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Port Stephens man faces trial for abusing baby

Dad allegedly fractured baby son’s ribs

A Port Stephens dog dropping is facing trial after he allegedly bruised and burned his baby son. The dog dropping made a series of admissions to authorities and was committed for trial yesterday. Mrs Dog Dropping is also facing charges and has had her case adjourned.

The dog dropping is accused of inflicting a series of injuries including haemorrhaging, fractured ribs and bruises to his baby son, who was only a few weeks old at the time. Let me guess, the baby boy wouldn’t stop crying so dog dropping thought that hurting him might shut him up? Mr and Mrs dog dropping had three children, but one died of SIDS in 2010, before the baby boy was born at the end of 2011. Yes, “SIDS”. So they lost one child, presumably to a mysterious cause, yet they treat the next baby like a piece of garbage? WTF?? I think the dead child should be examined a little bit more closely, given that the next baby was horribly abused.

The baby boy suffered a seizure (probably from a head injury) in December 2011 and was taken to hospital. A scan revealed haemorrhaging near the baby’s brain, and other injuries were discovered including bruising to the baby’s ears, eyelids, abdomen, heel and an indentation on his forehead. An MRI scan showed haemorrhaging consistent with the baby being shaken. How awful! The bad breeders were interviewed by social workers, medical staff and police and the boy plus the remaining sibling were taken away by the Department of Family and Community Services.

The dog dropping suggested ideas for how the baby got a dint in his head and why he had broken ribs. He told police that the baby’s forehead was burned on a light globe when he was playing with the baby by swinging him. An expert shot that idea down, saying that the globe in question could not generate that much heat to cause burns (probably one of those energy saver bulbs). As for the fractured ribs, both Mr and Mrs dog dropping said that Mr dog dropping fell on the baby. Plausible. But the fractures were 2 weeks old, and neither had sought help for the baby, who was probably shrieking in pain and dog dropping had tried to shut him up by hurting him even more.

Dog dropping will face Newcastle District Court next week.


Bad dad shakes baby daughter to death over football match

Mark Lackenby

Mark Lackenby

Father, 32, shook his newborn baby to death after losing £2.50 bet on Arsenal in Champions League match:

The scumbag you see above is 32-year-old Mark Lackenby. Now, this guy likes his football (or soccer as those across the pond may call it). In fact, he likes his footie so much that when his favourite team wasn’t playing as well as he’d of liked, he took his rage out on his five-week old daughter, Ruby.

Sometime last year, Lackenby was watching football at his home in Sheffield, England while Ruby’s mother Gemma was upstairs in the bath. When the opposing team scored a goal, Lackenby wasn’t impressed. It was at this moment that Ruby (who was next to Lackenby on the couch) began to cry. Instead of tending to her like any decent sort of father (or human being) should, he yanked the tiny baby up and ‘violently’ shook her, causing ‘catastrophic’ brain and nerve injuries. She was taken to hospital, but unfortunately she died the next day. Of course, there were people queuing up to defend this ‘loving and caring’ father (who has three other children from previous relationships). What a load of bull. Firstly, no ‘loving and caring’ father violently attacks their child like Lackenby did. No ‘loving and caring’ father would put a damn football game before his child.

What’s worse, evidence showed this wasn’t the first time Lackenby had attacked Ruby. An autopsy showed Ruby had suffered BROKEN RIBS a week before she died. So daddy was breaking baby’s ribs when she was just a month old. Sick piece of shit! Today, Lackenby was found guilty of manslaughter, but was cleared of murder. He received a measly 10 years in prison. Just 10 years for killing an innocent baby. Ruby’s egg donor was originally facing charges of perverting the course of justice after allegedly lying to hospital staff about how Ruby got injured, but she was acquitted by the jury. What I wanna know is, where the hell was mum when baby’s ribs were getting broken?! She obviously knew her bed buddy was a violent thug but put her own desires before the needs of her daughter, and Ruby lost her life due to her incubators selfishness. Both breeders should rot behind bars, but such is our justice system, that’ll never happen.


