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Bad granny shoots and kills her grandson

Grandmother jailed for murdering grandson

Sandra Layne sentenced to 20-40 years in death of grandson

UPDATED Sandra Layne, 75, sentenced to 20 to 40 years in grandson’s murder WITH VIDEOS

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne being led out of court

Sandra Layne (75) has been sentenced to life in prison, after being found guilty of second degree murder, for allegedly shooting and killing her 17 year old grandson Jonathon (Jon) Hoffman. Police say she shot him 6 times, including twice in the back, while he was living with her in her West Bloomfield condo, near Detroit MI. The bad granny testified that she had become afraid of Jon in the last month that he was living with her, and that she’d bought a Glock handgun. Things came to a head on May 18 last year, when Jon threatened to run away after testing positive to synthetic marijuana. That’s when bad granny went upstairs, grabbed the Glock, and shot Jon. Even as he dialled 911, screaming that his grandma shot him, she continued to fire, filling his lean young body with six hollow-point bullets.

Bad granny’s own daughter and the mother of Jon, Jennifer Hoffman condemned her mother’s actions, saying “Sandra Layne is pure evil and, if given the opportunity, would surely kill again,” and “Sandra Layne deserves the maximum penalty allowed. Please do not show mercy on her. She showed no mercy when she planned, stalked, ambushed and murdered my son in his bedroom.”

The reason why Jon was living with his grandma was because his younger sister Jessica was being treated for a brain tumour. Jon went to live with his grandma so that he could continue to go to school and reclaim some stability and normalcy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now they have to deal with the fact that a beloved, trusted mother and grandmother shot their child dead. Bad granny even had the nerve to blame Jon’s parents for her cold murder of her grandson.

“I would have never let (Jonathan Hoffman) come here. I would have told his parents ‘It’s your responsibility to help him.’ I see my daughter and the pain she’s experiencing. My heart breaks for her. I know what I’ve done. There isn’t a moment in my life I don’t feel that pain.” – Sandra Layne.

Earlier she said that Jon’s parents ignored her pleas to take Jon with them. During that statement and a few others, Mrs Hoffman was seen to be whispering “She’s lying”. Michael Hoffman reflected on Jon, as a strong and independent young man, who did things “the Jon way”. He said he was looking forward to seeing the man that Jon would become. Now that’s all been taken away from him by Sandra Layne.

He also related the effect that Jon’s murder has had on his family, “My beautiful daughter (Jessica, who underwent surgery for a brain tumor) now has a hole in her heart to match the hole in her head,” he wrote.

“Death is final, and my prison is every bit as confining as that which Sandra Layne soon will inhabit.”

Jon could not have been that threatening, if bad granny had time to run up the stairs to grab her gun. If she had time for that, she had time to call the police if she felt she was in danger. Not to mention the fact that she kept shooting him even after he’d tried to call 911. If she really did need to shoot (say he was coming at her with a knife), surely a leg shot would have been enough to fell him? And shots to the back indicates that she either snuck up on him and shot him, or he turned away from her to flee, and she shot him some more. Either way, what kind of coward shoots at someone in the back? This was not an act of self defence. Granny had simply had enough of him being around and waited for the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. The poor kid was messed up because his sister was critically ill, needed understanding and love, did some pot to forget his troubles (not a great idea) but that did not warrant being shot dead. Due to the 40-60 year jail sentence, it’s very unlikely that she will ever live to see freedom. She will die in prison.


Rest in Peace, Jon. You did it “Jon’s Way”

We forgot to feed her….



2 arrested in death of Oklahoma City baby

Parents arrested in Oklahoma City infant’s death

Alysha Anderson and Miguel Soto, Oklahoma parents charged murder, 3-month-old dies weighing just THREE-POUNDS 

Parents of dead infant girl claim they forgot to feed her 

3-month-old Nicole Soto was unresponsive when she arrived at the hospital on Sunday, June 3rd. Nicole would be pronounced dead at 9:30 am, her cause of death, according to the probable cause affidavit, starvation.  Nicole was just 3 pounds at the time of her death, half her weight at birth of 6 pounds 8 ounces.

