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Island of Horrors

Divorce happens all over the world for all sorts of reasons.  Cheating, stealing, abuse, you get tired and sometimes just because.  The children of divorce often grow up to well adjusted, loving adults despite the sadness of having mommy and daddy not together.  A lot of kids make out like bandits because parents often over do it a bit to try and compensate.  Camden Heirs at 5 years old loved that his parents each had their own house, two cars and made other kids jealous with out excited he was over his living arrangements according to his pre-k teacher.
Sadly not everyone felt that way.  Camden’s 73 year old grandmother recently took a plea deal for her murder of this loving 5 year old boy in 2010.
On January 4, 2010 while staying in a rental home on the island St. George.  He was there with His grandmother Mariane Bordt and her husband Heinz Bordt were supposed to simply be on a week long vacation with this beautiful child.  Sadly is was no pleasure cruise for little Camden.
His grandfather came home on the evening of January 4th so find his wife soaking wet from an attempt to kill herself and Camden.  She failed to drown(sadly..) but that doesn’t change that Camden is still dead.
The German woman was sentenced in Florida to 21 years and 6 months for horrible actions.  She didn’t deny her actions and told her husband that she killed Camden because she didn’t want him to grow up in a broken home.  What.The.Fuck. Seriously?  You kill a child because your son’s marriage didn’t work out.
David Heirs; Camden’s father, addressed the court saying “Camden was an energetic, happy, smart, curious, artistic, affectionate, sensitive 5-year old . He was just starting sports and loved playing outdoors, riding his bike, loved animals and loved other people. He loved music and movies.  He sounds like a normal, happy child who was not at all suffering because of his parent’s divorce.  His father is devastated at his loss.  My heart goes out to him, to have his mother murder his beautiful tragic and horrible.
Mariane will likely die in prison.  She was originally laying the ground work for an insanity defense   with her public defender claiming that a skull fracture she got when she was 5 years old and her town was bombed by the Russians during WWII caused brain damage.  This bitch is creative, I’ll giver her that.
While David is happy that his son’s murderer is behind bars he is unhappy with the sentence, instead hoping for a 30 year setence.
Rest in Peace little Camden your killer is behind bars.
Thanks go to Mary for the tip.
**Special thanks to Jackie for the write up.
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