R.I.P Ruby x

***Special thanks to Cobalt Rose for the write up***

Boggle-eyed breeder shakes baby

I’d like to start off this post by asking “What the hell is wrong with people in Florida?” It seems half the stories on this site come from there. As someone who is not American and has never been to the US, let alone this problematic state, it puzzles me. There are some parts of Australia where child abuse is common, but not as prolific as Florida! So what the hell is going on?!

Lynsey Overton

Ol’ Boggle Eyes

Mother arrested for beating, shaking baby

Lake County Mother Arrested For Shaking Baby

Lake County deputies have nabbed 27 year old Lynsey Overton after her baby was found to have blood clots and other injuries. Look at her boggle-eyes. I’d say she looks like a frog, but I think frogs are cute.

According to the report, Boggle-eyes shook the baby because she wouldn’t stop crying. She also smacked the baby in the face and forced a bottle into her mouth, causing her to throw up. The baby was taken to the hospital after Boggle-eyes’ cousin found her shaking and acting abnormally, and doctors found that her leg was fractured on top of all the other injuries she suffered. Well, fuck me!! No wonder she was crying!!

At first Boggle-eyes blamed her boyfriend, but then admitted to treating the baby roughly. Apart from the beating, it was also found that the baby was malnourished. Boggle-eyes explained that doctors had told her to feed the baby every three hours, but she liked to sleep in and didn’t want to get up and feed her. I like to sleep in too, bitch. But I have to go to work. Sometimes I don’t like to, but I have to because I have a responsibility to my employer. You have a responsibility to feed and care for your baby. So do it.

This isn’t the first time Boggle-eyes has abused a baby. She had a little boy taken away from her by DCF. I don’t know why, but I presume it was for similar reasons.

Lynsey “Boggle-eyes” Overton has been charged with child abuse and neglect, and is currently being held without bond. Police have tacked on an extra charge of “aggravated transfer of mutant hillbilly numptard DNA”. (or so the hearsay goes). Baby is still in hospital recovering from her injuries.

Overton…Overton…that name sounds familiar…a relative of hers?

Thanks to Mandy for the tip and to Malevolent April for forwarding it to me.

Matthew Milisitis – knuckle dragging child abuser

Shaken baby has brain damage; father charged

People say that lives can be changed in an instant.  That’s very true, but what I’ve learned is that the things that happen in the shortest amount of time generally aren’t the best.   Matthew Milisits, 30 had custody of his 8 week old daugher from 8am-11am on Thursday November 15, 2012 and in that time he managed to damage her so badly she had to be flown to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.
You’ll never guess why daddy went crazy..  He couldn’t cope with crying OH and now the knuckle dragger says he’s not sure she’s his daugher according to his statement to police.  Original-huh?
Dr. Janet Squires, chief of Children’s Child Advocacy Center, told authorities that the infant had four unexplained bruises on her forehead and that the infant was severely shaken, which caused brain injury.  The hospital has declined to comment on the current condition of the baby.
Apparently this brainiac covered her up with blankets in her car seat in an attempt to hide the damage from his daughter’s mother, Samantha Ludwiczak.  According to Samantha, her daugher was unresponsive when Matthew returned her to her home.
At first Daddy denied any knowledge of how the baby was injured, but after using a family member’s computer while waiting for news on his daugher(and learning about another POS father who shook his child), he said he “accidently” banged her head on the bathroom door, and that she was ok saying she messed her diaper.  Only later after she began to scream did he shake her “violently” to quiet her and then fed her a bottle.
He’s currently being held in jail on $500,000..let’s hope someone shakes him violently while he’s there.
I couldn’t find anything on the condition of his daughter.  I’m praying this poor baby makes it and doesn’t have a life of handicapp and suffering because her “dad” is a peice of human waste.
***Special thanks to Jackie for the write up.

14-month-old blind after being assaulted by mom's boyfriend.