This is not a case of neglect, there is a simple explanation for Nicole’s condition…wait for it…her parents, Alysha Marie Anderson (19) and Miguel Antonio Soto (20), simply forgot to feed her.  Umm…excuse me.  How the shit do you forget to feed a baby, who I am quite sure, cried constantly?  Well, Daddy works nights and oversleeps.  Unacceptable Miguel, unfuckingacceptable, but mom’s no angel either she too admits to “forgetting” to feed her baby on numerous occasions.

Both parents admitted to noticing the Nicole’s weight loss and decided to mix formula with breast milk to try and get her to eat.  Well…that is a novel idea, if you actually feed her the breast milk/formula mixture.  I should probably tell you now that these two brain farts have two other children a 3-year-old son and 22-month-old daughter.  Jeebus, I am shocked they made it.

The doctors and police described Nicole as looking like “a frail skeleton” with no body fat.  You could see her ribs through her skin.  Poor sweet baby, starvation has to be the worst.  My heart breaks for her.

During a search of the family’s home, it was found to be the normal filth ridden cesspool we are used to seeing here, filthy and roach infested.  The bed sheets on the children’s beds were filthy and heavily stained and rotting food in the refrigerator.  Who lives like this…never mind…I know!

Alysha said she knew her daughter needed to go to the hospital and even made her several doctor’s appointments but never took her in, until she found her not breathing.

Both parents admitted to “forgetting” to feed Nicole and say they are responsible for her death.  Damn Right and thanks for admitting, it’s the least you can do for your baby girl.  They also admit to smoking pot daily and in front of their children.

Both parents have been charged with second-degree murder with a bail of $30,000 each, no word on where their other two children are but anywhere is better than with these two.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip, in the O.T.

R.I.P. Nicole 




Bathtub babysitter fails again

Coroner’s office identifies child neglect victim 

Infant floating in bathtub, teen mom falls asleep 

See pouty face up there… that is 19-year-old Erica Womack of Henderson, NV and on October 29th, 2011 she was jarred awake for her napsy to the screams of her 18-month-old son Giovanni.  Giovanni was in an overflowing bathtub with the floating body of his dead 10-month-old brother Devon Hart.

A call was placed to 911 by the downstairs neighbor, who coincidentally enough reported that she had water leaking into her apartment from Womack’s apartment meaning there was so much water it overflowed the tub and flooded the bathroom.  When police arrived Womack did what any mother who’s child had drown from her neglect would do, she threw her other child under the bus, telling police that Giovanni had put himself and Devon in the tub and turned it on while she was sleeping.  Oh Ok… I bet they believed that!

Well as you can expect police did not buy her story and after further questioning she admitted that she had put her boys in the bathtub, turned the water on then laid down on her bed and fell asleep.  When police searched her apartment they found a prescription for muscle relaxers in her name.

This isn’t the first time pouty face has left her children unattended in the bathtub and returned to find her youngest under the water.  Gawd damn, you’d think she’d have learned the first time.

Anyhow Womack has been charged second-degree murder and child neglect with substantial bodily harm. She is scheduled to appear in court January 26th.

Camden Hughes gets Justice!

Texas mom pleads guilty in death of son 

Some of you, if not all of you, will remember the story Cynical Me wrote about Camden Hughes.  6-year-old Camden’s body was found on May 14th inMaine and led to a nationwide effort to identify his body and locate his killer.

I can assume that you have realized if it was featured here the killer was one or both of his parents.  In Camden’s case it was his mother, Julianne McCrery (42).

On November 4th, Julianne pleaded guilty to second-degree murder per her plea agreement with prosecution.

According to the prosecution Julianne smothered Camden with motel room pillows after drugging him up with Nyquil.  Camden would fight for his little life, a struggle that lasted “about three minutes.”  She then wrapped his little body a green blanket, drove from New Hampshire to Maine and dumped his body on the side of a dirt road.

She will return to court on January 13, 2012 for sentencing and is expected to get 45 years to life in prison.

Thanks to Marcy for the update.

  Now you can Rest In Peace, Camden. 


Jesus Christ made me kill….

