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Matthew Hankins is a Baby Murderer

Man charged in death pleads not guilty 

Muderer Matthew Hankins

Muderer Matthew Hankins

Matthew Hankins, 19, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the death of a 7-month-old baby boy.

Authorities say Hankins became frustrated with his live-in girlfriend’s 7-month-old little boy when the child would not stop crying. He went to the baby’s crib, shook the baby’s head until he stopped, gave him a bottle and went back to sleep.

The baby was pronounced dead after being found unconscious the next morning. He had died from a hematoma caused by blunt force trauma.

Why do these assholes think shaking a child’s head is going to make them stop crying? I don’t get it. A baby’s cry – at least to me – isn’t even that annoying, is it?

Hankins smoked some mary-jane and downed 5 Xanax pills before going to bed – hell I’m surprised he wasn’t dead to the world after that. And the details get worse…

It was a little after midnight when the baby started to cry. His mother gave him a bottle and went back to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Hankins said he went outside to smoke and then grew frustrated when he tried to go back to sleep in the bedroom with the baby. He then placed both his hands on each side of the baby’s head, squeezed and proceeded to shake for approximately 5 minutes. He handed the bottle back to the baby and walked away.

The next morning Hankins moved the baby into the living room and placed him on a chair. The child’s Grandmother noticed his pale feet sticking out from the blanket and bruises on his face. She called 911 right away.

Hankins’ first –degree murder charge carries a maximum possible death penalty. He held on a $500,000 bond.

*Thanks go to Bridget for the tip!

Selective memory? No, just one scum bag's excuse.

Man charged with death of baby left in his care

Michael Fanin 41, of West Virginia is a complete fucking coward just like most of the baby killers we see. Even his the look on his face makes me angry. Instead of admitting his mistakes he has been trying to fool everyone into believing he is a trusting father of 2 who would never hurt a child. He has a few people who defend him, although given the evidence I am not sure how long they will continue to do so.


Michael Fannin offered to watch a little girl, Emma who was roughly 4-months-old. Once again he is not the father and the mother of Emma only knew him for about 4 months. She will regret this moment of stupidity for the rest of her life. I feel sorry for her, I do but she lacked a little common sense. I wouldn’t loan someone I knew for 4 months a large some of money let alone give them my priceless newborn.


On Friday April 29Th Michael was babysitting little Emma. He told the mother that a screen door slammed which startled little Emma. He said Emma then pushed her little legs and kicked out of his arms and he dropped her on the couch. He did not seek any medical attention since he felt Emma was fine.


Later when he was questioned by the police he changed part of his story and said that Emma did not fall onto a couch but onto a bare concrete floor in the living room. He also stated she landed on her head. That sounds pleasant. That poor little baby must have been screaming after this happened and still he thought she was fine.


Emma was brought in for medical attention at some point though. The hospital concluded that little Emma had been shaken back and forth violently, while in the care of Michael. Her little head would swell until her brain was starved for oxygen and she died Monday May 2nd of brain death. A doctor testified that Emma’s death was slow and painful and was a result of the abuse.


I am not sure how Emma’s mother was able to make it through Mothers Day with out her daughter.


On Tuesday after Emma died Michael Fanin was arrested and charged with child abuse — by parent, guardian, or custodian — leading to death and is being held in jail with a million dollar cash bond. West Virginia doesn’t mess around with baby killers.

Michael Fanin pled not guilty to his charges and is headed to grand jury. I pray this goes to trial and the jurors get to hear the nasty details regarding little Emma’s death. I hope Michael Fanin spends the rest of his life rotting in a rat infested cell, while his new cell mates take turns dropping him on his head in his new ‘living room’.


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**


Baby thrown into Oakland traffic

Oakland man arrested after child thrown in traffic:

Oakland man arrested after throwing baby into traffic:

Father charged with tossing toddler into traffic:

21-year-old John Taylor Jr. has been arrested for shaking and throwing his 18-month-old daughter into Oakland, California traffic. While she did fall under a car luckily she only received minor burns and scrapes.

