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The search for paranormal activity leads to discovery of abnormal sexual activity

Tasmanian Dad accidentally films his partner with his teenage son

Woman filmed with stepson

It’s true that Tasmanians really do keep it in the family!

An evil stepwhore has pleaded guilty to 5 counts of sexual intercourse with a minor after she was caught on tape kissing and cuddling with her stepson. The father had set up a video camera to capture some paranormal activity in the house, but had forgotten to turn it off before he left for work. When he got home and reviewed the footage, he found some abnormal sexual activity going on between his 16 year old son and his 28 year old de facto partner.

When Dad confronted his child molesting whore, she downplayed the incident, but his son admitted that she’d raped had sex with him three times in the last couple of days. Dad called the cops on his kiddy-diddling whore and she fessed up to the cops that she’d raped had sex with the boy twice and knew that he was 16 years old. The prosecutor told the court that the whore had followed the son to another part of the state, where she raped him they had sex several times in a hotel room.

The twit of a defence lawyer tried to defend the whore to no avail, saying that Dad and the whore had been in a relationship for 11 years and that they had a young child together. “But honestly, Your Honour, she thought that the age of consent was 16! She thought it was okay to cheat on her partner and sexually abuse his son!” The dumb bitch should never have gone anywhere near the son. She was the adult and she knew better. The couple have understandably split up, and yet the dumb whore is trying to work on getting her man back (and possibly trying to spend more time with the boy). Dad needs to take his son and the young child far, far away from this tacky tart. If she thought nothing of sexually abusing her stepson, her own child could be next in the firing line. The whore has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced Monday.

Now for a little algebraic equation: The whore is 28 years old. She is not the mother of the 16 year old stepson. She has been in a relationship with Dad for 11 years. How old is Dad? 28 – 11 = 17. The whore was 17 when she started the relationship with Dad. Dad would have to be at least 32 (if he had the son at 16, which I highly doubt because teen fathers rarely stick around for the aftermath of their poor decisions). But maybe the son’s mother died and he stepped up to the plate. The son was 4 when his Dad took up with the whore. She watched him grow up, all that time thinking “I’m gonna bang him when he’s 16”. What a sick bitch. I’m thinking Dad was at a more socially acceptable age when he had his son and that he might be around the 40 mark. Making him around 29 when he took up with a 17 year old. Nasty.

The age of consent in Australia is 16, as long as the older partner is no more than two years older than the younger. Then the age of consent is 18. So the whore fought the law, but the law beat the whore.

Wicked step-c*** pleads guilty to abuse

Stepmother pleads guilty to torturing and starving teen

A 43 year old wicked step-c*** has pleaded guilty to 2 felony counts of child abuse, after she was accused of keeping her teenage step-daughter locked in the basement of their Madison, Wisconsin home and starving her. The wicked step-c*** faces up to 25 years in prison, where she will have 3 hots and a cot, more than what this young lass had when she was trapped with the step-c***, her sperm donor and step-brother, “the favourite” (19).

The lassie (then 15) ran away from her “home” in February 2012 and was found wandering through the neighbourhood by a passing motorist. She was thinly clothed and had no shoes on, and she only weighed 68 lbs (30.8 kg). That is absolutely tiny!! And in the the middle of winter, she had barely any fat on her body to keep her warm! Records from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showed that the girl was being abused for years by her sperm donor, step-c*** and the favourite. Records also say that authorites had known about the abuse for YEARS and had done jack-shit to get her away from her abusers:

  • In January 2011 a woman driving past the house called the police after trying to speak to the girl. The woman noticed that the girl was fragile and that her feet were purple. Two officers showed up to the house, but left because no one answered the door.
  • In 2007, police investigated an allegation that the girl was being molested by the favourite. The girl would not tell police her side of the story (the favourite probably threatened her)

The police had visited the house at least 10 times, mostly because of the favourite. In November 2011, the favourite pleaded no contest to contributing to the delinquency of a child and two counts of sexual assault of a 13 year old girl (not lassie). His probation officers visited the house 3 times, the last time being less than a month before the lassie ran away. So after he was charged with sexual assault, and presumably had to register as a sex offender, he was allowed to remain living with a minor?? That he could sexually assault whenever the sickening urge overcame him? Madison police sound almost as bad as Flori-DUH cops!

