hell reserved for folks who kidnap their daughter-bride and make her miss her own wedding. The Redds told Julianna Redd that they were taking her shopping, and instead drove her 240 miles away from the temple where her wedding was scheduled to commence in only a few hours.

No motive is given for her parents’ rabid distaste over watching their girl get hitched. Perry Myers, the husband of the 21-year-old young woman (they married four days after the kidnapping), says he doesn’t think it has anything to do with him. It rarely does, dude. Suffice it to say, your in-laws are whackjobs, and you’re stuck with ’em for the rest of their natural lives. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like Perry will have to worry about awkward conversations over the Thanksgiving table any time soon: Mr. and Mrs. Kidnapper faces up to 15 years in prison for their crime. By the time they’re done serving time, the 50-something couple will be on death’s doorstep. Whew! Talk about dodging a bullet there…