Taylor also ran into other cars, slamming against them and even broke out the windshield of one. When police caught up with him he had to be Tasered.

What makes this worse is how he’s being defended.

Let’s hear from Taylor’s brother…

“He has PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder,” said English. “We’ve been in group homes for a long time… they use us as guinea pigs giving us medication.”

Watch the video for the full effect from the brother’s quote.

Even the girl’s mother had a bizarre quote in the press…

…she believes Taylor only threw the child into traffic to get her out of danger because he was under attack.

Under attack from what? And if the family knew that Taylor was this mentally unbalanced why was he allowed to be with the child in the first place.

This sounds more like a drug related episode to me than anything else and not the kind you get in group homes.

Thanks to Christine for the tip.

Bad Boyfriend abuses twins, kills one

4-month-old twins hospitalized, one on life support after mother’s boyfriend allegedly assaulted them:

Teen arraigned on murder charges after 4-month-old baby dies:

Bullitt County man admits to drug use before alleged assault on 4-month-old:

Bad Boyfriend 18-year-old Samuel Harris, Jr. of Bullitt County, Kentucky has been arrested for abusing his girlfriend’s 4-month-old twins killing one of them.

Harris allegedly abused them while his mother went out to get something to eat. Allegedly in that short time Harris took one of the twins and started shaking him because why? That’s right because he wouldn’t stop crying. So Harris thought it would be a good idea to throw the baby across the room onto a broken couch that had wood sticking out of it. The child was pronounced brain dead and eventually died.

On top of all that Harris admits to using marijuana all that day. And here I thought weed makes you mellow and non-violent. So if Harris was using drugs all day was the mother of the twins aware of this when she asked him to watch the kids? Food for thought so to speak.

Thanks to Chrissie for the tip.

Creepy Indiana guy charged with shaking stepdaughter

Man admits to shaking infant stepchild:

Unfortunately I can’t post every story that is sent in to me. There’s so much evil being perpetrated against children by their caregivers that if I didn’t pass on some stories I’d would spend all my time posting on this site. So I’ve taken to posting those stories where the suspects have that one extra something that sets them apart and makes them more evil than other child abusers. In this case a mugshot is that extra thing.

Creepy McViolent over there is 20-year-old Matthew Schulz of Lafayette, Indiana. He accused of violently shaking his 15-week-old stepdaughter on 5 separate occasions and putting her in the hospital. At the time of the article the girl was in stable condition. Again this is another case where the suspect allegedly shook the baby because she wouldn’t stop crying.

I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by the cover but this guy looks like anger personified.

Thanks to Erin for the tip and I apologize in taking so long to post it.

OKC man charged in daughter’s shaking death

Father of 5-month-old girl faces murder complaint in Oklahoma City:

Here’s another idiot that thought he was smarter than doctors and police.

24-year-old Jason Scott Day of Oklahoma City has been charged in the death of his 5-month-old daughter Natalie Emami.

His story was that the baby choked on formula and was unresponsive. However hospital staff said that her injuries were consistent with those of being shaken.

I guess I have to say it again. Don’t lie to doctors and cops about your kids. You may think you’re smarter than them but you’re not. If you were that smart you wouldn’t be abusing your kids in the first place.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

Illegal immigrant beats three month old son

Man charged with beating three-month old son:

That’s 27-year-old Antonio Tamayo of McAllen, Texas…sort of. Senor Tamayo is actually a citizen of Mexico who has been deported twice already. Now he might not have an option of being deported.

Tamayao was arrested in the beating of his 3-month-old son which put the baby in critical condition. As usual in these cases Tamayo was frustrated that the baby was crying. Rather than trying to figured out why the baby was crying or ask assistance from someone he decided it was a better idea to squeeze the baby’s stomach and then shake the baby for 15 seconds. He then threw the boy on to the bed because “he was very angry and stated that he lost his patience with the baby.”

You’re not supposed to lose patience with a baby dumbass. At least not to that violent degree.

The baby has a hemorrhage inside his head, a bruised chest and a lacerated liver. He could be permanently brain damaged or die.

Personally I hope Tamayo never see’s south of the border again.

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip.

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