According to the lassie’s victim statement, she was beaten, starved, sexually abused (probably by the favourite), and forced to eat her own shit. Shortly after she was saved from these fucktarded familial freaks in 2012, a doctor specialising in child abuse examined the lassie and diagnosed her condition as “serial child torture with prolonged exposure to definite starvation”.

Last month, Dane County Court found the 41 year old sperm donor guilty of felony child neglect but was deadlocked on 4 other charges. A sentencing date has not been set for the sperm spitting scumbag. The freakish fuckface favourite has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of child abuse. He is scheduled to be tried in June.

The wicked step-c*** is going to feel keenly what she put her step-daughter through. The inmates will steal her food so that she slowly starves, smear crap and period blood on her face, steal her shoes and pull all her hair out. As for the sperm donor and the favourite – the favourite is now going to be on the receiving end of sexual assault – fistings, forced oral and having his butt split in two by Bubba’s big dick. Although he may like being molested, since he was willing to do it to someone else. Bubba should just shank him up the arse instead. And the sperm donor can watch while being held back by other inmates, seeing as he obviously liked his stepson better than his real daughter. Since it didn’t hurt him to see his own flesh and blood being abused, I don’t know whether it might hurt him to see a kid that’s not his being abused.

As for the lassie, I hope she has the strength and the courage to pull herself above this. To seek therapy and make something of her life. Success is the best revenge she can get on the freakish fucks who abused her. They cannot deny success.


“His eyes had a look of desperation”

Frail Missouri Teen Found Handcuffed to Basement Pole

KC neighbor saw teen handcuffed to door weeks ago

A 17 year old boy from Kansas City, Missouri, was found handcuffed to a steel pole in his basement by police. His sperm donor and wicked step-c*** had pulled him out of school in September 2012 and locked him in the basement. The boy said at first he was just locked in the basement, but in October he managed to find a way out and ate some food. Oh no, how dare he? This angered either the sperm donor or the step-c***, so he was handcuffed to a bed. The clever young man managed to take the bed apart and tried to use the rail to break the lock on the door to get food, but wasn’t successful. The dungheaded duo didn’t like the fact that the boy would seek food when he was hungry so they ‘cuffed him to a steel supporting pole in the basement. He remained there from that time on.

When police found him, he was shivering and emaciated, curled up in the foetal position. He was forced to sleep on a few blankets on the concrete floor. His eyes were sunken and officers described his eyes as having “a look of desperation”.

The boy described his daily routine as going something like this:

He said at 4am the sperm donor/step-c*** would come downstairs to let him use the toilet and eat one pack of instant porridge before locking him back up. At 3.30pm, the sperm donor/step-c*** would get home from work, give him a packet of Ramen noodles and lock him up again. Some time in the evening, sperm donor/step-c*** would make a last trip to the basement to give him two bologna sandwiches (wtf is bologna??) and a cup of water. Then he’d be locked up again for the night.

Sounds like this poor boy was in jail, instead of being in his own home! The motive given by the “wardens” was that the boy was “mentally challenged” and would “eat raw meat out of the trash and attack his mom”. Well bloody hell, have you ever tried feeding him once in a while? And not just 2 minute noodles and instant porridge either! And maybe he’s attacking people because he’s frigging hungry? Animals do that, and I heard children get mighty cranky when they’re a bit peckish. Maybe if you fed him more, he wouldn’t be so hostile and resort to digging through the garbage for food. Apparently he was locked up in December, because he got upstairs and ate a whole bowl of fruit. Oh no, how dare he eat something healthy? (I didn’t even know there was fruit in the US. Doesn’t it have to be deep-fried before Americans recognise it as food? I kid, I kid!)

A good Samaritan neighbour rang CPS after seeing the boy handcuffed to a door when she came to visit his brother. Yay, go neighbour!! She reported she heard lots of fighting coming from the house and knew something was not quite right. She has since received messages from the boy’s extended family thanking her for reporting them and stating the abuse had been going on for years (well, why didn’t YOU report it then?) If only there were more of her and less of the complacent neighbours who only look out for number 1 and end up reporting after the child is seriously injured or killed. Along with the boy, a 2 year old grandson that was living in the house was removed too. Can you guess whose grandson? Probably the step-c***’s.