Boyfriend charged with assault of toddler 

Assault results in blindness 

Baby blind after being shaken  

On Saturday November 19th at the Troy City Court, Asa Madsen (30) was ordered held without bail, on charges of reckless assault of a child (D felony) and criminal contempt in the second degree (A misdemeanor) for harming his girlfriend’s 14-month-old daughter and leaving her blind.

Tuesday, November 15th a neighbor called 911 about a child who had fallen in the bathtub and had a concussion, according to the baby’s mother Elizabeth Taber.  Police not believing the evil child beating bathtub excuse opened an investigation. Guess what that investigation uncovered….it wasn’t the bathtub…shocker!

According to the police reports tough guy up there shook the baby so violently she had retinal hemorrhages to both eyes and is blind, she is being cared for at Albany Medical Center. The injuries could be repaired through surgery but there are no guarantees.

Here’s the kicker to the whole story, see Madsen living with Taber and her daughter is in violation of a restraining order put in place in August after a domestic dispute between Madsen and Taber.  Um… what in the fuck!  Am I missing something?  Did this woman seek to protect herself from this guy and then let him move in and now her baby is injured and may suffer a life-long disability.

All I can say is please God… don’t let her excuse the baby fell in the bathtub be her attempting to cover for him.

Thanks to Kathy K. for the tip.

OK so here’s an interview with the bio-dad and he seems to be under the impression mom was covering for the boyfriend to cover her own hide (his words).

Father of injured toddler: mother is partially to blame.



Babies – best when cuddled, not SHAKEN or stirred!

Grand Rapids, MI – Infant shaken, dad faces 15 years

Father charged with shaking, newborn daughter

Let me start off saying this, I am a mom and I have gotten frustrated with all of my kids at some point in time. When that frustration hit I would either hand off my baby to my husband, or if that was not an option, I’d put my child some place safe and walk away to take time to recollect and come back. Never has the thought of harming my child or shaking them crossed my mind to solve the problem. This is not the case for 25- year- old Michael Suchodolski of Grand Rapids, MI.

Court records show that on October 5, 2011, Michael Suchodolski was caring for his 17-day-old-daughter Karmen Johnson. Karmen’s mom, Samantha Johnson, says that Karmen wouldn’t stop crying and Suchodolski got frustrated and shook her. It is unclear if the mother was home at the time of the incident, but my guess is that she wasn’t because Suchodolski is documented as having said that when he realized the girl was injured he took her to the hospital. No mention has been made of his explanation of why he was bringing the little girl in. Knowing how the grand majority of the breeders here work I’ll bet he tried to blame it on her falling off of a couch, a bed, or somehow slamming her head in the tub. Something ridiculous that we know medical staff can see right through to try and cover his ass.  Hospital staff immediately called authorities with their suspicions of abuse. What gets me is, 17 days this beautiful angel had been on this Earth, and Dip-shit McGee had to take matters into his own hands by trying to silence this girl forever!

After several tests and CT scans Karmen is documented as having a fractured skull, brain hemorrhaging, swelling of the brain, and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Facebook updates done by her mother show she was on a feeding tube and also wasn’t breathing on her own, but as the days have passed she has started to make a remarkable recovery. More recent updates by her mother show, she is still in intensive care, but the feeding tube and ventilator have since been removed, and baby Karmen has also began to move around and respond to sound. She is expected to survive, but it is still unclear how much, if any, permanent brain damage has been done.

Suchodolski is currently behind bars on a $20,000 bond. He is charged with 2 counts of 1st degree felony child abuse causing injury. If he is convicted he faces 15 years in prison. 15 years is too short if you ask me, but that’s why I’m not a judge in an actual courtroom.

 **Thanks to Suzee for the tip and write-up.**

Abusive Daycare Provider and Boyfriend Arrested for Abuse of 19 day old Infant

Couple arrested after baby suffers multiple Fractures

Newborn has multiple fractures, parents arrested

Infant’s parents arrested on child abuse charges

Baby ShakerAbuse-Enabling Mom

Most of the parents out there will remember what their infants were like at 19 days old, they pretty much ate and slept all the time right?  Now imagine taking that same sweet bundle and abusing them basically from the moment they got home from the hospital.  You can’t?  Neither can most of us but that’s just what that winning pair up there did.

