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*** QUICK REMINDER – Please refrain from posting MySpace and Facebook links

Hi Folks!  I know that we have some new readers so I thought this would be a good time to repost what Trench originally posted here

Trench really doesn’t have a whole lot of rules, but he has one big one that he insists that we all adhere to.  Please do NOT post links from social networking sites (i.e. Myspace, Facebook, etc) of the suspects featured here.  Often there are pictures of children and people that have nothing to do with the crimes that are committed.  Also, the friends of the suspects are innocent and do not need to be harassed for the acts committed by these fucktards.  In addition, it means that Trench or I will have  to take the time to edit or delete comments.  Time that could be spent watching Tom and Jerry or eating Tootsie Rolls.

Note that we are not here to “parent” anyone.  We just want to keep the drama to a minimum.  ( can’t believe I just said that…..)