The boy is now in foster care and is doing very well. He’s put on some weight and is not angry or resentful, officers reported. He had home-made pizza for dinner with his new family, which he thought was pretty cool because he’d never made pizza before. He’s well aware of what’s going on with the sperm donor and step-c***, as he’s been watching the news.

No charges have been filed against the sperm donor, the step-c*** and the step-c***’s crotchfruit (yes, the step-c***’s offspring was involved too), but watch this space. A petition has been filed alleging child abuse and neglect.

4’7″, 48lbs, 14 years old …

2008317130Good Old Dad there had two children from a previous marriage (who knows about biological Mom)… a boy and a girl.  He marries Betty bitch here and she has a power struggle with the daughter…

Years pass … the girl complains to a teacher who calls CPS and she never returns to school.  A neighbor reports screams from the house and low and behold it is discovered that the now teenager has been starved and deprived to the point of all of her teeth rotting.  The boy (thankfully) is healthy (as were the dogs) and now both children are in foster care.

Dad says he knew his wife was “frustrated” with is daughter…

Read It Here

Ryan William Andrews Confesses to Co-Murdering His Daughter

Shelby AndrewsProsecutors think they have the truth in the murder of 12-year-old Shelby Andrews – or at least enough of the truth to put both of her “parents” in jail for life. If Shelby’s father, 38-year-old Ryan William Andrews, is to be believed, it goes something like this. Both Andrews and Shelby’s stepmother, Angela Andrews, took delight in tormenting Ryan’s daughter. Of course, the husband paints her as the monster. According to Ryan Andrews, Angela regularly abused the girl at their Syracuse, Utah home, , going so far as to rape her with a can of Lysol and the heel of a shoe.

One day after he arrived home from work, Ryan says that Angela bitched about Shelby’s behavior, leading the two of them to decide she needed to be “punished”. So Ryan crammed the girl into a closet with thin-spaced shelving, and crammed the door shut. The pair turned on the television, ignoring Shelby’s screams about how she couldn’t breathe; Ryan confessed that he thought his daughter was trying to “play” him. When Ryan finally decided, “Gee, maybe I should check on my little girl,” it was too late: Shelby Andrews fell out of the closet, dead.

Ryan William Andrews pleaded guilty to murder, in exchange for the state dropping charges of sexual assault. He will be sentenced next month.

How much should we believe this tearful confession? As a rule, criminals only confess to as much as they feel they have to. Even so, this was a damning admission of guilt. (I don’t buy his blubbering and his courtroom tears for a second, of course. The time to be remorseful is when your daughter is alive; it doesn’t count after you kill her.) Prosecutors say that they have no plans to broker a deal with Angela Andrews, meaning that they’re convinced her husband’s testimony alone can convict her. From what I can tell, the confession came as a surprise, occurring shortly after Angela’s attorney requested that the cases be split. Last month, defense attorney John Caine requested a psychiatric evaluation for his client. This was after the slimeball how Shelby was a “difficult” child – as if any amount of “difficulty” justifies rape and murder. Caine appears to be positioning for a Hail Mary mental health defense. Good luck. A jury’s gonna want to see both of these parents rot for life for what they did to Shelby Andrews.

And I don’t blame them one lick.

For a full link roundup on this case, see Bonnie’s Blog of Crime.

(Hat tip: Runesong)

Father, Three Others Indicted for Torturing Boys with Battery Charger

Steve LivelyI have hot tipper Keith Tipton to “thank” for this story about Steve Lively and his merry band of dysfunctional adults, who were indicted by a grand jury this week for harm they allegedly inflicted against Lively’s two teenage sons. Lively, his wife (a.k.a. the boys’ stepmom), the wife’s brother, and some fourth dude who lived with the other three in this House of Mirrors are accused of starving the teens, and torturing them with a battery charger. The quatro also are accused of using habanero peppers to punish the 15- and 16-year-old whenever they were “bad”. And I’m sure the loving parents decided that they were bad with horrifying frequency.