That’s Bryant Stanley Lyons age 29 and his 22-year-old girlfriend Catherine Easter.  Their 19 day old infant was recently taken away from them after the Office of Child Protection in Webster Parish, Louisiana reported that the child had multiple fractures to its ribs, knee and ankle.  WTF did he swing the child around by its legs???

The sheriff’s office believes that the abuse was done by the child’s father, Lyons.  But the mother, Easter, didn’t do much better because apparently she KNEW about the abuse and didn’t turn him in!  “She was knowledgeable about the fact that the child had been shaken, she had actually witnessed the roughness with the child.  Ultimately she didn’t want to get her boyfriend in trouble.” Sheriff Gary Sexton reported.  And Easter SHOULD know better, she works in a daycare center and has received training on shaken baby abuse. 

Further investigation showed that they were living in a home with no running water; they had taken the baby to a doctor for another suspected illness, it was during that visit that the broken bones were discovered.  The baby will be placed in foster care upon release from the hospital.  Lyons and Sexton have been charged with second degree cruelty to a juvenile. 
Here’s hoping that this child receives better care from foster parents and thank goodness the abuse was found before the abusive dad did worse damage.  These two obviously didn’t care that much for their precious baby, not even a month old and they’ve already abused him/her. 

Thanks to Lori for the tip!!!

A 29 year old mother + A 13 month old baby + A 21 year old sick, demented, waste of space = A Disaster

Murder charges expected in Arizona baby death

Arizona man held in death of baby 

Kingman man held in death of 13-month-old

21 year old Dustin Colpitts just got out of juvie in September after serving 6 years for sexually molesting 6 children, one of which was his 9 year old brother!!(Sick Fuck!!!) If you do the math he would have been about 14-15 at the time!! WTH???

That didn’t stop a mother from moving him right in with her and her 13 month old daughter Adriana Sweeney!! The hospital reported that she had severe bruising to the head and face in various stages of healing, that means the injuries occurred over a period of time!! Poor little Adriana died Tuesday night due to brain-related injuries.

Evidently, Freakazoid admitted to slapping and shaking the baby!! He’s been arrested on felony charges of child abuse and domestic violence-aggravated assault.

I don’t know whether the mother knew about his history or not, but shouldn’t she have known this twisted motherfucker inside and out before moving in with him and allowing him access to her child??

He was released from jail in September in Oregon. If she met him right after he got out that’d be about 3-4 months! Is that long enough to really know someone? If she knew him before that then she knew his history or at least enough of it to tell her to run away as far and as fast as she could! 

Shouldn’t she have seen the bruises that were left over time?? Wouldn’t it make her suspicious coupled with the fact that the baby cried the whole time she was left alone with this man??

This freak actually did an Internet query: “How do I make my 1-year-old happy?” He said the baby cried while the Mom was at work and asked how to soothe her: “When she is not sleeping she is crying,” he wrote. “How can I help make her more happy? It hurts me to see her like this.”

Here’s a hint you stupid prick you don’t hit or shake her and maybe if she only cries like that with you, you don’t fucking keep her!! Sounds like she was uneasy around you!!!

He’s admitted to abusing Adriana physically. I’ll be surprised if the autopsy doesn’t show other forms of abuse also. As far as I’m concerned he’s GUILTY!! He needs to be executed immediately! He’s been broken since he was a child and there is no rehabilitating him!! As for the “Mom” I’m not so sure she shouldn’t be charged as well!