The Monster

Suspect in death of girl (6-) Jesus made me kill

Man accused of murdering 6-year-old

Sherrill residents mourn 6-year-old girl

On Monday July 18th, Lauren Belius was your average 6-year-old girl; Enjoying her summer vacation and counting the days until she went with her family on a Disney Vacation and having breakfast with the princesses.  That Monday night would end like many other all over the country; with their mother, Alison, tucking her twin daughters and their brother tightly into their beds to have sweet dreams.  Sounds like a fairly tale, right?  Well we all know that, if it’s here on BB, there is no storybook ending.

Early Tuesday morning, Alison Belius woke up to the screams of her daughter. She immediately ran to the room that her twin daughters shared and found it barricaded with a dresser.  She would bust into the room and find what must have been the most horrific thing a mother can see; Her boyfriend of two years, David Trebilock (30), stabbing her precious daughter.  Alison, not being like most of the mothers featured here, went after her daughter’s attacker, fighting the knife out of his hands, and sent her other two children to a neighbor for help.

Lauren would be pronounced dead at Oneida Hospital.  Just awful. My heart breaks for her mother.  Not only did she witness this happening to her daughter, but to fight to protect her and still lose her – she has to be inconsolable.  Hugs to you Alison!

Trebilock was also transported to the hospital to be treated for stab wounds as well.  Originally it was unknown if they were self inflicted or Alison got some in while fighting him off her daughter.  It has since been established that they were self-inflicted.  That’s too bad. I would rather have read it was Alison who had the pleasure of inflicting the injuries.  Anyhow, this poor excuse of a human being survived… I know… damn!

Trebilock, who has no criminal history, has been dating Alison for two years and moved in with the family six months ago.  Alison and John Belius (Lauren’s father) say there were never any indications of violence or that anything of this nature would ever happen.  Both parents say the all the children loved him.

Trebilock has been charged with second-degree murder and faces 25 years to life in prison.  No worries though; his lawyers are already starting the “he’s mentally ill” argument, stating that Trebilock said “Jesus Christ made him kill.”  Good one! We’ve never heard that lame excuse before.

A little information about Lauren, so you can understand what this monster has deprived this world of.  According to everyone who knew her, she was smart, kind, funny and thoughtful; she even donated the beautiful long blonde hair in the picture below to locks of love, so that a child with cancer could have beautiful hair too.  This act of kindness earned her a special spot in her school yearbook, where they talked of how proud they were of her for such a wonderful act at such a young age.  Could she be anymore adorable on every level?

The Angel

R.I.P Lauren, you were as beautiful on the inside as you were on the outside, heaven is even more beautiful with you in it.

Nebraska MOMster gets sentenced

Details emerge in Angela Manns arrest

I am going to have a hard time finding the right words for this post but I will give it a try.


Angela Manns of Nebraska is nothing more then a fucking evil MOMster who often drank until she was in a fit of rage. She also had mental issues which she did not seek the appropriate help for. Honestly I am getting a bit tired of the insanity plea these days.


I seriously wanted to puke after I read the details of this story.

This story dates back to 2007 when Angela contacted family services twice and left a message stating she wanted to place her son in foster care because she was afraid something bad would happen to him. A social worker tried to contact Manns later but could not reach her. Four days after Manns left the message with family services they followed up with a half assed investigation. It was determined that Manns was not abusing her son and that no reports were made against her regarding abuse. Nothing else was done for her son, Michael Belitz.


Two years later in July of 2009 a neighbor made a call to the police and said she was concerned about Angela and her son Michael who was now 12. She hadn’t seen them in weeks and a strong order was coming from their home. The police noted the smell was from a decomposing body. They also saw flies accumulating outside and inside the home of Angela. They entered the house only to find a gruesome scene.


On a counter Angela placed a boning knife, goggles and a hatchet. In the bathroom the officers saw a discolored foot hanging out of the bathtub. Cat litter was poured on top of the body in the bathtub as a way to mask some of the smell. An Axe and buckets were placed next to the tub, ready for use. The body in the bathtub was determined to be little Michael Belitz. His hands and feet were bound by duct tape, and his body was so decomposed that dental records were used to identify him.