Both Lively and his wife, Melissa Lively, could spend the next 20 years in prison if convicted of the charges against them. The boys’ sister, Amy Lively, says that her brothers are lying little assholes, and that mom and dad are innocent. That would be more believable if the pair didn’t have a 15-year history with Child Protective Services. They even lost custody of several of the kids for two years on neglect charges. So…why were they allowed to abuse and torture again, exactly? Where was CPS in all of this? More accurately, why aren’t state agencies properly funded and staffed so that asstards like this can be monitored?

Message to Wicked Stepmom: Love Your Stepson or Get Divorced

Dear PrudenceThanks to Blogging Baby’s Jonathan Morgan for this great kick-in-the-teeth advice column by Slate’s Dear Prudence. Prudie had a stepmother write in under the pseudonym “Can’t Stand Him” to bitch about her stepson, whom she describes as a “rapper”-type with a rude mouth and no willingness to clean his room. (He’s 10 years old, dear. It’s a genetic defect.) Throughout her letter, she doesn’t ever refer to the child as her stepson; she called him “[my husband’s] son” and “the boy”.

Prudie’s reply? Get over yourself, bitch – or leave the relationship. “You express no love or understanding of either your husband or your stepson. You sound hostile and resentful. And if you get out now, you will have been only a blip in both of their lives.”

I’ve had a stepdaughter, Meg, since I was 24 and she was nine. I’ve worked overtime ever since the first date we met to treat her like she was my own child. It hasn’t always been easy. But even at that young age, I knew I had to step up and be a dad, especially since at the time her own father was only present sporadically. If I could do it, so can this selfish and cold-hearted woman. It’s not your 10-year-old stepson’s responsibility to make you like him, ma’am; it’s your duty to love him regardless. If his mother is truly a “psycho”, then step up to the plate! Model appropriate and inappropriate behavior! In other words, quit your damn whining and be a parent.

Or leave. Based on this letter, it sounds like this family would be better off without you in it.

“Wicked Stepmother” Given a Sorry Sentence

HooksWhat’s the going rate these days for forcing your stepkids to gorge, and then digest their own puke? Two to six years, according to the state of West Virginia. Venus Critchfield was sentenced today for abuse that occurred in 2001 and 2002, but that allegedly dates back to 1997. Critchfield’s husband, Jennings Brian Critchfield, is already serving up to 15 years on abuse charges. Besides the vomit allegations, Critchfield was also cited for beating her stepchildren’s feet with boards and dangling them from ropes and hooks.

Is it just me, or does this sentence seem rather light for such abominable treatment? Given the way Judge Alan D. Moats verbally tore her apart, I’m sure he was just sentencing within the guidelines. But, still. This woman shouldn’t see the light of day for at least five years. Minimum.

Parents Get Sitter For Dogs, Leave Kids Home Alone

story.home.alone.apIn a move that would never be described as “money”, Jacob Calero and wife Michelle De La Vega took a trip to Vegas, leaving their puppies with her mother – and their two young kids by themselves.

Joshua, 9, and Jacob, 5 – did I mention that Jacob is autistic? – were left to fend for themselves while Dad and Step-Mom were having a blast watching Danny Gans and scarfing $2.00 Shrimp Cocktails over the New Year’s weekend. (On second thought, Gans might be too classy for these two – they seem like the Fremont Street type to me). The kids’ maternal grandmother called the police, after suspecting that the parents had left the two kids alone. It seems that the parents didn’t even bother to tell the kids where they were going. (Yeah, I was thinking the same thing – “Can Jacob and Michelle be any stupider?” Yes. Yes, they can.) It turns out that this wasn’t the first time this had happened; according to Joshua, he had been left alone for a week to care his brother last fall while Dad and Step-Mom took a vacation.

On the plus side, Jacob and Michelle are cosmetic dentists, so no one should feel bad about giving them a nice punch in the mouth.

Thanks to Surfsis for the tip. And thanks to Jay, for pointing out that he covered this yesterday. Reading for retention – not one of my strengths.

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