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Morphine Mom kills baby through breast milk

Why yes I am an addict. Why do you ask?

SC police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk:

Drugs In Mom’s Breast Milk Blamed In Baby’s Death:

Let’s see. In the last 3 posts we’ve had booze, meth and weed. Hell, let’s throw some morphine into the mix for good measure.

In Spartanburg County, South Carolina police there have arrested 37-year-old Stephanie Greene for the November, 2010 death of her 6-week-old daughter Alexis.

Investigators say that she had so much morphine in her system that it passed a lethal level of morphine to her daughter through her breast milk. According to at least one expert that’s an incredibly difficult feat…

Breast-feeding mothers are allowed to take morphine because low levels of the painkiller pass into the mother’s milk when taken properly, said Diana West, a spokeswoman for La Leche League International, which encourages breast-feeding in new mothers.

“Most drugs like morphine pass so poorly through human milk that it is nearly impossible for a child to have a therapeutic dose, much less a lethal dose,” West said.

Greene is accused of illegally obtaining morphine in one form or another 38 times all from the same pharmacy. Check out her grocery list for the past 2 years…

Fentanyl – Pain med that comes in Patch form. Often given to people who suffer from constant pain.

Duragesic – Pain med along the same type as Fentanyl.

Morphene – In pill form

Hydrocodon – also known as Vicoprofen

Shit like this rubs me the wrong way horribly for two reasons. The first is my wife has a constant pain disorder and it takes almost an act of God for her to get any kind of pain killers. The second is that I used to work at a pharmacy. Granted this was 20 years ago but even then we had pill poppers constantly coming in to the store trying to get refills of Percocet. Back then it was illegal to issue a prescription for Percocet that included refills. Even back then we had a stringent check for prescription abuse. I would imagine that it’s even more stringent today with everything being computerized the way it is yet she was still able to illegally obtain morphine 38 times at the same pharmacy. It sounds like to me that she may have had an inside connection at the pharmacy.

And lastly and most importantly a child who never had a chance at life is dead all because this slag had to get her fix.

‘They’ should see how many of those Fentanyl patches they can fit on her before she croaks. I hear opiate overdose is a nasty way to go.

The sad part is she’s looking at more time for the drugs than she is for the death of her own daughter.

Thanks to Jennifer and LeeLee for the tips.

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