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Boys pulled from house full of cat shit, can only speak in grunts

Boys found in Denver house full of cat faeces spoke in grunts

Here’s a horrifying tale, just in time for Hallowe’en. Try not to scream when you see the mugshot.

Wayne Sperling, 66, and Lorinda Bailey, 35, are charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

A dirty wizard and his dimwitted apprentice

Four boys were pulled from a filthy house in Denver, CO. They were filthy, three of them were still in nappies and could only speak in grunts, according to reports. Their breeders, Wayne Sperling (66) and Lorinda Bailey (35) have been charged with multiple counts of child abuse. They are repeat offenders, with charges dating back as far as 2006.

The latest act of foul foolishness was discovered when Lorinda took the youngest boy (2) to the doctor for an apparent cut on his head. The doctor, not being stupid unlike the two numbskulls up there, also noticed suspicious bruising behind the boy’s right ear consistent with pinching and called the police. The doctor also noticed that the child smelt like cigarette smoke, was unwashed and his speech was far behind what was normal for a 2 year old.

When the police and Denver social services turned up to the house, they observed that three other children aged 4, 5, and 6, all appeared to be the same size and two of the children were only wearing nappies. That’s not the worst of it…

The house was redolent with the stench of a decomposing animal, so badly that the police couldn’t stand to be inside. They couldn’t locate the source of the smell, because every surface inside the house was covered in flies. That’s a fuckload of flies, and that judgement is something coming from someone who lives in the Land of the Flies. Lorinda, the foul temptress of the faeces, had the gall to deny that the state of the house was dirty or unhygienic, adding (and I quote)

“The feces looks like human but it’s the cats”

Oh, that makes it all better then…NOT!!! Are you fucking kidding me? Cat poo contains many harmful parasites, and can cause toxoplasmosis in young children. It can also cause worms, plus it contains all the other nasty germs that you find in human shit such as e-coli and salmonella. Under the boys’ bunk beds, the feline faeces was 1 – 2 inches thick on the floor. There was also cat piss and dead flies on the floor where the boys would play. Lorinda was allegedly living in another unit away from the boys but claimed to see them every day. Interesting. She thinks that cat shit/piss and dead flies everywhere aren’t unhygienic, yet refuses to live in the mess. And then consigns her children to fester in that filth.

This isn’t the first ride at the rodeo for these rednecks. They were charged in 2006 and 2009 with child abuse, with the latter resulting in the kids being taken. So why the fuck were they given back to these creeps?

Shame on you, Colorado. And to think that I wanted to stay at the Stanley Hotel at Estes Park (where The Shining was filmed) and go skiing in Aspen, as well as see the Adirondacks. Lift your game, otherwise you won’t be seeing my tourist dollars!

And please outlaw incest, it looks like that father-daughter relationship is a little too friendly…

New Zealand Twins’ Dad Charged in Their Murder

Kahui TwinsI wish I had some light story about parents wigging out at their kid’s soccer game to share this morning. Instead, all I’ve got is a tale of two dead twins – and the father who stands accused of their murder. Chris and Cru Kahui died five months ago at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital. The twins both had head wounds and broken bones; a pathologist concluded that they had both been smashed into something. Ever since then, the police have accused the Kahui family of “stonewalling” them and not cooperating. The twins’ father, Chris Kahui, finally sat down with the cops for a five-hour interview on October 3rd. Yesterday, a fleet of detectives arrived at his address and carted him off. Shortly thereafter, Kahui was formally charged with murder.

Wikipedia has the full annotated run-down of this case. According to sources, the Kahuis didn’t even get medical attention for their kids when it was obvious that they were injured; instead, they spent several hours at McDonald’s before making their way to Middlemore Hospital. The family’s reluctance to answer questions was so profound that New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark condemned it, and street gangs in Auckland were threatening to harm the Kahuis if they didn’t talk to the cops.

Yep. He’s guilty as sin.

Dad, of course, maintains he’s innocent. I’ll die of coronary arrest on the spot if that turns out to be true.

The Kahuis have a 12-month-old son named Shane, who’s currently in state custody. I imagine he’ll remain until the authorities can find him a new family…one that doesn’t leave him starving and dirty while beating his siblings to death.

Jesus. Who do some people even have children?

Couple Convicted of Nearly Starving Boys to Death

GarageHot tipper Kate passed along this article about Barbara and Tommy Baldwin, two (heterosexual) adoptive parents who kept the two boys in their care locked in a garage, and fed them nothing but garbage and dog food. When the 9- and 10-year-old boy were removed from the home, they immediately began to thrive again, and put on weight.

In other good news, the Baldwins each face up to 99 years in prison for the shoddy treatment of their charges. This is a judge. This is a book. This is the judge throwing the book at you. Any questions?

The next time someone attempts to tell you that gay adoption is harmful to children, ask them why placing children in the hands of monsters like Barbara and Tommy Baldwin if preferable to trusting them to the care of a nice gay couple.

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