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Dad flees Foreclosed Home leaves son behind…

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Minnesota Dad Leaves Son Behind In Foreclosed Home

Abandoned Lakeville Boy’s Plight inspires support; dad still sought


Foreclosure Dad

That is Steven Alexander Cross age 60.  A week before being evicted from his St Paul, Minnesota home he fled.  What earns him a spot here on BB is that he left behind his 11-year-old son, Sebastian.  Before you ask, he left him alive.   Cross left a note for his son telling him to take his playstation and go to a neighbor’s house when he awoke.  “If this paper is wet, it’s because I am crying so bad,” he wrote to the boy before making his escape on July 18th.  “You know your Dad loves you more than anything.”  Cross also drafted a second letter, explaining his struggle to find work as an architect in the down economy.

When Sebastian awoke and found himself alone, he went to the home of neighbor Joanne Pahl with the letters.  “He started to cry.” Another neighbor said about the incident.  Sebastian is in protective custody and will soon be placed with a relative.
“For a Parent to abandon a child under these circumstances–it is both unusual and disturbing.”  Dakota county Attorney James Backstrom said.
Officials still have not located Cross but he is believed to be possibly hiding in California.  He has been charged with gross misdemeanor of child neglect and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. 
Originally when I started this write up I was going to reserve my judgement of this Dad.  The story is so very sad.  I will say at least he didn’t KILL his son.  There were so many other choices he could have made here and I’m reminded of a Will Smith movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness” as I think about the situation here.  This dad could have learned a lesson or two from that movie.  That is what REAL men do when things get bad, they step up to the plate and do whatever they must to provide for their children.  At the very least this dad could have taken his son from the home and found a relative to care for him until he found work and instead he’s facing criminal charges because he chose to leave his son behind.  I will admit I was saddened by the story and it did pull at my heartstrings and at least he cared enough to leave his son a letter but his son would have done so much better if he had just stayed and faced the music with his son.  Yes we are living in a bad economy right now and many families across America are facing the same thing that this one was, but abandoning your child isn’t the option.  If he had just left the child with a relative then he might have had some hope of being able to go and find work somewhere and then reunite with his son.  Now he quite possibly won’t see his son again.  And what of his son’s feelings towards him, how horribly alone this poor boy must feel.  An 11 year old should never have to deal with this type of situation on his own.  Another news site said that Cross was awarded full custody of his son in 2001 and the mother who wasn’t named was given visitation but she never took advantage of her visitation rights.  Cross apparently told Sebastian that his mother was dead but revealed in his letter that she is actually alive but no one has been able to locate her so now at the tender age of 11 poor Sebastian has been abandoned by both of his parents.  Such a very sad story.
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