An autopsy showed that Michael had died of asphyxiation and it has been said that Angela strangled him with a telephone cord while he slept. I’m not sure if that is believable since he was bound.


Angela was not found in the house though. Officers witnessed Angela drive past her home. They were able to eventually stop her and brought her in for questioning. Angela claimed that her son was staying with relatives in another state. Bullshit.


In Angela’s vehicle they found cat litter as well as high-yield fertilizer. They believe (as do I) that they caught her while she was beginning the process of disposing Michael’s little body.


It’s disturbing to say the least that a vile creature like Angela is mingling in society with everyone else. She is a special kind of evil. Not only did she brutally murder her son but she lived with his rotting body. If that isn’t enough gore for a lifetime she was making plans to chop her son up and put him in buckets. Only she knows what she planned to do with him once she had him in buckets. The whole idea is totally beyond me and the thought makes me sick.


During the trial Michael’s school friend read a poem and made a heartbreaking remark that Michael was his best friend and it will always be that way.


Little Michael Belitz had curly blonde locks, a sweet face and was incredibly smart according to teachers. He often read books to his class and helped his peers finish their assignments. I wish that little Michael made it to a foster home but he didn’t. I would do anything to have a child like Michael. He had such natural potential to become something great.


I wish the photograph of Michael’s body could be hung in the office of family services, just to remind them of what could and did happen.


Angela was charged with first degree murder at first and after a long trial she was finally sentenced this year with a second degree murder charge. She received 30-35 years in prison instead of life.


I am not going to get into details about the trial. I am not going to make a remark regarding her low life, piece of shit lawyer who did his best to get her sentenced to prison for a mere 20 years. Even now her sentence was lowered as a result of a plea deal.

When Angela is in her 60’s she will be free to roam the streets once again thanks in part to the fantastic work of her lawyer. I hope he loses sleep and develops a mental disorder over this.


Rest in peace Michael.


Thanks Staci for the tip.


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**


Special – Just for Super Bowl Sunday (a day late, sorry)

Sikeston parents charged with murder in infant daughter’s death

Even the twits on South Park know: Don’t Kick the Baby.    Robert Ransom (21) and Tabitha Hail (25) up there, however, never got that message.   And now their 17 month old daughter is dead.

This story will sound sickeningly, deadeningly familiar to most readers.  Here are the commonalities:   It’s an egg donor and her live-in clitoral stimulator boyfriend – both too young to be parents.  Two other children – older children of school age – also in the home who reported “spankings” by mother.  Two “parental” units who have absolutely no idea how the baby got like that.  “Dunno, George!  She musta falled down somewheres!”

Here’s the horrible:  911 was called to a home with an “unresponsive” infant.  When they got there, they found the 17 month old girl with a distended abdomen and rushed her to the ER.  There, the doctor described her injuries as what might happen if one kicked the baby “like a football.”  There was the obligatory bruising to the child’s head and kidney, which is horrid enough.  But.  BUT!!!   The poor little girl had a lacerated liver.  And it had been left untreated so long that she had bled out into her stomach.   According to the article, a child of this size has about 1.5 liters of blood in her whole body.  Of that 1.5 liters, 1 liter was in her poor little tummy.   Her pain and terror must have been gargantuan. 

While the baby must have been contorted in agony, our Bad Breeder’s World Worst Parents team’s Half-back and Wide Receiver decided the answer was to go to bed.  When they woke, she baby was unresponsive, had vomited on her shirt (must have been almost entirely blood) and they decided maybe this might be an emergency.

Tabitha Hail, 25, of Sikeston, was charged with second degree murder, abuse of a child and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

Robert Benjamin Ransom, 21, of Sikeston, was charged with second degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

Both subjects were each given a cash bond of $150,000 through Scott County Courts.  They are still in custody awaiting their arraignment. 

Hopefully, they will both develop appendicitis and the prison system will assume they are both faking their symptoms so that they die of acute septicemia.  That’s my wish for them. 

Thanks to Tasha Stacy for the heads up!

***A special thanks to  Eretrea for writing this one.

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