These girls have to stop thinking they can fix or change a man!! It doesn’t work!! If your single you can afford to try, but if your a mother then your wants or needs take a back seat to the safety and well being of your child!! Stop taking chances on these worthless, gutless, controlling, sadistic, lazy, and selfish Dicks!! They are torturing and killing your children while you stand there saying “He’s just misunderstood!”, “He’d never hurt my baby! He loves her!”, “I can change him!”, “I can help him!”…… WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

I’m sorry, something about this story has stirred up the judgemental bitch in me. I’m sick of constantly reading about the boyfriends abusing these babies!! It physically makes me ill because if the Mom in the situation would just think about her child first it is preventable!!! All of these baby’s lives have been lost because there is a lack of mothers protecting there children!! It’s senseless….
R.I.P. Sweet Adriana…
*** Thanks go to Cynical Me for the tip and the write up.

John Brian Perez was a victim of BFT courtesy of his father

Father charged with killing baby son in Miami-Dade

Father Charged in Baby’s Beating Death

I told myself, “Self…. Don’t mention a DAMN thing about this fucker’s appearance.  It’ll make you look shallow and it really has nothing to do with the story.”  Yeah… Fuck that.  That red bastard there is 36-year-old Mario Y. Perez.  Red…. His hair is red.  His face is red.  His ears are red.  His eyes are even fucking red – the white parts, anyhow.  Red.  Like the devil.  Apparently it’s not just the external parts of El Diablo that are red.  He’s got himself a red temper, which is what landed him on BB. 

On January 10th, Perez called 911 because his baby wasn’t breathing.  He told officers that he was home alone and threw the infant on the bed.  Little John was taken to the hospital where hospital staff found the baby bruised and with bleeding in his brain.  Shaken baby, anyone?  John remained on life support until January 15th, when he died as a result of his injuries. 

Perez told police that he “could not remember how hard, or high, he threw the victim on the bed.”  Huh?  He also admitted to shaking John 3 times so hard that he was sure he had broken his neck.  Mother fucker.  He also told police that “his mind went blank” and the he only remembers pick John up off the bed.  I wish his life functions would go fucking blank.  Useless waste of flesh. 

John’s autopsy revealed that he had broken ribs and severe brain trauma.  The ME listed his cause of death as blunt force trauma.

Perez is being charged with second-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.  

Thanks go to Marcy for the tip

Lydia Trammell was shaken, not stirred

Tecumseh infant dies; father held in connection with her death 

Medical examiner determines Tecumseh baby’s cause of death

 3-month-old Lydia Trammell died last Friday morning.  She was initially taken to the hospital by her parents, who claimed that the infant was suffering from respiratory problems.  Lydia’s mother, Sandra, told police that her daughter was gasping for breath and that her husband, Steven (33), tried using an aspirator to clear her throat.  Now…. I used one of those for my son when he was a baby, but I never put it in his mouth, but this isn’t about me.  Doctors who examined little Lydia discovered that, besides having trouble breathing, the baby was suffering from a fractured skull and two broken tibias and a broken femur; injuries likely caused by her being violently shaken.

Of course injuries like this prompt doctors to get those pesky Child Protective Services people and law enforcement involved and that’s when the shit REALLY hits the fan.  Upon questioning, Sandra Trammell told investigators that She had no idea how her baby got the injuries.  Lydia had been to the doctor on Tuesday for an ear infection.  She was also taken to the hospital because she appeared to have a tummy ache.  The diagnosis was colic.  Both are things that don’t normally kill healthy babies.  Wednesday, the day that Lydia was having “respiratory problems”, Sandra had gone to the store to get diapers.  When she returned home, Steven was on the floor, suctioning Lydia’s mouth with the aspirator.  Shortly after, both parents took Lydia to the hospital.  She was later transported via ambulance to Children’s Hospital, where she died in the early morning hours on Friday. 

Steven’s response to how Lydia’s injuries happened… He bumped her head in the bathtub, of course.  Properly quoted from the Child Abuse for Dummies handbook, I’m sure. 

Steven was arrested on a complaint of child abuse and is being held without bail.  The DA plans on filing a first degree murder charge now that Lydia is gone.    

Rest in peace, baby.  

Thanks go to Shal for this tip.

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